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Pressemitteilung 1 :


Anti- Records is pleased to announce the signing of influential Los Angeles indie rock pioneers The Dream Syndicate.

PR Tag am 14.06. in BERLIN ( Kurzfristig noch ein Nachmittagstermin frei)

Originally active from 1982-1988, The Dream Syndicate reformed in 2012 after a lengthy hiatus. Founding member Steve Wynn explains, "The Dream Syndicate and I are very excited to be part of the Anti- family. I like the way they embrace artists with a rich and lengthy history who believe that their best and most relevant work is still ahead of them."
Today in the Los Angeles Times several artists select and discuss their favorite Dream Syndicate songs. Contributors include J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.), Ira Kaplan (Yo La Tengo), Peter Buck and Mike Mills (R.E.M.), Chris Robinson (Black Crowes), Vicki Peterson (Bangles), Japandroids and novelist George Pelecanos. Read now at [link]
The Dream Syndicate was formed by current members Steve Wynn (guitar, vocals) and Dennis Duck (drums), along with Karl Precoda (guitar) and Kendra Smith (bass). The band blended the exploratory guitar duels of Television with post-punk and psychedelic garage rock influences, tossing in bedrock elements like Bob Dylan, the Velvet Underground and the Stooges, paving the way for much of the indie rock explosion in the years that followed.
Wynn's edgy, existential lyrics were offset and bolstered by the push and pull of the band's lean, raw mix of two guitars, bass and drums on the band's widely heralded debut "The Days of Wine and Roses". The band's sound expanded to a more cinematic approach on the follow-up LP "Medicine Show" after which Mark Walton (who is in the current lineup) took over bass duties. Two more albums--"Out of the Grey" and "Ghost Stories"-- followed before the band split in 1988.
In 2012 the band reunited for a Spanish festival with new guitarist Jason Victor, a brilliant player and the perfect foil Steve was looking for when they joined forces in Wynn's solo band a few years before. Several tours followed in both the US and Europe, bringing the band's sound to an audience who had caught up to what they were laying down 30 years before. With both a reclaimed and newfound popularity, the band went into the studio in 2016 to create a wildly anticipated new chapter.

Information on the new album by the Dream Syndicate is forthcoming.

The Dream Syndicate German Tour Dates
October 19th, 2017 - Hamburg - Uebel & Gefährlich (DE)
October 21st, 2017 - Berlin - Festsaal Kreuzberg (DE)


Pressemitteilung 2:

dBpm Records ( Anti / Indigo) to release Together At Last, new solo acoustic album by Jeff Tweedy, on June 23

First album of its kind for Wilco leader features intimate recordings of songs by Wilco, Loose Fur and Golden Smog

Songwriter Jeff Tweedy will release Together At Last, a new solo acoustic collection, June 23 on dBpm Records. Recorded at Tweedy's Chicago studio The Loft, the album features intimate renditions of 11 Tweedy songs previously released by Wilco and by Tweedy's occasional side projects Loose Fur and Golden Smog. It is the first in a proposed series of releases -Loft Acoustic Sessions- where Tweedy revisits his vast catalog of work, which spans three decades and more than 20 albums.

Together at Last is available now for preorder from the Wilco store with an instant download of "Laminated Cat," a song that originally appeared on the 2003 self-titled debut album by Loose Fur, Tweedy's project with Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche and musician Jim O'Rourke. Other songs on Together At Last include new versions of Wilco classics like "Via Chicago" and "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart" as well as less familiar tunes like "In A Future Age" from Wilco's 1999 album Summerteeth.

Together at Last was produced by Jeff Tweedy and Tom Schick, and mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering in Portland, ME. Release day for the album coincides with the opening of Wilco's fifth Solid Sound Festival, the band's three-day festival of music, comedy and art at MASS MoCA in North Adams, MA. Three-day passes and single day tickets are available now via

Together At Last Track List

Via Chicago
Laminated Cat
Lost Love
Muzzle of Bees
Ashes of American Flags
Dawned On Me
In A Future Age
I'm Trying To Break Your Heart
I'm Always In Love
Sky Blue Sky


Pressemitteilung 3

YEP ROC wird die unten angeführten 6 Nick Lowe Alben wieder veröffentlichen. Zum Teil mit Bonus Songs.

Three physical street dates for three pairs of records !
July 14th
Nick Lowe- The Abominable Showman (kann bereits bemustert werden)
Nick Lowe - Nick The Knife (kann bereits bemustert werden)

August 25
Nick Lowe - Nick Lowe and His Cowboy Outfit
Nick Lowe - Rose of England

October 20
Nick Lowe- Pink and Prouder Than Previous
Nick Lowe - Party of One

FIRST TIME any of these releases will be available digitally
ONE RELEASE DATE for all six albums at DSPs: July 14, 2017
Nick the Knife, The Abominable Showman, Cowboy Outfit, and Party of One will come with a bonus 45 with the LP (bonus tracks for the CD)
Bonus material will not be made available digitally upon initial release

2017 sees the reissue on Yep Roc of six long out-of-print Nick Lowe albums
originally released between 1982 and 1990.

