Band: Paceshifters

Album: Waiting To Derail

VÖ: 06.10.2017

Label: Hassle Records / Rough Trade


Alternative rock juggernaut PACESHIFTERS have confirmed that they'll be releasing their forthcoming albumWaiting to Derail on the 6th October, their first on new label Hassle Records.

Paceshifters are notorious for bringing an audience to its feet in full appreciation. The tour will be the band's first UK run having previously appeared at high profile festivals such as Woodstock (Poland), Groezrock, Zwarte Cross, Pinkpop, Exit, Rock for People and SXSW; an impressive accolade in itself for a band at such a young age.

Inspired by the grunge movement that shook the foundations of alternative music, Paceshifters bring an innovative twist on the genre whilst also boasting the complete unadulterated attitude that it was renowned for. 

Possessing a no-nonsense mentality since their inception, Paceshifters have evolved into a devoutly passionate new grunge-rock band with a sound that is sure to enthrall any listener who enjoys the heavier side of Nirvana with doses of powerful Incubus-esque melodies and riffs along with the grit and energy of Chevelle. However, drawing comparisons doesn’t do Paceshifters justice; where the band exhibit their gifted uniqueness in spades is throughout new album Waiting To Derail.