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April, 2017

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Liebe Musikfreunde,

folgend findet ihr wie gewohnt unseren wöchentlichen Rundbrief, natürlich mit der Bitte um Verbreitung.

Wir wünschen ein schönes Wochenende.
Dennis & die Starkult Crew

BAD RELIGION – Tourdaten / GREG GRAFFIN – Neues Lyric Video
CHRISTOPHER PAUL STELLING – Live Video/Album am 05.05. / Tourdaten
LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT – Neues Album ab heute im Handel
ROB MOIR – Tourdaten
VITA BERGEN - Neuer Song “Nixon“ / Album am 02.06.17 auf Glitterhouse



Für genau 2 Shows kommt AOIFE O'DONOVAN im Mai nach Deutschland. Wer auf luftigen Indie Folk sowie ausgewiesene Country & Americana Einflüsse steht, sollte sich diese Termine merken.

15.05.2017 — Berlin, Deutschland — Maze
16.05.2017 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Mojo Jazz Café

Zur Einstimmung gibt es hier vom letzten Album IN THE MAGIC HOUR, den Song STANLEY PARK zu hören.


BAD RELIGION – Tourdaten / GREG GRAFFIN – Neues Lyric Video

Die Punkrock-Veteranen BAD RELIGION werden im Sommer wieder auf deutschen Bühnen zu sehen sein! Klassiker wie “Generator“ , “21st Century Digital Boy“ etc. , werden sich mit aktuellen Songs der letzten Alben die Hand geben. Vielleicht streut die Band auch den einen oder anderen neuen Song mit ins Set? Mann kann gespannt sein.

09-Jul - Köln - E-werk
11-Jul – Berlin - Huxleys
12-Jul – Wiesbaden - Schlachthof
17-Jul - Munich -Tonhalle
18-Jul - Stuttgart - LKA
19-Jul - Saarbruecken - Garage
21-Jul - Hunxe - Ruhrpott Rodeo
25-Jul - Hamburg - Gr. Freiheit
26-Jul - Hannover - Capitol

Zudem hat Frontmann GRAG GRAFFIN mit "Backroads Of My Mind" ein neues Lyric-Video am Start.

Der Track ist auf dem kürzlich erschienenden zweiten Solo-Album “Millport“ (Epitaph) vertreten.


CHRISTOPHER PAUL STELLING – Live Video/Album am 05.05. / Tourdaten

"Cost of Doing Business" Live Performance Video

Album “Itinerant Arias“am 05.05. auf ANTI- Records / Tour im Mai

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Christopher Paul Stelling has spent the last several years traveling alone with just his guitar. But on his new album Itinerant Arias, the acclaimed virtuosic finger picker is now backed by a cadre of friends and musicians, lending a rollicking energy to a record inspired by movement and travel and a changing world. The record arrives on May 5th.
Stelling has just released a video of the song “Cost of Doing Business” that features himself and his new band - Julia Christgau singing and doing percussion, Kieran Ledwidge on violin and Matthew Murphy on bass, delivering an impassioned performance within the church like confines of Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, North Carolina.
As Stelling explains, “The song muses on the idea that there's not simply a monetary but also a physical toll when the business that one is involved in is their art, their creative life force, their soul. And of course it has to reference that Faustian myth, that took hold of the human psyche long before Robert Johnson took his guitar to the crossroads.” “A voice to be reckoned with in the years to come.” - American Songwriter Stelling and band hit the road next week:

10.05.2017 — Hamburg — Nochtwache
11.05.2017 — Berlin — Lidolino
12.05.2017 — Aachen — Langer Turm
13.05.2017 — Witten — Stellwerk (knuts)



FAT WRECK kündigen zwei neue Releases an:

Die melodische All-Girl Punkrock-Band BAD COP / BAD COP veröffentlicht am 16.06. ihren 2. Longplayer "Warriors". Mit "Womanarchist" , steht bereits eine erste Hörprobe Online.

Zum anderen sind TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET wieder zu Fat zurückgekehrt und präsentieren am 14.07. mit "Stealing the Covers“ ein neues Studioalbum, mit Coverversionen von unbekannteren Bands. "Stealing The Cover" - TRAILER

Weitere Kurzinfos:

BAD COP/BAD COP "Warriors“ - VÖ: 16.06.

Bad Cop/Bad Cop have been hard at work over the last six months writing, rehearsing, and recording their incredible new album, Warriors. Besting personal demons, processing the election, and coming together as a band like never before, Bad Cop/Bad Cop condensed these struggles and emotions into a powerful, 11-song statement of purpose. Warriors—out June 16th—bleeds with catchy hooks, strong melodies, attitude, and strength, all with honest, heart-felt lyrics. Today, head to Noisey to listen to the first single, “Womanarchist.” Then, pre-order Warriors today! After hearing this album, you’ll definitely want to see the new songs performed live. Fortunately for everyone, Bad Cop/Bad Cop are pretty much subletting their rooms for the rest of 2017. Check out their upcoming dates in May, which include Punk Rock Bowling and Pouzza Fest. Then, catch them on the (literally) hottest tour across North America, Vans Warped Tour!