Nick The Knife (1982) is Lowe's solo follow-up to 1979's Labour Of Lust and was recorded at various points before and after the break-up of Rockpile - the band
Nick fronted with Dave Edmunds from 1977-1980. Musicians include drummers Terry Williams and Bobby Irwin; guitarists Billy Bremner and Martin Belmont,
and keyboard players Paul Carrack and Steve Nieve. Standout tracks on Nick The Knife are a dub-inspired version of 'Heart' (that had previously appeared on
Rockpile's Seconds Of Pleasure); the swampy 'Stick It Where The Sun Don't Shine' (released on 45 in the USA), and 'Raining Raining', a song that echoes Smokey
Robinson-era Motown. Two numbers are co-written with Nick's then wife Carlene Carter - 'My Heart Hurts' (released on 45 in the UK), and 'Too Many
Teardrops', which Carlene recalls writing with Nick on the night of their first date. Other notable tracks are 'One's Too Many (And A Hundred Ain't Enough)'
(co-written with Kim Wilson of the Fabulous Thunderbirds), and the slowly building ballad, 'Couldn't Love You (Anymore Than I Do)'.

The Abominable Showman (1983), co-produced with Roger Bechirian, is possibly Lowe's slickest sounding record of the 1980s, with musical backing
from his touring band, known as the 'Noise To Go', comprising Paul Carrack (keyboards); Martin Belmont (guitar); James Eller (bass), and Bobby Irwin
(drums). 'Wish You Were Here', a soul duet with Carrack, was released on 45 and received much US radio play, as did the rocking 'Ragin' Eyes', still a popular
fixture in Nick's set list today. 'Cool Reaction', written by Peter Marsh and Andy Howell (both members of Blanket of Secrecy alongside producer Bechirian), is a
boy band blueprint that strays quite a long way from the usual Lowe fare, but does reflect the general studio wizardry of the time. More down-to-earth is 'Saint
Beneath The Paint' ('a tart without a heart is what she ain't') and 'Mess Around With Love', a Lowe composition that dates back to his days with the band
Brinsley Schwarz. The closing 1930s-style ballad, 'How Do You Talk To An Angel', was briefly crooned in the Rockpile TV documentary Born Fighters, and
features a palm court string quartet.


Pressemitteilung 4

Neues JAIMI FAULKNER Album "Back Road" am 25.08.2017 ( Make My Day Rec / Indigo)
Erster Song "I Can't Hold On" als Instant Grat verfügbar, ausführliche Tour ab September

I Can't Hold On:

Am 25.08.2017 erscheint "BACK ROAD" das vierte europäische Album des australischen Künstlers JAIMI FAULKNER.

Das erste, bei dem er alleine für Aufnahme und Produktion verantwortlich war. Nach dem eher pop-orientierten "Up All Night" (2015) markiert die neue Scheibe die Rückkehr zum Roots Rock'n'Roll und Americana, die sein früheres Werk kennzeichneten. Auf "Back Road" kommt zum ersten Mal auch Faulkners langjährige Begleitband mit Leon Den Engelsen an Klavier und Hammondorgel, Judith Renkema am Bass und Luuk Adams am Schlagzeug richtig zur Geltung.

Anfang November 2016 zogen Jaimi und Band, samt Equipment und Jaimis mobilem Studio, für zwei Wochen in ein altes Bauernhaus nahe Bremen ein. Sämtliche Songs wurden live in einem Raum mit nur minimalen Overdubs eingespielt und das gesamte Album war in nur zwei Wochen im Kasten. Das Ergebnis reflektiert die entspannte Atmosphäre im Studio und strahlt unverkennbares Live-Feeling aus.

Das Album erscheint als CD, Vinyl (Gatefold) und digital. (Make My Day Records / Indigo)


Pressemitteilung 5

First Track "Blue Magic (Waikiki)" Available Now
Listen Here
or Here

NPR Music wrote of the musician and Grammy winning producer, "Son Little doesn't strive to reproduce his influences; he recombines them into something new." And on New Magic, his second full-length album, Son Little has accomplished something bordering on epic by distilling the heart of American soul music - be it rock and roll, blues, hip-hop, pop, classic soul or gospel, in a manner that is emotionally resonant and unquestionably modern.

The first track to be released from the new album is "Blue Magic (Waikiki)," a powerfully reimagined modernist reinterpretation of Philly soul complete with chiming glockenspiel bells and old school female backing vocals.

