Album: SJU

VÖ: 07.06.2019

Label: BMG / ADA Warner



Robert Pettersson, Tomas Wallin, Mattias Larsson, Chris Rehn och Kristoffer Söderström are the brilliant minds who together form one of the largest bands ever to be conceived in Sweden - Takida. 

Shortly after Takida was formed, in 1999, the band recorded a couple of demos, which led to a record deal and the release of their debut album “Make You Breathe” in 2006, which was the band’s big breakthrough. The follow up album was released the next year and contained the hit single ”Curly Sue”. The rest, as you usually say, is history.

They have, since the debut in 2006, managed to establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with and one of the biggest rock acts in Scandinavia. 2018 marked the beginning of a new chapter in Takida’s career, when they joined forces with record label BMG and released the single “Master”. The collaboration has resulted in the band’s, thus far, biggest international success with sold-out shows and a rapidly increasing fan base, mainly in Germany.

After an intense recording period in the studio, Takida is now more prepared than ever to follow up on the success with two new singles and then finally celebrate the break of summer 2019 with the new album “Sju”. That this promises another year of success for Takida, is nothing short of a fact.

Infos vorherige VÖ:


Album: A Perfect World

VÖ: 16.11.2018

Label: BMG / ADA Warner


ACHTUNG: A Perfect World wurde bereits 2017 in Schweden veröffentlicht und wird hier quasi als Re-Release behandelt und im Rahmen der Tour veröffentlicht. Ein neues Album wird im Frühjahr 2019 erscheinen

Sooner or later, most bands worth their salt, make their definitive album. The one that takes them to another level. The one that they just have to play to anyone who’s around, because they’re so proud of it. The one that eliminates any doubt.

A Perfect World is that album.

“It does feel like an accomplishment”, singer/lyricist Robert Pettersson attests. “We’ve never had this much fun, and I think everyone can hear that”.

Not that Takida are ashamed of their previous releases. Having formed 17 years ago, in the small town of Ånge in northern Sweden, they are already one of Scandinavia’s biggest selling rock acts and concert draws. The band took their name from the character Gohei Takeda in the Japanese anime series Nagarebishi Gin. 2006 saw the release of their first album “…Make You Breathe”. Their big breakthrough came a year later with the major hit single “Curly Sue”, and since 2009 the band always has headliner status in their native Sweden, selling out clubs, theatres and arenas, packed with their devoted and passionate Scandinavian fanbase.

In 2014, Takida had released five studio albums and one greatest hits compilation. They had also performed successful co-headlining club tours around Europe. But somehow they felt that that their definitive album had not yet seen the light of day. The fact that “A Perfect World” self-assuredly towers above all their previous efforts, confirms that this was the case.

Looking back, it’s probably good that Takida’s international break-through didn’t arrive five or ten years ago.  “Now we’re ready”, Robert Pettersson says.

He sounds like he means it. And anyone who listens to “A Perfect World” will understand why.