NAHKO - "Goodnight Sun"-Musikvideo

Im Oktober letzten Jahres hat der Singer/Songwriter und Mastermind von MEDICINE FOR THE PEOPLE NAHKO sein Solo-Debüt bei Side One Dummy veröffentlicht. "My Name Is Bear" handelt dabei von prägenden Jahren als er als junger Mann durch die wilden Landschaften von Alaska. Hawaii und Louisiana reiste und außerdem ist eine Sammlung von tief persönlichen Songs, die die Geschichte seiner Entwicklung  als Künstler erzählen.

Jetzt zeigt NAHKO das Musikvideo zu "Goodnight Sun". Der Clip zeigt Szenen von seiner Tour mit MEDICINE FOR THE PEOPLE sowie von Zeiten, die er mit seiner Familie und seinen Freunden zuhause verbrachte.

"Goodnight Sun"-Musikvideo

NAHKO kommentiert:
"When can I leave this shell body behind me?  Join you in setting the moon up for rising?" Some lost lyrics to Goodnight Sun... I remember sitting at the lookout near Kealakekua Bay, writing this song into existence.  It started as a freestyle sunset song.  Just me and the ocean and the sun.  I carried those lyrics as a prayer for so many years.  It became my salutation song, a reverent nod to the symbiosis between sun and human body.  It's been a joy to bring the song back after so many years, breathing new life into it.  Josue and I had a blast making this playful video, as well.  A look into life on the road and a mirror to life at home.  I wanted the expanse of nature to be witnessed here, the glory of Cascadia in Oregon, and the home where I grew up.  Enjoy!

Over the last 5 years, Nahko And Medicine For The People have continued to gather dedicated members of their growing global Medicine Tribe of fans as they spread their powerful musical message. They incorporate a variety of sounds that artfully merge rustic acoustic guitars, upbeat energy, tribal flavors, fiery percussion with ponderous lyrics. Their album HOKA debuted at #10 on Billboard’s Rock Albums Chart and #6 on the Alternative Albums Chart.

Nahko’s solo album, My Name is Bear, premiered at #1 on iTunes and debuted on a number of Billboard charts including Independent Albums (#11), Tastemakers (#14), Emerging Artists (#19), and Top Album Sales (#43). The album release was followed by a headline tour that boasted multiple sold-out dates stateside and a nearly sold-out tour in Europe and the UK. My Name is Bear is a 16-track collection that reflects the soul, authenticity, and spirit that Nahko’s fans have come to know. As he puts it, the album serves as a “prequel,” that artfully merges rustic acoustic guitars, upbeat energy, tribal flavors, fiery percussion, and ponderous lyrics. At the end of the day, My Name is Bear sets the stage for a whole lot more from Nahko.