BUFFALO TOM - Neues Album "Quiet And Peace" am 2. März 2018 / Erster Vorgeschmack "All Be Gone"

BUFFALO TOM haben mit "Quiet And Piece" ein neues Album für den 2. März 2018 angekündigt - und außerdem ihr erstes neues Material seit 2011! Um das noch ein bisschen abzurunden, präsentieren die Herren auch sogleich die erste Single "All Be Gone".

Sänger und Gitarist Bill Janovitz kommentiert:
"For this record, I wanted to show Chris and Tom Dave's Woolly Mammoth Studios in Waltham, MA. Dave is a local legend -- founding the beloved Neighborhoods when he was a teenager and going on to play in the Replacements and Paul Westerberg's solo band -- he is a tremendously kind and gifted guy. Woolly reminds me so much of what I loved about really relaxed, vibey studios like the early iterations of Fort Apache in Boston, and places like Dreamland Studio up in Woodstock. Those rooms were responsible for three of our first four records, as well as dozens of other projects. You rarely felt like you were in a pro recording studio watching the clock. And Woolly Mammoth, like the Fort, is filled with an enviable, much-Instagrammed collection of vintage guitars, amps, and other gear."