On the heels of his 2015 self-titled debut, Son Little found his reach steadily growing. His song "Lay Down" had been played over seven million times on Spotify, he toured with artists as diverse as Leon Bridges, Kelis, Mumford & Sons, and Shakey Graves and received a Grammy Award as producer of Mavis Staples's "See That My Grave Is Kept Clean."
But in the midst of all this Son Little says he craved an opportunity to sit and write a new album in a distinct, unified direction, one that would establish his place in the world of black music. "I was on the road so much and I couldn't really find time or space to do it in the way I wanted," Son Little says. "I had all these little fragments, thinking I would later piece them together. But I knew it would feel really luxurious to be able to sit down by myself and write something from scratch without being interrupted."
Sometimes in order to see the stars, you have to get far away from the city lights. And in the fall of last year, Son Little found himself in such a place, at the end of a tour in the remote, tropical Northern Territory of Australia. "There were these big crocodiles and enormous bats, just wild things I'd never seen, he says. "And I set up in the hotel and just kinda followed the process. All the songs in Australia were written with one mic and an acoustic left-handed guitar I was playing upside-down that was borrowed from this blind Aboriginal musician named Gurrumul with this angelic voice."
And so what is new magic? To Son Little, there is a feeling and attitude running through the music. And despite its mysterious origins, the musician's divination ability is just that--divine. "There is this vein of the blues in it, and it can be distilled or boiled down just to the guitar and voice--or even just the voice," Son Little says. "It's that scenario of making something out of nothing. I can't really explain it. That's the gist of the magic. I don't know where it comes from, but it's there, and I can call on it. I can call on it standing by the dresser, walking down the street, driving a car, on a train, a plane, in a hotel room, in the green room, during an's just there. I'm trying to pay tribute to that fact. It's had a really powerful and in some ways increasingly healing effect on my life. Hopefully other people have that experience with it as well. I'm just happy that it's there, wherever it comes from."
"Heartache never sounded this good." - Vibe


Pressemitteilung 6

Die Australier MAKE THEM SUFFER kündigen ihr neues Album "Worlds Apart" für den 28. Juli auf Rise Records (BMG/ADA Warner) an!
Pünktlich dazu gibt es mit "Fireworks" den ersten Eindruck auf das neue Release mit dem passenden Video:

"'Worlds Apart' represents a new era for MAKE THEM SUFFER", sagt Sänger der Band Sean Harmanis. "We've taken risks in songwriting and production; this album is a reminder to ourselves that change and growth are good things. It's tough to say so early, but I think "World's Apart" is an album that will be in your stereo for quite some time", fügt er hinzu.

"WORLDS APART" Tracklist:
1. "First Movement"
2. "Uncharted"
3. "Grinding Teeth"
4. "Vortex"
5. "Fireworks"
6. "Contact"
7. "Power Overwhelming"
8. "Midnight Run"
9. "Dead Plains"
10. "Save Yourself"


Pressemitteilung 7

GOLDFINGER - Neues Album nach 9 Jahren: The Knife (VÖ: 21.07.17 - Rise Records/BMG/ADA Warner)

Die legendäre Punk/Ska-Band GOLDFINGER ist zurück! Am 21. Juli 2017 wird nach 9 Jahren ihr neues Album "The Knife" über Rise Records erscheinen.

Pünktlich zur Ankündigung gibt es mit "Put The Knife Away" einen ersten Vorgeschmack auf die neue Platte:

Gitarrist und Sänger John Feldmann erklärt: "I took my time making this record...Nine years to be exact! I feel like I've made the most concise Goldfinger record in my career. We have all Goldfinger styles together as one, with Zakk Cervini, who mixed the Blink-182 record, and Travis Barker on drums, I couldn't be more proud of an album."

The Knife - Tracklisting
1. A Million Miles
2. Get What I Need
3. AM I Deaf
4. Tijuana Sunrise
5. Put The Knife Away
6. Don't Let Me Go
7. Beacon
8. Who's Laughing Now
9. Say It Out Loud
10. Orthodontist Girl
11. See You Around
12. Liftoff
13. Milla




Band     : The Drums
Album     : Abysmal Thoughts
VÖ     : 16.06.2017
Label     : ANTI- / Indigo
Website    :

With The Drums' new Abysmal Thoughts, band founder Jonny Pierce is making the exact album he's always held in his heart. Of course, this is The Drums, so that heart is broken--but there's beauty and even bliss in this kind of heartbreak, as well as that special kind of glorious delirium that comes from taking everything life can throw at you and still walking away triumphant. If Abysmal Thoughts doesn't sound at all abysmal--really, Pierce has rarely been this irresistibly pop--that's because this is a story about how to figure out what happiness means once the worst has already happened. "Happiness can be confusing to me," says Pierce. "It shows up out of nowhere, and before you can even get used to it, it's vanished.

But Abysmal Thoughts? I can rely on them--and with the political chaos that is raining down, who knows when these dark feelings will subside?" As the last album cycle for the Drums finished and his long-term relationship with his former partner dissolved, Pierce took some time away from music altogether in hopes to reconnect with himself and find future inspiration. Determined to make a change, he ended up leaving his longtime home in New York and found himself isolated in a large empty apartment in Los Angeles, all his plans for life and love suddenly in shambles: "I said I wanted to let life happen?" he says. "Well, the universe listened and life began to fuck me right up the ass! But honestly, I make the worst art when I'm comfortable. The stuff that resonates with me the longest--and that resonates with others--is always the stuff that comes out of my hardships and confusion."

