Band: Valleyheart           

Album: Everyone I Ever Loved

VÖ: 14.12.2018

Label: Rise Records / BMG / ADA Warner


Beverly, Massachusetts rock band Valleyheart will release their Rise Recordsdebut full-length Everyone I Ever Loved on December 14.
The band has partnered with Alternative Press to premiere their new single "Crave."

About the song, singer and guitarist Kevin Klein told AP, "'Crave' is a song about dealing with the tension of 'doing' and of just 'being' — the pressures of a society that is always pushing an agenda of this need of acquiring 'more and more.' How there is a daunting reality that the more we become obsessed with this chase, the less human we end up feeling."

He continued, "The song goes into how beneath the seemingly shallow facade of consumerism and boredom, there is a deeply-rooted essential crisis of identity. 'Crave' is about our personal journey with it all, but the more we talk to friends and those around us, we see it's a common thread of this motif in our modern lives. Social media is only fuel to the flame. It's like the more we have, the more we want, and the more often we are overwhelmed by the options and comparing ourselves to what others have. 'Crave' is desperate reach to a simpler time: an attempt to sort through all the noise and find peace again."
The New England quartet worked with producer Kevin Billingslea at Halo Studios to co-produce the electrifying follow-up to the their critically acclaimed EP Nowadays. Everyone I Ever Loved is both an expansion of the sounds the band had previously explored, as well as a new creative departure.

"Everyone I’ve Ever Loved is a record that deals with the deconstruction/reconstruction in concepts of faith, doubt, and identity," Klein shares. "Although being conceptual, it is at its core a very personal record with songs about real dreams, friends, stories, and family members. I started experiencing a lot of cognitive dissonance a few years back about who I was and what I believed. Faith and reality — as I had known it — was changing right in front of me and it really challenged the way I was viewing the world. I had a lot of questions. This record was the experience of sorting through all these emotions and concepts in an attempt to make sense of a new found way, and serves as an answer to those questions."

1. "Heaven & Hell"
2. "Friends in The Foyer"
3. "Crave"
4. "Agnosia"
5. "Maryland"
6. "Dissolve"
7. "Drowned in Living Waters"
8. "Your Name"
9. "Intangible Dream"
10. "Communion"
11. "Paradisum"