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März, 2017

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Liebe Musikfreunde,

folgend findet ihr wie gewohnt unseren wöchentlichen Rundbrief, natürlich mit der Bitte um Verbreitung.

Viele Grüße.
Dennis & die Starkult Crew

CAMERON AVERY - Neuer Song "Dance With Me" / Album erscheint nächste Woche!
CHRISTOPHER PAUL STELLING - "Itinerant Arias": Neues Album am 05.05.!
DOOL – Support-Tour für Me And That Man
THE DRUMS - Neues Album im Juni / 1. Song / Pressetag am 22.03. in Berlin
JADE JACKSON - Debüt-Album am 19.05. auf ANTI- / Produziert von Mike Ness / Neuer Song "Finish Line"
LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT - "s/t"-Album am 28. April auf ANTI!
ORANGE BLOSSOM SPECIAL - Line-Up komplett / AnnenMayKantereit bestätigt / Zeitplan veröffentlicht
THE REAL MCKENZIES - "Two Devils Will Talk": Album VÖ heute!


CAMERON AVERY  - Neuer Song "Dance With Me" / Album am 10.03.!

Tame Impala Bassist und Multi-Instrumentalist CAMERON AVERY veröffentlicht ein neues Musikvideo zu seinem Song "Dance With Me:

Das von Jonathan Wilson (Father John Misty etc.) co-produzierte Solo-Album "Ripe Dreamds, Pipe Dreams“ (ANTI - / Indigo) wird am 10. März 2017 erscheinen.

Cameron über den Longplayer: “I wanted to make something that sounded like the old records I love—Johnny Hartman, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Sarah Vaughan, Etta James—the big band stuff with less metaphorical lyrics,” says Avery of the inspiration for Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams.

Zeitgleich kündigt er seine Tour durch Europa an, auf der er auch in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz zu Besuch sein wird:

07.04.2017 - Köln, Blue Shell
23.04.2017 - Düdigen (CH), Bad Bonn
25.04.2017 - München, Orangehouse
26.04.2017 - Wien (AT), Chelsea
28.04.2017 - Berlin, Kantine Am Berghain
29.04.2017 - Hamburg, Nochtspeicher

1. A Time and Place
2. Do You Know Me By Heart?
3. Dance With Me
4. Wasted On Fidelity
5. Big Town Girl
6. Disposable
7. The Cry Of Captain Hollywood
8. Watch Me Take It Away
9. An Ever Jarring Moment
10. C'est Toi (extended)

"Wasted On Fidelity":

Cameron Avery Online:


CHRISTOPHER PAUL STELLING - "Itinerant Arias": Neues Album am 05.05.!

Der talentierte Singer/Songwriter CHRISTOPHER PAUL STELLING kündigt für den 5. Mai sein neues Album "Itinerant Arias" an und veröffentlicht passend dazu mit "Destitute" einen ersten Song.

Im Mai wird er für 2 exklusive Shows in Deutschland zu sehen sein:
2017.05.10   Hamburg (DE) @ Nochtwache 2017.05.11   Berlin (DE) @ Lidolino

Weitere Informationen lesen sich wie folgt:


Premieres Track “Destitute” And Accompanying Video

EU Tour Announced for May

“It was like a fever dream. Every day counting blessings for safe passage.” Out there on the road with his battered guitar, playing 260 shows in just the last year and half, across 46 states and 14 countries, acclaimed troubadour Christopher Paul Stelling says he could see it all out there unfolding on the horizon.

Amidst the euphoria of playing in bars, cafes, theaters, festivals, under bridges and in living rooms, were late night conversations with friends, new and old, about the undercurrents of tension and change in their countries and concerns about what was happening back in his own. He witnessed immigrant riots, saw the fires burning.  “Back in places like New York or Los Angeles it was harder to see,” he says,”But go the a Walmart in Oklahoma and tell me this wasn’t coming.”  

And so Stelling wrote songs about it all. Darkly beautiful and powerful songs which became the album Itinerant Arias which arrives on May 5th. Months ago, these songs seemed cynical, even paranoid. After all, everything was going to be fine.

“I wrote this album about something that hadn’t happened yet, and now it’s happened,” he says. “I played the songs for people and they said, ‘That’s not what’s going to happen.’ And I would tell them, it really is. I’m not patting myself on the back about it. But I had been out there traveling the world, seeing it building. When driving by refuge camps and seeing people behind barbed wire fences it breaks you.”