About the songwriting on Warriors, singer/guitarist Stacey Dee had this to say: “The election had a big impact on us. We were really hurt and sad. It felt like we needed to take a stand and say something. I had never really dug into anything super-serious about fairness, equality, or justice in my songwriting was all about honesty, celebrating our differences, and letting our power come together naturally.”

TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET - "Stealing the Covers“ - VÖ: 14.07.17

Teenage Bottlerocket’s brand new album — and their return to FAT — is complete! Stealing the Covers, a unique album of very special cover songs, is coming out this July! Read all about it in this AP interview with singer/guitarist Ray Carlisle, where he discusses moving forward in TBR without his twin brother/drummer Brandon, being a father on the road, and the direction TBR is headed. So, get rad, and be sure to catch Teenage Bottlerocket on tour.

“We sat with this project for a LONG a decade. We thought it’d be rad to cover some smaller bands that never really got the attention they deserved. When it came time to bring the project to life, we had to sift through a ton of songs to finally narrow it down to these. This record represents some of our favorite songs from bands we’ve played with over the years. We’re so stoked it’s finally going to come out, and we’re extra stoked it’s coming out on Fat Wreck Chords. I’m pretty sure we are the first band to do a cover record on FAT. Yep. We First.” — Miguel


LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT – Neues Album ab heute im Handel

Hinter dem Pseudonym LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT versteckt sich der Songwriter Ryan Polie. Das von Foxygen's Jonathan Rado heute auf ANTI-Records produzierte Album beinhaltet 10 wunderschöne "Bedroom-Pop" Perlen.

Los Angeles Police Department - Album-Stream:

oder Albumstream bei Spotify

Produced by Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado (Whitney, The Lemon Twigs) and mixed by Rob Schnapf (Beck, Elliott Smith, Foo Fighters), Los Angeles Police Department is an album built on buzzily iridescent synths and beautifully downhearted melodies. “The first record was a guitar record and now it’s very keyboard-heavy, very dense and full compared to what the other record was,” says Pollie. “It’s still a pop record and Jonathan made it sound homemade, but we really worked to make it bigger in scale.” Pollie combines the melodic gambits of Randy Newman with the pop clarity of Paul McCartney, the fanciful ingenuity of Brian Wilson with the narrative acuity of Pete Townshend. It’s an album full of inventive flourishes—the gentle surge into Pollie’s upper register on “Sooner or Later,” the acoustic guitar that gives “If I Lied” its folk-rock energy, the symphony of keyboards and synths that allow “The Plane 2” to achieve liftoff.

At the heart of Los Angeles Police Department are lyrics that reveal an artist writing from the gut and spilling his darkest secrets. In fact, Pollie’s intensely vulnerable songwriting inspired him to choose such an anonymous moniker in the first place. “I really wanted to juxtapose something cold, sterile, and bureaucratic with the most personal and emotional parts of my life,” he says.

Pollie started Los Angeles Police Department in 2013, then released its full-length debut the following year. Also a self-titled effort, the first album featured the bittersweet pop gem and surprise hit single “She Came Through (Again).”


1. The Plane
2. Grown
3. Sooner or Later
4. If I Lied
5. Hard
6. The Plane 2
7. Drugs
8. The Birds
9. Ashlyn
10. Spent

Praise for Los Angeles Police Department:

"The songs often center around Pollie’s insecurities in forthright terms, focusing on opening himself up to love at the risk of losing it. It’s therapeutic in its own way.”- Bandcamp
"Gloriously arranged with a late-summer-light country rock haze.” - Pitchfork
“More ambitious in scope without losing any of the soothing intimacy of his earlier work.” – Stereogum “She Came Through (Again)” is the first track, recorded by Pollie in his bedroom and mastered by Warren Hildebrand. The title says it all. Sometimes you slip up, and in the best of sometimes you still squeeze by. I let her down/ I was wrong/ ...But she came through again." - The Fader
“Tender instrumentation and a frail croon.” – SPIN

For more information on Los Angeles Police Department, visit:


ROB MOIR – Tourdaten

Auch wenn der kanadische Singer / Songwriter Rob Moir gerne als Punk Poet tituliert wird, so ist er doch eigentlich im klassischen Sinne ein Songwriter, ein Geschichtenerzähler. Einer der mit der Gitarre in der Hand durch die Welt reist und das Erlebte reflektiert. Er hat nach der letzten Albumveröffentlichung weit über 200 Shows gespielt, ist durch Europa/Canada/Australien gereist (Konzerte inkl), hat eine Fahrradtour ( seine zweite Leidenschaft) inkl abendlicher Konzerte durch die Niederlande getätigt, ist auf unzähligen privaten Konzerten aufgetreten und kommt nun bereits zum zweiten mal mit seinem aktuellen Album ADVENTURE HANDBOOK auf grosse Tour.

