Matt Epp

Band: Matt Epp

Album: Ready In Time

VÖ: 15.01.2016

Label: Tonetoaster Rec. / Alive


After eight records of world-class songwriting, constant national and international touring, a loving and dedicated fan base, and building himself into a well-oiled music machine, Matt Epp (Canada) knew it was time to explore a new path. And that path bas been providing the inspiration for his most electrifying and heart-wrenching music to date. 

With Ready In Time, produced by award-winning producer Rusty Matyas (The Sheepdogs, Imaginary Cities), Matt Epp continues working through the artistic rejuvenation he began with Luma. The record packs big sounds and ideas into its relatively short length, like the orchestral pop of “Let Her Know”, a McCartney-esque thrill ride, and the pensive, 80s-inspired big city groove of “Cash & Blood”. Epp’s incomparable gift for storytelling shines clear through the heavy, fuzzed-out overdrive of the title track and the nostalgic Americana of quiet goodbye anthem “Hard To Say”, a memoir his grandfather’s immigration to Canada. Ready In Time reaches its shimmering pinnacle with the piano-driven “North Star”, an uplifting, masterful ode to following your own path to your true home. Epp explores his latest personal journey using both concise and broad brush strokes, painting his most fully-realized work to date: A piece of art not only incredibly personal and singular, but also one that any human being can feel a part of themselves in. As with all of Epp’s albums, Ready In Time challenges the listener to see their world, their community, their loves with open eyes, and to do right by them. 

In 2016, Matt will be taking that challenge alongside numerous audiences and new friends around the world on his tour for Ready In Time.


"...the main thing is that Matt Epp is simply one of the best of a generation of fine songwriters emerging in this country over the last decade or so, and carrying forward the torch of Canadian songwriting that goes back to Lightfoot, Mitchell, Young, Cohen and Cockburn. It’s what we’re really good at."

—Vancouver Folk Music Festival