That hardship and confusion--and the clarity of personality and purpose it inspired--became Abysmal Thoughts, an unflinching autobiography with Pierce back in full control of the band. He's back to not just writing all the songs by himself but playing every instrument, too, this time realizing exactly his own personal vision for the band. Not coincidentally, it's some of the most revelatory work he's ever done. The key was opener "Mirror," and from there, Thoughts simply flowed: "It very much felt like I was releasing," Pierce says. "I had this visual of turning a handle and watching steam just pour out of the valve, relieving a lot of my artistic and personal anxiety. I was dealing with so much loss and feeling unsure and scared--and if there's one thing I can rely on it's the healing power of being an artist. I'm falling back in love with music. Creating this album on my own was a full-on long- running therapy session."


Band     : Natalie Merchant
Album     : The Natalie Merchant Collection
VÖ     : 23.06.2017
Label     : Nonesuch / Warner

Nonesuch veröffentlicht am 23. Juni The Natalie Merchant Collection

Das Deluxe 10-CD Boxset enthält alle 8 Soloalben, ein neu aufgenommenes Set und Rarities, eine Disc mit bisher unveröffentlichten und raren Tracks

"Merchant ist eine seltene Spezies: eine Künstlerin, die nie Kompromisse eingegangen ist, sondern sich stattdessen mit Integrität, Nachdenklichkeit und Bedeutsamkeit entwickelt hat."

-- Daily Telegraph

Nonesuch veröffentlicht am 23. Juni 2017 The Natalie Merchant Collection, ein Deluxe 10-CD-Boxset, zusammengestellt von Natalie Merchant. The Natalie Merchant Collection enthält zehn Discs, darunter sämtliche ihrer acht Studioalben aus den letzten drei Jahrzehnten. Die neunte Disc, Butterfly, ist ein neues Studio-Set, das vier neue Songs und sechs neu interpretierte Stücke aus ihrem Katalog bereithält, allesamt arrangiert für Streicherquartett. Die letzte Disc ist Rarities, eine Sammlung von 15 raren und bisher unveröffentlichten Tracks, die zwischen 1998 und 2017 aufgenommen wurden und einen einzigartigen Einblick in Merchants kreatives Experimentierfeld zwischen Homestudio-Demos, Album-Outtakes, Live-Tracks und Kollaborationen mit so unterschiedlichen Künstlern wie Billy Bragg, David Byrne, The Chieftains, Cowboy Junkies und Amy Helm bietet. Unten findet sich das komplette Tracklisting. Das Paket enthält ein 100-seitiges Textbuch inklusive einer bebilderten Geschichte der Karriere der Singer-Songwriterin - eine Schatzkiste für alle Sammler. Das Boxset kann jetzt bei vorbestellt werden, die Neuaufnahme von ?Frozen Charlotte" ( der Disc Butterfly gibt es dann als sofortigen Download, ebenso wie einen exklusiven, von Merchant signierten Limited-Edtion-Druck.

Anlässlich der Veröffentlichung des Boxsets wird Merchant diesen Sommer mit Natalie Merchant: 3 Decades of Song auf US-Tour gehen. Ein Teil der Einnahmen kommt der Umweltschutzorganisation Food & Water Watch zugute, die sich für gesundes Essen und sauberes Wasser einsetzt. Alle weiteren Infos gibt es unter

Q - zählt Merchant "zu den fesselndsten und unverwechselbarsten Stimmen des letzten Jahrzehnts", Vogue befindet, sie ist ?einer der erfolgreichsten und beständigsten Alternative-Künstler, die unbeschadet und ohne Kompromisse zu machen aus den 80ern hervorgegangen ist". Ihre Karriere begann 1981, als sie, noch am College studierend, Teil der Alternative-Rockband 10.000 Maniacs wurde, die 1984 bei Elektra Records unterschrieb. Als Lead-Sängerin, Songschreiberin und zeitweilige Pianistin veröffentlichte Merchant mit der Band sechs von der Kritik gefeierte Studioalben, darunter die mit Platin ausgezeichneten In My Tribe (1987), Blind Man's Zoo (1989), Our Time in Eden (1992) und das Multi-Platin-ausgezeichnete MTV Unplugged (1993), das nicht nur die erfolgreichste Veröffentlichung der Band wurde, sondern auch eine der bestverkauften überhaupt in der Unplugged-Serie. 1993 verließ sie die Band und veröffentlicht 1995 ihr Multi-Platin-Solodebüt, Tigerlily, gefolgt von den Platin-Alben Ophelia (1998) und Motherland (2001). 2003 brachte sie in Eigenregie ein Album mit traditioneller und zeitgenössischer Folkmusik heraus, The House Carpenter's Daughter (in dieser Sammlung enthalten), das zeitlich mit der Geburt ihrer Tochter zusammenfiel. Die darauffolgenden sieben Jahre lebte sie zurückgezogen im New Yorker Hudson Valley und widmete sich ihrer Familie und der Gemeinschaft, zugleich arbeitete sie immer wieder mit anderen Musikern zusammen und festigte ihr Engagement als Aktivistin und Philanthropin.