Akt. Stream : ONLY ONES HERE

04.05 - Neunkirchen @ Stummsche Reithalle w/ Andrew Paley, Bob Nanna
05.05 - Freiburg @ KISS
07.05 - Offenbach @ Hafen 2
11.05 - Stuttgart @ 1.Stock
12.05 - Ruppertshain @ Falsenkeller
13.05 - Detmold @ Cafe Cup
14.05 - Dulmen @ Neue Spinnerei
16.05 - Bielefeld @ Plan B
17.05 - Minden @ Pfannkuchenstüble
19.05 - Meppen @ Jam *
21.05 - Rostock @ Radio LOHRO*
23.05 - Kiel @ Prinz Willy*
24.05 - Langenberg @ MusikZehner e.V.*
25.05 - Wiesbaden @ Heimathafen*
26.05 - Weimar @ Kasseturm*
27.05 - Zittau @ Emil*
29.05 - Chemnitz @ Inspire Chemnitz*
30.05 - Bamberg @ Freiraum*
01.06 - Munich @ KYESO*
02.06 - St. Georgen (AT) @ Fuemreif
07.06 - Vienna (AT) @ Das Bach
08.06 - Dornbirn (AT) @ Anziebar
09.06 - Timelkam (AT) @ Bart
10.06 - Salzburg (AT) @ Plan B
11.06 - Turbigo (IT) La Cabotina
14.06 - Piacenza (IT) @ Danny Says
15.06 - Innsbruck (AT) @ Die Backerei
* plus support Yotam Ben Horin (Useless ID)

Aktuelle Fotos / Weitere Infos

Aktuelle Videos unter dieser Adresse

VITA BERGEN - Neuer Song “Nixon“ / Album am 02.06.17 auf Glitterhouse

VITA BERGEN präsentieren mit 'Nixon' ihre brandneue Single, laut der Band "eine Mischung aus The War on Drugs und Madonna":

Der neue 2. Longplayer der Band aus Schweden “Retriever“ erscheint am 02.06. auf Glitterhouse.

Vom MANDO DIAO Management betreut, eroberten VITA BERGEN mit ihrer Debüt-EP Curtains (mit einem Budget von nur 500 Euro!) die Spitze der schwedischen Charts , räumten diverse Awards ab, verkauften Konzerte in Deutschland, Spanien, der Schweiz und Skandinavien aus, gelten in Schweden als eine der "most talked about bands“ und gelten insgeheim als ”next big thing” der Europäischen Indie-Szene.

Im März 2016 veröffentlichten VITA BERGEN ihr Debütalbum Disconnection auf Glitterhouse Records, gefolgt von unzähligen Shows in ganz Europa und einer Nominierung für den P3 Gold Award in der Kategorie “Bester Pop Act”. Nicht einmal anderthalb Jahre nach der Veröffentlichung ihres Debüts, legt die Band um Bandkopf William Hellström am 02. Juni 2017 ihr neues Album Retriever nach.

Im Gegensatz zu seinem Vorgänger, der noch in einem billigen Appartement in Göteborg produziert wurde, spielte sich der kreative Prozess dieses Mal in exklusiven Studios und teuren Hotelzimmern ab. “The theme of this record is much different from the first album. This album is much more direct and touches on concrete subjects that are happening here and now, like you and me, relationships that are really important, when all the make-up has run off. At the same time the whole process after Disconnection we felt like we wanted to get it all back with this release. We wanted to sound less pissed off. We are really happy right now and we want to do pop music” sagt William Hellström, der Retriever zusammen mit Martin Forslund (der u.a. als Sound-Engineer für die letzten zwei Hurts Alben tätig war) in Los Angeles produzierte.

Vita Bergen besteht aus 6 Freunden, die sich seit ihrer Kindheit kennen. Neben William und Robert, die zusammen studierten und ihr Studium zugunsten ihrer musikalischen Karriere abgebrochen haben, besteht die Band aus Hampus Bergh, Gustaf Gunér, Jakob Kullberg und Andreas Jallinder.

”It doesn’t matter if we play for four, or four thousand people, we will always play every show like it is the last thing we do. Shouldn’t music affect you? I will never be satisfied. That day we will break up. We are here because we need to be here!”

”One of Sweden’s underground success stories” - Clash Magazine
“This is huge, cinematic...” - NME Magazine -

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