Band: Bloodbather

EP: Silence

VÖ: 09.10.2020

Label/Vertrieb: Rise Records / BMG / ADA Warner



Bloodbather were recently christened an "Artist You Need To Know" by Revolver, which lauded the band's ability to craft "nasty, gnarly metallic hardcore rendered all the more suffocating by layers of industrial texture" and featured them in a multi-page spread. Formed in 2018, Bloodbather stormed out of the gates with the independent EP Pressure. The release has since amassed 666k Spotify streams — how metal! — as the group built its live reputation by sharing the stage with everyone from Whitechapel to Carnifex to Of Mice & Men, and by appearing at the notable This Is Hardcore festival.

Bloodbather enjoyed early praise from the tastemakers at Invisible Oranges, who stated that the band "swings their music like a battle-axe into naysayer faces, living up to their namesake with flying crimson colors." They earned additional acclaim from SVBTERRANEAN, which proclaimed them "one of the newer bands to embrace and reformulate the angst-ridden, chunky metalcore of old, and one of the newer bands to do it right." Bloodbather signed with Rise Records in 2019 and subsequently hit the studio in Tennessee alongside producer Tate Mercer [Better Off, Chamber, Hampton].

Armed with a take-no-prisoners approach and an EP that leaves an indelible mark, Bloodbather are on the verge of becoming one of heavy metal's next big things. The band will most certainly appeal to fans of Code Orange, Knocked Loose, and Vein.