Last November, Stelling premiered a politically charged and eerily prescient protest song from the album called “Badguys.” Now you can hear the lead track “Destitute.” Stelling refers to it as a “salvation song.” He explains, “It's a song about putting one foot in front of the other, about looking up... i think it's cheerful, a nice place to start. I don’t feel that way everyday, but you know, on some days I do. And it’s good to start off the record that way because then it goes to some pretty dark places.”

Along with the track, there is a video depicting Stelling at home in Asheville, North Carolina preparing to hit the road again. As Stelling explains, “I wanted the video for Destitute to convey the bittersweet relationship that I have with leaving.  Just when I start to settle in it's time to go.  As hard as it is to find any routine in my home life, touring has become like a nightly reunion.  My friends are out there, and I get to go see them, check in, and play them my latest.  Destitute is a song about counting your blessings.”

Watch the video for “Destitute” here:

Unlike previous records, Itinerant Arias finds Stelling backed by a band, electrified if you will. It is a record inspired by movement and travel. The album cover a photograph taken by Stelling himself depicting an arrangement of found objects on his table. With a little more than a week before returning to the road, he retreated to a friend’s Connecticut cabin out in the woods with some musician friends. They slept there, ate there and didn’t leave for the next eight days, recording the haunting and powerful record.

“We would wake up in the morning, make coffee and record. The idea was just to live together, eat together and make this record. Having been alone and on the road, it was great to make a home with these musicians for those eight days. These songs were minimally demoed, arranged on the spot and recorded together live.

”You may be tired, you may be broke - but you’re not destitute. Because you've got friends who love you so - you're not destitute”

Christopher Paul Stelling will be playing a selction of headline and festival dates coming May in support of his new album.
Find the list of confirmed shows below. Tickets are on sale now.

2017.05.06   Brussels (BE) @ Huis23 at Ancienne Belgique 2017.05.07   Utrecht (NL) @ Molen de Ster (presented by TivoliVredenburg) 2017.05.08   Groningen (NL) @ Lutherse Kerk (presented by De Oosterpoort) 2017.05.09   Aarhus (DK) @ Atlas  2017.05.10   Hamburg (DE) @ Nochtwache 2017.05.11   Berlin (DE) @ Lidolino 2017.05.14   Venlo (NL) @ Down By The River

For more information on Christopher Paul Stelling, visit:


DOOL – Support-Tour für Me And That Man

Vor zwei Wochen erschien das hochgelobte neue Album “Here Now, There Then“ (Prophecy) der niederländischen Band DOOL! Nun verkünden sie ihre Support-Tour für Me And That Man die Ende März los geht.

27. März – Frankfurt, Zoom
31. März – Köln, Luxor
02. April – Zürich (CH), Komplex Club
04. April – Wien (AT), B72
05. April – München, Backstage
06. April – Berlin, Frannz

Dool wurden von den wohl berüchtigsten Rockmusikern der Niederlande gegründet. Neben Sängerin und Hauptkomponistin Ryanne van Dorst (Elle Bandita) besteht Dool aus den Gitarristen Nick Polak (Gold) und Reinier Vermeulen (The New Media), Bassist Job van de Zande (The Devil's Blood) und Schlagzeuger Micha Haring (The Devil’s Blood) und avancierte aufgrund der mitreißenden Debütsingle “Oweynagat” und einer brandheißen Performance beim Roadburn-Festival 2016 rasch zu einem der größten Geheimtipps im Underground.


THE DRUMS - Neues Album im Juni / 1. Song / Pressetag am 22.03. in Berlin

THE DRUMS kündigen für den 16.06. das neue Album "Abysmal Thoughts“ , erstmals auf ANTI- Records an!

Die Kollegen Pitchfork präsentieren daraus die erste Single “Blood Under My Belt“  .  

Am 22.03. steht Frontmann Jonny Pierce für Interviews in BERLIN zur Verfügung.

