To The Rats And Wolves

Band: To The Rats And Wolves           

Album: Dethroned

VÖ: 02.09.2016

Label: Arising Empire / Nuclear Blast



The biggest milestone of the young band’s career represents their label signing with Arising Empire / Nuclear Blast Records in November 2015. Their first studio-album (»Neverland«) was re-released via Arising Empire on the 19th of February.

Now the Band is ready to take the next step and their second studio-album ( “Dethroned”) will be released on the 2nd of September 2016.

01. Riot
02. The Game
03. Starting All Over
04. Dethroned
05. Knights of Decay
06. Prototype
07. Anti – Heroes
08. Outbreak
09. The Abyss
10. Love At First Bite
11. Dressed In Black
12. Endless Fall (Bonustrack)
13. Devil Without Horns (Bonustrack)