Band: Phoxjaw

Album: Royal Swan

VÖ: 03.07.2020

Label/Vertrieb: Hassle Records/Membran 


Born from a cabin-fevered recording experience at Devil’s Bridge in Wales, Royal Swan harks back to a fantastical medieval England. Without being overtly political, Royal Swan also details the tension inherent in modern day Great Britain – the sense of isolation and resentment the United Kingdom has fostered versus trying to retain a sense of pride in one’s own country. Listen out especially for the title-track and opening track for this.

To this end, and in classic PHOXJAW style, Royal Swan enlists a range of local musicians and sound-experiences, adding to the band’s core unique sound. Devil’s Bridge Cottage leaves its mark on the record, fostering PHOXJAW’s claustrophobic recording experience and physically shaping the sound, with each band member recording in separate rooms (and guitars in an airing cupboard).

Self-produced, with drums recorded by Lewis Johns, Royal Swan marks PHOXJAW’s step into the limelight following two highly respected EPs (2018's Goodbye Dinosaur... and 2019's A Playground For Sad Adults). A rare group who combine humour, quirk, intrigue, a huge range of influences, and power, PHOXJAW are a band who’ll never stop having things to say.

Having toured with Black Peaks, Pagan, Zakk Sabbath’s cruise, Loathe and plenty more already, PHOXJAW have begun making waves in the UK underground rock scene. Solid support from Kerrang!, Metal Hammer, Dan P Carter’s BBC R1 Rock Show, Jack Saunder's BBC R1 Indie Show, Total Guitar Magazine and more has earmarked this band as ones to watch, and rightly so.

Danny Garland - vocals/bass
Josh Gallop - guitar/keys
Kieran Gallop - drums
Alexander Share - guitar/vocals


Infos zur vorherigen VÖ:

Band: Phoxjaw

EP: A Playground For Sad Adults

VÖ: 05.07.2019

Label/Vertrieb: Hassle Records/Membran


(Vorläufige Fassung!)

PHOXJAW have announced their signing to Hassle Records and details of their second EP - A Playground For Sad Adults- which will be released on 5th July.

To coincide with the news, the band have today released the first single from the forthcoming EP. Titled 'Melt, You're A Face Of Wax'.

The band comment on the song: 
"This song came from more of a prog background as it bounces and plays with a mathy lead line like a floppy puppet with its puppeteer intoxicated. The track's lyrical approach and delivery are more free than on the previous singles. So free that free willy would have made it over the rocks in at least 2 skips on the remote. The lyrics suggest the idea of a distracted nation; one of which is unaware of its power and lack of respect towards the natural world that provides us. Caged little creatures and animals as ornaments with crickets starving in tupperware boxes."

The signing to Hassle Records(Brutus, Pagan, Press Club) continues the alternative quartet's rise, following the acclaim of their debut EP Goodbye Dinosaur..., tours with Black Peaksand Pagan, and appearances at 2000trees and Camden Rocks festivals.

Hassle Records' company director Wez comments: "We first saw the band play at the excellent 2000trees last year. We were blown away. It’s difficult to carve your own sound but these guys are definitely doing that already after one EP and another imminent. They are hard to pin down musically and it’ll definitely be a strength for them in years to come."

The Bristol-based rock outfit made waves in 2018, garnering support from across the key UK rock media on release of their ‘Goodbye Dinosaur’ EP. The success of this debut EP was unsurprising given the reaction to PHOXJAW's first ever release, their double A-side single Spin Club/Victorian Dolls (Pale Wizard Recordings), which quickly sold out upon release. With their follow-up singles 'Triceratops' and ‘Weapons’, the band received numerous plays on Radio Onethanks to Dan P Carter’s Rock Show, plus praise from a wide range of UK press, including Kerrang!("unhinged and mesmerising"), Metal Hammer("inhabiting their own, unique musical world"), and Rhythm Magazine("already causing waves").

There are few bands that sound as unique, infectious, or as powerful as PHOXJAW. Although hard to pigeonhole, the band are at times reminiscent of early Biffy Clyro, At The Drive-Inand Cave In. The fourpiece owe much to their melodic tenacity and driving, off-kilter riffs and mixed with their ferocious energy onstage and compelling personalities, PHOXJAW are firmly establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

Danny Garland - vocals/bass
Josh Gallop - guitar
Kieran Gallop- drums
Alexander Share - guitar/keys/vocals