Weitere Details lesen sich wie folgt:

Three years after the release of their third record, today The Drums announce that they have signed with Anti Records and reveal the details of their fourth album. Abysmal Thoughts will be released on June 16th, and the first single is streaming now via Pitchfork. “Blood Under My Belt,” the first taste of Abysmal Thoughts, is quintessential Drums: a real heartbreaker disguised as a sunny track, showcasing frontman Jonny Pierce’s masterful pop sensibility. Listen to the track HERE
and pre-order/stream Abysmal Thoughts HERE:

Across a year and three months of home recording between Los Angeles and his cabin in upstate New York—with the same guitar, synthesizer, drum machine and reverb unit he’s played since the beginning of The Drums—Pierce put together Abysmal Thoughts. With help from engineer Jonathan Schenke (Parquet Courts, Mannequin Pussy and more), the result is an unflinching autobiography with Pierce back in full control of the band. He’s back to not just writing all the songs by himself but playing every instrument, too, this time realizing exactly his own personal vision for the band. Not coincidentally, it’s some of the most revelatory work he’s ever done. It is a vivid self-portrait, alive with the hyperdramatic emotional potency of the Smiths, the arch literary pop moves of New Zealanders like the Verlaines and the Clean, and the riotous clatter-punk power of the UK DIY bands of 1979.

As the last album cycle for The Drums finished and his long-term relationship with his former partner dissolved, Pierce took some time away from music altogether in hopes to reconnect with himself and find future inspiration. Determined to make a change, he ended up leaving his longtime home in New York and found himself isolated in a large empty apartment in Los Angeles, all his plans for life and love suddenly in shambles. That hardship and confusion—and the clarity of personality and purpose it inspired—became Abysmal Thoughts.
With The Drums’ new record, band founder Jonny Pierce is making the exact album he’s always held in his heart. Of course, this is The Drums, so that heart is broken—but there’s beauty and even bliss in this kind of heartbreak. “I said I wanted to let life happen?” he says. “Well, the universe listened and life began to fuck me real good! But honestly, I make the worst art when I’m comfortable. The stuff that resonates with me the longest—and that resonates with others—is always the stuff that comes out of my misery.”

Now the highs are higher than ever, and the lows absolutely bottomless. The Drums are back, and while there’s a heavy sadness here, Pierce is stronger for fighting through it. “Happiness can be confusing to me,” says Pierce. “It shows up out of nowhere, and before you can even get used to it, it’s vanished. But Abysmal Thoughts? I can rely on them—and with the political chaos that is raining down, who knows when these dark feelings will subside?”


1. Mirror
2. I'll Fight For Your Life
3. Blood Under My Belt
4. Heart Basel
5. Shoot The Sun Down
6. Head Of The Horse
7. Under The Ice
8. Are U Fucked
9. Your Tenderness
10. Rich Kids
11. If All We Share (Means Nothing)
12. Abysmal Thoughts

For more information on The Drums:


JADE JACKSON - Debüt-Album am 19.05. auf ANTI- / Produziert von Mike Ness / Neuer Song "Finish Line"

ANTI- Records freut sich über das neuste Signing:

Die junge talentierte Singer-Songwriterin JADE JACKSON aus Kalifornien.

Am 19.05. erscheint das Debüt-Album ”Gilded“  (produziert von Mike Ness), welches eine außergewöhnliche Mischung aus Pop, Country, Indie-Rock bieten wird oder wie es in der Bio geschrieben steht:

"The heartbreak and resilience of LUCINDA WILLIAMS with the melodic confidence of EMMYLOU HARRIS, yet contains the emotional presence of a young musician who cherished albums by THE GUN CLUB  and SMITHS alongside the works of GEORGE JONES and HANK WILLIAMS“