2010 kehrte Merchant mit einem thematischen Doppelalbum zurück, Leave Your Sleep, zugleich ihr Debüt bei Nonesuch Records. Für diese Meditation über die Kindheit und das Mutterdasein vertonte Merchant Kindergedichte aus dem 19. und 20. Jahrhundert zu Musik. Für ein auf dem Album basierendes Bilderbuch tat sie sich zudem mit der preisgekrönten Buchillustratorin Barbara McClintock zusammen. 2014 veröffentlichte Nonesuch Natalie Merchant, ihr sechstes Studioalbum und das erste mit komplett neuen Songs seit 13 Jahren, das die New York Times eine ?Zusammenstellung dunkler, mutiger, nachdenklicher und auf gelassene Weise erschreckender Songs" nannte und vom Daily Telegraph gerühmt wurde für 2die Intelligenz ihres Schreibens und schneidende Charakterstudien, die mit jedem musikalischen Pinselstrich dicker werden". Zuletzt veröffentlichte Nonesuch 2015 Paradise Is There: The New Tigerlily Recordings. Diese Sammlung neuer Aufnahmen kehrt zurück zu Merchants Solodebüt Tigerlily und wurde begleitet von einer Doku-DVD. "Die Zeit hat die Kraft von Merchants Musik nur noch verstärkt", befand Mojo, der Guardian schrieb derweil über ihr Jubiläumskonzert in der Royal Albert Hall: "Dies ist poetischer Indie-Pop, der Reife erlangt hat ... Merchants sattes akustisches, orchestrales Set ist dramatisch, innig und ein beeindruckendes Erlebnis."

Merchant hat sich bis heute einem breiten Spektrum von Fällen sozialer Gerechtigkeit und Umweltschutz verschrieben. Unlängst führte sie die Entstehung des Konzertfilms Dear Governor Cuomo ( (2013) mit den New Yorkers Against Fracking, den Schauspielern Mark Ruffalo und Melissa Leo und den Filmemachern Jon Bowermaster und Alex Gibney an, außerdem war die Regisseurin und Produzentin von SHELTER: A Concert Film to Benefit Victims of Domestic Violence (2014). (

Offizielle Website von Natalie Merchant:
Offizielle Website von Nonesuch:


Band: Offa Rex
Album: The Queen of Hearts
VÖ: 14.07.2014
Label : Nonesuch / Warner

Offa Rex ist das gemeinsame Projekt der Indierock-Band The Decemberists aus Portland, Oregon und Singer-Songwriterin Olivia Chaney aus England. Auf "The Queen of Hearts" erkunden sie traditionelle Folk-Musik von den britischen Inseln, Songs aus dem 17.-19. Jahrhundert, die in den späten 1950er-Jahren von UK-Künstlern zu neuem Leben erweckt wurden, oft mit einem psychedelischen Twist, und in den späten 60ern und 70ern ein erneutes Revival erlebten. "The Queen of Hearts" taucht jedoch nicht einfach nur zurück in diese frühere Zeit, sondern ist ein spannender Hybrid, eine großartige Kreativ-Kollision zwischen den Indierock-Veteranen The Decemberists und Singer-Songwriterin Olivia Chaney.

Offa Rex - benannt nach einem sagenumwobenen britischen König des 18. Jahrhunderts - ist besonders für Colin Meloy die Erfüllung eines großen Herzenswunsches. Der Decemberists-Frontmann war, wie so viele, von Chaneys Debütalbum "The Longest River" bei Nonesuch (2015) verzaubert gewesen, ein Album, das traditionelle Songs, klassische Stücke und selbstgeschriebene Kompositionen enthielt, "eine hinreißende, imposante Kreation", wie The Guardian urteilte, The Independent nannte das Album eine "bahnbrechende Veröffentlichung" und die New York Times beobachtete: "Egal ob sie alte Songs singt oder ihre eigenen, Ms. Chaney bricht sie auf und verwandelt sie in ekstatische, unmittelbare Dramen, die den Hörern Anlass liefern, jeder Formulierung und Wortbiegung gebannt zu folgen."

So auch Colin Meloy: "Jeder versucht, diesen alten Folk-Songs beim Arrangieren und Interpretieren einen neuen oder modernen Spin zu geben. Ich fand, dass Olivia es auf eine Weise tat, die sich so organisch und nah am Quellmaterial anfühlte und dabei doch zugleich komplett ihr Eigenes war". Spontan teilte er seine Begeisterung in Form eines Fan-Posts über Twitter und tat kund, dass er alles dafür geben würde, Chaney "Willie O' Winsbury" performen zu hören, eine schottische Ballade aus dem 18. Jahrhundert, die in den späten 1960er-Jahren durch die irische Band Sweeney's Men und in der Folge durch britische Künstler wie Anne Briggs, John Renbourn und Pentangle zu neuer Popularität kam. "Ich hatte diesen Gedanken, dass es fast ein Verbrechen war, dass sie "Willie O' Winsbury' noch nicht gemacht hatte", erinnert sich Meloy. "Ich habe eine Menge Zeit mit dem Eintauchen in das 60er- und 70er-Folk-Revival verbracht und war verzweifelt auf der Suche nach ähnlichen Dingen in der zeitgenössischen Musik."

