Bones, the

Band: The Bones

Album: Flash The Leather

VÖ: 11.09.2015

Label: People Like You / Universal


Are you ready to Rock? Are you ready to Roll? THE BONES are back! The four horsemen of the Rock’n’Roll apocalypse are about to ride the dusty roads of the universe once again to kick some serious ass! With their sixth full-length album, “Flash The Leather”, it’s about time to set the record straight and blow all shit away. Punk Rock ranch smelling songs like the opening track ”The Compadres” and the following nose cracking ”Chainsaw” will let you follow the boys on another rowdy trip and wild riot into THE BONES’ cosmos. For the first time ever the handsome foursome will hit you in the face with a song coming with German lyrics. ”Die Wilden Jahre” is a sing-a-long Punk Rock’n’Roll anthem with guest vocals by the almighty Sammy Amara from the BROILERS.

Spending years and years on winding roads - ever since signing to the renowned People Like You Records - have turnedthese lads into an unstoppable Rock’n’Roll machine. After playing numerous shows, drinking uncountable gallons ofbeer, sweating even more and breaking thousands of hearts the show will go on and on! THE BONES have already sharedstaged with icons such as Die Toten Hosen, Social Distortion, Motörhead, Boilers, Dropkick Murphys and many more.

Now it’s time to up the ante on another headlining tour around the release of “Flash The Leather” with support comingfrom their labelmates in ROGERS as well as 4 Promille and The Electric Overdrive. No one will be safe and no one will beable to resist this bone breaking and evil dance of Rock’n’Roll mayhem. Like monkeys with loaded guns, THE BONESprovide you with smashing beats, screaming guitars, a sweaty evil bass and sing-along melodies. Their trademarks won’t leave anybody disappointed, but instead screaming for more. So c’mon - grip the whip, pump some gas into your meanmachine, let the beer flow into your veins and join the Rock’n’Roll battle. This bold foursome is back with a massive bang and ready to rumble – so: beware!