Weitere Infos:
Set for release on May 19th via Anti-, Jade Jackson’s stunning debut album Gilded offers a powerful introduction to the young singer-songwriter’s preternatural writing and distinguishingly raw sound that is simultaneously new and old, merging a youthful spiritedness with a weary storyteller’s perspective.
The Bluegrass Situation called Jackson’s moody and romantic sound “part Hank Williams, part the Smiths” and a “unique combination of deadpan and delicate”while Rolling Stone featured Jackson in their “10 New Country Artists You Need to Know” list, describing her as “a raspy-throated, confident-beyond-her-years songwriter channeling Hank Williams via a somber goth-folk aesthetic.”
In anticipation, Jackson has just released a track entitled “Finish Line”. Like so many truly affecting songs, it is a painful personal experience transformed into a musical work of affirmation and defiance.
Jackson explains, “Finish Line” is incredibly personal to me and I'm excited to share it with you. Don't let other people tell you who you are because that's only ever up to you; when people put you down make art."
Listen to “Finish Line” via SoundCloud:
Jade Jackson hails from the tiny town of Santa Margarita in central California where she began playing guitar and writing songs at 13. By the time she had entered high school she had attracted a growing fan base with local performances and estimates that she had written over 300 songs before graduating.
The notion that music could be more than merely a personal escape dates back to the night she went to a concert for the first time without her parents; and the headliner was Southern Californian legends Social Distortion.
“When I watched Mike Ness walk onstage and felt the energy from the crowd, it ignited something in me,” Jackson explains. “I wanted to be on that stage too. I never knew I wanted to perform until that day. That shifted all the gears in my life.”
After that Jackson formed a tight knit band and together they have shared stages with such iconic artists as Merle Haggard, Rosie Flores and Dwight Yoakam. Along the way, Jade attracted the admiration of none other than Social Distortion frontman Mike Ness, whose wife was friends with Jackson’s mother. Upon hearing her perform, Ness offered to mentor Jackson and to produce her debut album.
The resulting album, Gilded, is unapologetically country rock, merging the heartbreak and resilience of Lucinda Williams with the melodic confidence of Emmylou Harris, yet containing the emotional presence of a young musician who cherished albums by The Gun Club and Smiths alongside the works of George Jones and Hank Williams.
Mike Ness says of their collaboration, “I wouldn't have done this record if I didn't believe in her and her potential. The songs were amazing and came to life each week we worked on them. She is an old soul and it comes through in her songwriting and performing. She truly is one of a kind, raw and unique. She put her trust in me and I trusted she'd deliver and she did.”
Jade Jackson Gilded Track Listing:
2.Back When
4.Finish Line
5.Troubled End
6.Good Time Gone
7.Salt to Sugar
8.No Guarantees
11.Better Off
Watch the video for the first track “Motorcycle” HERE:
For more information:


LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT - "s/t"-Album am 28. April auf ANTI- !

Der Songwriter Ryan Pollie a.k.a. LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT kündigt sein "s/t"-Album für den 28. April erstmalig auf ANTI-Records an !

Als erste Single kann man ab sofort den Song "Grown" hören.

Erste Informationen zu dem Release lesen sich folgendermaßen:

On April 28, Ryan Pollie will release his second album under the moniker of Los Angeles Police Department. The follow-up to the L.A.-based songwriter’s 2014 debut (also a self-titled effort), Los Angeles Police Department delivers homespun bedroom pop driven by confessional lyrics and beautifully downhearted melodies. Pre-orders available at
“My favorite records are the ones that make me feel like I’m getting to know an artist,” says Pollie. “I love albums that sound like someone is telling me their deepest secrets.”
Also today, Los Angeles Police Department shares the video for his piano ballad “Grown,” the latest single from his forthcoming album. The wistful but whimsical video sees Pollie decked out in Liberace-esque sequins and frills, surrounded by showgirls and bunnies and dancing candelabras.
Watch the video for “Grown” here:

Produced by Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado (Whitney, The Lemon Twigs) and mixed by Rob Schnapf (Beck, Elliott Smith, Foo Fighters), Los Angeles Police Departmentcombines the melodic gambits of Randy Newman with the pop clarity of Paul McCartney, the fanciful ingenuity of Brian Wilson with the narrative acuity of Pete Townshend. Not only a creatively adventurous effort full of inventive flourishes, the album also daringly addresses suicide and addiction, anxiety and bereavement.
“I think of this record as a coming-of-age story,” Pollie says. “You always think of coming-of-age stories as something that happens to kids, something like Stand By Me or Catcher in the Rye, but in my twenties I realized that I was always going to face this vulnerability and this anxiety. I’m never going to be that wise old person who’s cold-hearted and knows everything. So this record is about learning to face up to those fears and be emotionally responsible.”
Newly signed to ANTI-, Los Angeles Police Department had a surprise hit in 2014 with “She Came Through (Again),” a bittersweet pop gem featured on his first full-length. That album was highly acclaimed by the likes of The Fader, Impose, Stereogum, and Pitchfork, who praised it as “gloriously arranged with a late-summer-light country rock haze, LAPD is big shady tree we can sit beneath, shielding us from the real world the same way Pollie's curiously anonymous band name does for him."