Chaney reagierte auf Meloys Tweet, woraufhin eine Kommunikation in Gang kam - und ein Jahr später fanden sich die Künstler im Studio von Tucker Martine in Portland wieder, Stammproduzent der Decemberists und u.a. durch seine Arbeiten für Laura Veirs, My Morning Jacket, Modest Mouse bekannt. Bei den Aufnahmen orientierten sich Offa Rex am mitreißenden Live-im-Studio-Ansatz der Folk-Revival-Bands, zudem wurden sämtliche Aufnahmen auf analogen Tonbändern eingespielt. Und ja: "Willie O' Winsbury" ist selbstverständlich auf dem Album vertreten.


Band     : Rancid
Album     : Trouble Maker
VÖ     : 09.06.2017
Label     : Hellcat Records / Indigo
Website    :

This year will see the release of their ninth studio album "Trouble Maker" produced by their longtime producer and founder of Epitaph records, Brett Gurewitz.

Through it all, Rancid has remained fiercely independent, never losing their loyalty to community or each other. Their music confronts political and social issues, while balancing personal tales of love, loss, and heartbreak with attitude. Rancid gives their listeners a community where everyone can belong. By carrying on the traditions and spirit of the original punk rock bands that came before, Rancid has become a legend an inspiration to punk bands that have come after. They are the living embodiment of East Bay punk. And if you don't know all this by now -- you're not playing their music loud enough!


Band: Kronos Quartet
Album: Folk Songs
VÖ: 09.06.2017
Label: Nonesuch Rec / Warner

Kronos performs on the album with Giddens, Sam Amidon, Olivia Chaney, and Natalie Merchant.

When Nonesuch Records celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014, with festivals at the Barbican in London and the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), Kronos Quartet joined forces with four labelmates--Sam Amidon, Olivia Chaney, Rhiannon Giddens, and Natalie Merchant--to perform a concert entitled
Folk Songs. The group later recorded the songs, most of which are traditional with contemporary arrangements, with Doug Petty as the album's producer.

Seit 40 Jahren folgt das Kronos Quartet - David Harrington, John Sherba (beide Geige), Hank Dutt (Bratsche) und Sunny Yang (Cello) - einer einzigartigen künstlerischen Vision, die mutigen Entdeckergeist mit der Hingabe verbindet, das Streicherquartett-Erlebnis fortwährend neu zu denken. Entlang dieses Weges wurden Kronos zu einer der meistgerühmten und einflussreichsten Gruppen unserer Zeit, die weltweit Tausende von Konzerten spielte, mehr als 50 Aufnahmen von außerordentlicher Bandbreite und Kreativität veröffentlichte, mit vielen der weltweit spannendsten und fähigsten Komponisten und Performen kollaborierte und mehr als 800 Arbeiten und Arrangements für Streicherquartett einreichte. Seit 2011 sind Kronos die einzigen Künstler, denen sowohl der Polar Music Prize als auch der Avery Fisher Prize zugesprochen wurde, zwei der angesehensten Ehrungen für Musiker. Zu den zahlreichen weiteren Preisen der Gruppe gehören ein Grammy für ?Best Chamber Music Performance" (2004) und Auszeichnung "Musicians of the Year" (2003) von Musical America.
Kronos' experimentierfreudiger Ansatz reicht zurück bis zu den Anfängen des Ensembles. 1973 wurde David Harrington zur Gründung der Gruppe inspiriert, nachdem er George Crumbs ?Black Angels" gehört hatte, eine hochgradig unorthodoxe, vom Vietnamkrieg inspirierte Arbeit, in der mit dem Bogen gespielte Wassergläser, Spoken-Word-Passagen und elektronische Effekte zum Einsatz kamen. In der Folge begannen Kronos, ein unglaublich vielseitiges Repertoire für Streicherquartett aufzubauen, durch Performances und Aufnahmen von Meistern des 20. Jahrhunderts (Bartók, Webern, Schnittke), zeitgenössischen Komponisten (John Adams, Osvaldo Golijov, Aleksandra Vrebalov), Jazzlegenden (Ornette Coleman, Charles Mingus, Thelonious Monk), Rock-Künstlern (Gitarrenlegende Jimi Hendrix, der brasilianische Electronica-Artist Amon Tobin und die isländische Indierock-Supergroup Sigur Rós), und Künstlern, die konsequent jeder Genre-Einordnung trotzen (Performance-Künstlerin Laurie Anderson, Komponist/ Sound-Designer / Erfinder Trimpin, die interdisziplinäre Komponistin / Performerin Meredith Monk).
Wesentlich für von Kronos' Arbeit sind eine Reihe langjähriger, umfangreicher Gemeinschaftsproduktionen mit einigen der weltweit führenden Komponisten, darunter der ?Father of Minimalism" Terry Riley, der polnische Komponist Henryk Mikolaj Górecki und Philip Glass, dazu kommen Kollaborationen mit einer Vielzahl von Künstlern aus aller Welt, darunter der chinesische Pipa-Virtuose Wu Man, Azeri-Meistersänger Alim Qasimov, der legendäre Bollywood ?Playback-Sänger" Asha Bhosle, Inuit-Kehlsänger Tanya Tagaq und die mexikanischen Rocker Café Tacuba. Live haben Kronos die Bühne mit Namen wie Paul McCartney, Allen Ginsberg, Zakir Hussain, Modern Jazz Quartet, Noam Chomsky, Rokia Traoré, Tom Waits, David Barsamian, Howard Zinn, Betty Carter und David Bowie geteilt und wirkten sie auf den Alben so unterschiedlicher Talente wie Nine Inch Nails, Dan Zanes, DJ Spooky, Dave Matthews, Nelly Furtado, Joan Armatrading und Don Walser mit.


