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Starkult Promotion, founded 1997 is an independent  and networking Public Relation Service Provider for all music related activities. We cover all press activities around the promotion of an album release… and more.

We adapt our concepts and plans to the needs and wishes of our clients in an individual, spontaneous and flexible way. This is exactly why you will find no golden rule for the successful marketing of an artist on this page, but an outlay of what we have to offer and of course some basic information about Starkult Promotion.

As we have always worked with a huge variety of artists, labels and different musicstyles a natural grown Cross PR effect is always part of our mediaresearch.  No matter if it's Pop, Rock, Alternative, Independent, Metal, Country or Hip Hop, in individual consideration of each topic we draw up a mailing program to support your particular project in the best and most sensible manner.

In a market overflowing with an enormous variety of products, with constantly growing competition that is getting more and more confusing we want to provide a huge public platform for the artists, bands and companies in our care.



WEB Promotion
Beside our own page on which we include all artists with permanent bio and offer free media goodies, we take care of a germanwide distribution list containing more than 850 media outlets like webzines, musicsites, blogs and other music relevant internet platforms.

PRINT Promotion
Regardless whether we are dealing with the relevant music magazines, smaller local papers, fanzines, citymags  or glossy magazines, and no matter whether this is about interviews, tour dates or tour presentations, we cooperate with all forms of German print media.

RADIO Promotion
We’re taking care of a germanwide distribution list of all radiochannels and stations including supraregional / nationwide stations, radios under public law / federal state wide stations and local radios, day and nightime program. No matter if album or single format we can service a perfect list of relevant contacts. Interviews, studiovisits, handpics, rotations, tour announcements we can offer a wide range of activities to support your project.

TV Promotion
Videos can be serviced to all music TV outlets and appearance in other TV Shows are as well possible.

TOUR Promotion
If Tourplans will be scheduled, we combine the album promo with tourpromo. We provide all media (regional, germanwide) with tourdates, pictures and infosheet. We can also do:

  • organize raffles to get bigger tour announcements,
  • find presentators for the tour in combination with the booker.
  • coordinate interviews and guestlist on tour
  • check for Livereviews, radio studio visits, acoustic sessions...

Newsletter Service
We enclose all Bands in our newslettersystem, which goes monthly as e-mail to over 2300 recipients. You can find an example at section newsletter. On a weekly basis we send out newsletters to more than 850 webbased mediapartners (Musicsites, Blogs, Cultural Sites etc.)

Evaluation/ Reports
This will be modelled after your wishes and instructions. You will have full insight into the ways and progress of of the promotional activities.



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2.13.61 | Anti / Epitaph | Arts & Crafts | Asscard Rec. | Bad Taste Rec. | Bear Family | Black Lodge | Blue Rose Records | Blues Boulevard | Bomber Music | Burning Heart | BYO Records | Captured Tracks | Century Media | Century Media | Cityslang | Columbia  | Concrete Jungle Rec. | Crosscut Rec. | Defiance Records | Domino Records | DRT | Eagle Rock | Earmusic | Ersguterjunge | Essah Entertainment | Excelsior Records | Fat Possum | Fat Wreck | Favored Nations | Fearless Rec. | Four Music | Ghostly Rec. | Glitterhouse Records | Hardline Entertainment | Hassle Rec | Hellcat | I Scream Rec. | Ignition Records | Interscope Records | Lala Land Records | Marillion | Mascot Recordings | Matador | Membran Music | Monotreme Records | Naidoo Records | Naive | Ninth Street Opus | Nonesuch | Pelagic Records | People Like You Records | Pias Recordings | Polyvinyl Rec. | Prophecy Records | Red Bull Records | Redfield records | Rise Records | Schnitzel Records | Siege Of Amida | Sony Music | SPV | Stickmann Rec. | Surfdog Rec. | The End Records | The Orchard | Two Gentlemen | V2 | Vagrant | Warner Music | Wild Kingdom | Yep Roc |  
... to be continued



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