Los Angeles Police Department Tracklisting
1.    1.    The Plane
2.    2.    Grown
3.    3.    Sooner or Later
4.    4.    If I Lied
5.    5.    Hard
6.    6.    The Plane 2
7.    7.    Drugs
8.    8.    The Birds
9.    9.    Ashlyn
10.    10.Spent
For more information on Los Angeles Police Department, visit:


ORANGE BLOSSOM SPECIAL - Line-Up komplett / AnnenMayKantereit bestätigt / Zeitplan veröffentlicht

Mit den Bestätigungen von AnnenMayKantereit und Wintersleep ist das Line-Up des diesjährigen Orange Blossom Special-Festivals (02. bis 04. Juni) komplett. Vor allem die Ankündigung von AnnenMayKantereit überraschte, gehört das von Glitterhouse Records im ostwestfälischen Beverungen veranstaltete Gartenfestival mit knapp 3.000 Besuchern doch zu den eher kleinen Open Airs. 2014 hatten die Kölner, die derzeit zu den gefragtesten deutschen Bands gehören und am selben Wochenende auch bei den Großfestivals Rock am Ring und Rock im Park spielen, dort einen ihrer ersten Festivalauftritte.
Hier das komplette Line-Up:
Auch der Zeitplan für beide Bühnen und das Rahmenprogramm steht bereits fest.  
Das Orange Blossom Special ist seit November 2016 ausverkauft.

THE REAL MCKENZIES  -  "Two Devils Will Talk": Album VÖ heute!

Die Folk-Punk-Band THE REAL MCKENZIES streamt seit gestern das heute erscheinenden Album "Two Devils Will Talk" (Fat Wreck / Edel)!

Zu dem Song “Due West“ steht zudem das sehenswerte offizielle Video online.

Bassist Troy Zak äußert sich folgendermaßen zum neuen Release:
“On the 25th Anniversary of The Real McKenzies, we remain true to our Scottish-Canadian Punk Rock ‘n’ Roll roots. We wrote an album about perseverance, determination, and staying true to our beliefs. The band has never hung up its hat even at the toughest of times and this album shows we are more relevant now than ever before.”

Weitere Informationen in der offiziellen Pressemitteilung:

Our favorite highlanders, The Real McKenzies, will be celebrating 2017 with a brand new album—Two Devils Will Talk—out March 3rd, marking their 25th year as a band. There’s a saying in Scotland: “Many a mickle makes a muckle.” This translates to: “Many a small thing makes a big thing.” This is especially true with the unique sound that The Real McKenzies’ have cultivated over the years. Two Devils Will Talk is packed with fourteen rousing songs that incorporate classic punk, hard folk, acoustic and electric instruments, all weaving in the Celtic influence for which the band is known. The result of all these combined elements is one of the strongest albums in the band’s entire career. These vagabonds have already lined up a North American tour with additional European dates to be added soon. Canadians: Stomp Records will be your source of this finely distilled recording on CD & Digital. We’ll be announcing our pre-order shortly, but in the meantime, read what bassist Troy Zak has to say about his clan’s latest offering:

“On the 25th Anniversary of The Real McKenzies, we remain true to our Scottish-Canadian Punk Rock ‘n’ Roll roots. We wrote an album about perseverance, determination, and staying true to our beliefs. The band has never hung up its hat even at the toughest of times and this album shows we are more relevant now than ever before.”

20.04.2017 — Berlin,  — SO36
21.04.2017 — Köln,  — Underground
22.04.2017 — Neunkirchen, — Ant Attack Festival
23.04.2017 — Freiburg i.B.,  — Walfisch
24.04.2017 — Freiburg i.B.,  — Walfisch
25.04.2017 — Stuttgart,  — Universum
27.04.2017 — Frankfurt — Das Bett
29.04.2017 — Aachen, — Musikbunker
30.04.2017 — Helgoland,  — Rock'n'Roll Butterfahrt
01.05.2017 — Husum,  — Speicher
03.05.2017 — Dresden,  — Chemiefarbik
05.05.2017 — Wien, Österreich — Arena
07.05.2017 — Hamburg,  — Hafenfest
09.05.2017 — Kassel,  — K19
10.05.2017 — Nürnberg,  — Z-Bau
13.05.2017 — Bochum,  — Die Trompete
31.05.2017 — München,  — Strom
01.06.2017 — Lindau,  — Club Vaudeville
10.06.2017 — Linz, Österreich — Auerhahn
11.06.2017 — Karlsruhe,  — Alte Hackerei
14.06.2017 — Hameln (Acoustic-Show),  — K3
15.06.2017 — Gütersloh,  — Alte Weberei
16.06.2017 — Osnabrück,  — Bastard Club
17.06.2017 — Nordenham,  — Fonstock Fest
28.07.2017 — Kurzen Trechow,  — Nopperhof Festival
05.08.2017 — Duffel,  — Brakrock
25.08.2017 — Niedergörsdorf,  — Spirit Festival

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