Band     : Vita Bergen
Album     : RETRIEVER
VÖ     : 26.05.2017
Label/Vertrieb    : Glitterhouse / Indigo
Bandwebsite    :

Nachdem Vita Bergen 2014 mit ihrer Debüt-EP Curtains (mit einem Budget von nur 500 Euro!) die Spitze der schwedischen Charts eroberten, diverse Awards abräumten, Konzerte in Deutschland, Spanien, der Schweiz und Skandinavien ausverkauften, gelten sie in Schweden als eine der "most talked about bands" und insgeheim als "next big thing" der Europäischen Indie-Szene. Im März 2016 veröffentlichten sie endlich ihr Debütalbum Disconnection auf Glitterhouse Records, gefolgt von unzähligen Shows in ganz Europa und einer Nominierung für den P3 Gold Award in der Kategorie "Bester Pop Act". Nicht einmal anderthalb Jahre nach der Veröffentlichung ihres Debüts, legt die Band um William Hellström und Robert Jallinder am 02. Juni 2017 ihr neues Album Retriever nach.

Im Gegensatz zu seinem Vorgänger, der noch in einem billigen Appartement in Göteborg produziert wurde, spielte sich der kreative Prozess dieses Mal in exklusiven Studios und teuren Hotelzimmern ab. "The theme of this record is much different from the first album. This album is much more direct and touches on concrete subjects that are happening here and now, like you and me, relationships that are really important, when all the make-up has run off. At the same time the whole process after Disconnection we felt like we wanted to get it all back with this release. We wanted to sound less pissed off. We are really happy right now and we want to do pop music" sagt William Hellström, der Retriever zusammen mit Martin Forslund (der u.a. als Sound-Engineer für die letzten zwei Hurts Alben tätig war) in Los Angeles produzierte.


Band     : Rozwell Kid
Album     : Precious Art
VÖ     : 23.06.2017
Label     : SideOneDummy / Cargo
Website    : www.

Fronted by the affable, spectacled Jordan Hudkins, Rozwell Kid write massive, gritty, excitable power-punk songs; they channel Blue Album guitar grandiosity and eternally-hummable melodies conveyed in 'ooo''s, the likes of which would make Rivers Cuomo weak in his problematic knees. But when it came to writing Rozwell Kid's new album, Precious Art, Jordan Hudkins found himself in the strange place of wondering who and what Rozwell Kid actually was. After more than two years on the road, the band - completed by guitarist Adam Meisterhans, bassist/vocalist Devin Donnelly and drummer Sean Hallock - hadn't quite hit a dead end, but they needed to regroup, rethink and refind their identity.

All of those questions are thankfully answered by the twelve songs that make up Precious Art. It is a quintessential Rozwell Kid album and something entirely new at the same time. It's teeming with understated nostalgia, but doesn't get too lost in the past. Rather, it recalibrates the past, revisiting it with the added wisdom that comes with age. It's quirky in the way that Rozwell Kid songs have always been quirky, but more than any other record the band has made, it sees Hudkins diving deep into the heart of human existence, telling universal truths based on his own personal memories and unexamined experiences.

"Nostalgia has always been part of my inspiration for songwriting," admits Hudkins. "I've always seemed to pull from childhood memories and recontextualized them, where I kind of imagine it as a big 30 year-old kid wearing OshKosh B'Gosh overalls singing about these things they experienced or thought about as a kid."


Band     : GlerAkur
Album     : The Mountains Are Beautiful Now
VÖ     : 21.07.2017
Label     : Prophecy Productions / Soulfood
Website    :

Den Namen GlerAkur hat der isländische Komponist und Sounddesigner Elvar Geir Sævarsson für die einzigartig filmische Musik gewählt, die er neben seiner Arbeit als Tontechniker des Isländischen Staatstheaters kreiert. GlerAkur - isländisch für 'Glasfeld' - bezieht seine Inspiration aus Post-Rock, Drone- und Ambient-Musik sowie aus dem Black- und Doom-Metal, um diese Klänge zu hypnotischen Wellen von traumähnlicher Atmosphäre zusammenzufügen. Der amerikanische Rolling Stone bezeichnete diese Mischung als "auf brutale Weise unwiderstehlich" und zog Vergleiche zu "Metallica, die die Live-Hälfte von Pink Floyds 1969er Album 'Ummagumma' covern."

"The Mountains Are Beautiful Now" ist das Debütalbum von GlerAkur und folgt auf die 2016 erschienene EP "Can't You Wait", die in Island für einen Kraumur Award nominiert wurde, der alljährlich von den wichtigsten Journalisten und Radiomoderatoren des Landes für die besten isländischen Veröffentlichungen verliehen wird (siehe Björk, Sigur Rós). "The Mountains Are Beautiful Now" wurde ursprünglich für die 2015 entstandene Aufführung von Jóhann Sigurjónssons Drama "Fjalla-Eyvindur & Halla" am Isländischen Staatstheater geschrieben und davon inspiriert. Eingespielt wurde das Album mit vier Gitarristen, zwei Schlagzeugern und einem Bassisten in der Kellerbar des Theaters.

