Band: My Brightest Diamond

Album: A Million And One

VÖ: 23.11.2018

Label: Rhyme and Reason / Membran


New York, NY – 19 October 2018 – My Brightest Diamond is excited to announce the November 23rd release of her new full-length studio album – A Million And One – via Rhyme & Reason Records.  My Brightest Diamond’s Shara Nova produced the new LP along with Grammy-nominated producer Anthony “The Twilite Tone” Khan (Gorillaz, Kanye West, Common) and the 10-song set was mixed by Grammy-award winning engineer Andrew Scheps (Adele, Lana Del Rey).  Nova really honed in on her song form, a purposeful move after previously pushing herself to break out of traditional song writing devices.  She wrote more than fifty songs in the process ultimately narrowing this down to the ten that are A Million And One.

With the album announcement, My Brightest Diamond is excited to share the lead single “It’s Me On The Dance Floor” – out today via all DSPs.  The album and the single find Nova exploring issues of self-reliance and the pursuit of individuality while still needing to feel connected.  A personal journey for Nova following her divorce a few years ago.  When asked about “It’s Me On The Dance Floor,” Nova shared her thought process when writing the song.

"What's my relationship to my body like, without respect to how someone else perceives it?  I wanted to write a dance song that wasn't about hooking up with someone, or looking outside myself for something, but about finding myself through movement, exploring my own body.  Sometimes I will go to a club and don't want to be distracted by everyone else's energy, but I want to dance hard, so I face the wall, playing with what shadows I can create, not caring if other people watch, or don't watch.  How hard can I push myself until my body is completely exhausted on the dance floor and then in the exhausted state, how can I find other kinds of movements?"

A Million And One is My Brightest Diamond’s fifth full-length studio album and finds the Detroit based, Arkansas born artist striving to not only tackle personal experiences but pay homage to the songs and artists she listened to as a teenager in Ypsilanti, Michigan and later as an adult in Detroit including Patti Smith, Anita Baker, Stevie Wonder, Carl Craig and the White Stripes.  Nova’s musical journey started very young, growing up as the daughter of a Musical Minister of an Evangelical Pentecostal Church and continued to evolve in the years that followed studying Opera, Classical and more.  A Million And One expands on My Brightest Diamond’s sonic palate.  From the hypnotic opening of “It’s Me On The Dance Floor” to the rhythmic chanting of “Rising Star” to the driving electro-pop of “Champagne” to the jarring and gritty “You Wanna See My Teeth” – a meditation on the death of Trayvon Martin – the album reflects Nova’s fierce determination and drive from start to finish.