Der Rolling Stone brachte es vielleicht am besten auf den Punkt, als er GlerAkur wie folgt beschrieb: "Was anfangs noch wie gewaltige Granitblöcke aus unbarmherziger Verzerrung klang, erwies sich auf die Dauer als das Werk von vier Gitarristen, die vielfältig miteinander verwobene Bögen aus jeder Menge Sustain und harmonischem Feedback erzeugten, woraus sich wie in Zeitlupe Melodien schälten, die von zwei Schlagzeugern in die Luft gehämmert wurden."


Band     : COLOR FILM
Album     : Living Arrangements
VÖ     : 16.06.2017
Label/Vertrieb    : Epitaph / Indigo
Bandwebsite    :

The medium of color film may be an industry standard these days but it wasn't so long ago that full-color moving images were being pioneered only by tenacious experimenters who built their own equipment in a quest to capture something they could only visualize in their mind's eye. For that reason it should come as no surprise that the band Color Film sees the duo of Daryl Palumbo and Richard Penzone recontextualizing their shared set of influences into a wholly new sonic amalgam that's unmistakably familiar yet simultaneously shimmers in a way you've never heard before. It's not a reinvention so much as it is a brave progression for this twosome whose collective musical resume includes a myriad of culture-driving projects that have created waves in the music scene.

The story of Color Film began six years ago when Palumbo and Penzone united for some scheduled live dates. "In the process we started playing around we came up with a million weird ideas that both of us had and instantly started working on music that we wanted to record," Palumbo explains. "The two of us probably share more interests than anyone else I've ever met in my life and there are all these wild, arty records that we both love so it only made sense for us to sit down and try to channel that into something new." What the duo didn't expect was how quickly the music would flow out of them and during their first month of non-stop hanging out and practicing they ended up writing four albums worth of material. In fact the most difficult part of the of putting together Living Arrangements was deciding which tracks made the cut.


Band     : Various Artists (presented by Professor Bop)
Album     : Down At The Ugly Men's Lounge
VÖ     : 30.06.2017
Label     : Roof Music / Indigo
Website    :

Down At The Ugly Men's Lounge markiert den Beginn der liebevoll vom legendären Professor Bop zusammengestellten 10-inch-Compilation-Serie Ugly Men's Lounge. Den Vinylausgaben ist die entsprechende CD beigefügt.

Ausführliche Informationen von Professor Bop himself findet Ihr unter folgendem Link:

-> Auf Produktbild von "Down At The Ugly Men's Lounge" klicken.
Passwort: uglymen


Band     : Bad Cop / Bad Cop
Album     : Warriors
VÖ     : 16.06.2017
Label     : Fat Wreck Chords / Edel
Website    :

It's been a hectic couple of years since Los Angeles punk quartet Bad Cop/Bad Cop dropped their debut full-length, Not Sorry. The band spent a huge chunk of the intervening time on the road, like most bands do--and they wound up discovering some ugly things about themselves, like most bands do. Only for Bad Cop/Bad Cop, it got very serious, very quickly. "We were on the Fat Wreck Chords 25th anniversary tour in 2015, and Stacey was partying really hard," says co-vocalist Jennie Cotterill. "She ended up bottoming out on the tour, and we had to leave. It was not a good separation. We had to go home and drop off the tour and figure out if we were still a band, what are we going to do about Stacey... Thankfully, Fat helped send her to detox, and she came out of that as a completely new person with a totally different trajectory. Before that, she was demonically possessed. She was destroying everything around her." Out of that experience came "Amputations," one of the highlights on Bad Cop/Bad Cop's explosive second album, Warriors. The song is a slower, bigger sing-along than anything else in the band's growing catalog, and it's about the only thing not at a breakneck pace on the record.

Many of the album's most cathartic, aggressive moments come from the mind of co-vocalist Stacey Dee, who after going through the darkest time of her life has come out stronger than ever. Instead of focusing solely on her own issues, she was able to expand her horizons, writing songs as poignant as "Victoria" (about a friend's child who committed suicide) and "Womanarchist" (in which Dee namedrops Revolutionary War heroine Nancy Morgan Hart and Joan of Arc while proclaiming she wants "to make the whole world feminist"). Dee explains much of her expanded worldview came in the wake of the 2016 presidential election, making Warriors one of the first punk albums written in the Trump era.


Band: Kavkasia
Album: s/t
VÖ: 30.06.2017
Label/Vertrieb:    Volkloren / Bertus

Minco Eggersman tells us more and more, using fewer words in doing so.
After three years during which Minco Eggersman mainly devoted his energies to creating soundtracks for films (Jaap van Heusden's In Blue for the better part of 2016) and documentaries (Sinan Can and Thomas Blom's Onze missie in Afghanistan for Dutch national TV), he now delights us with solo work under his own moniker again: KAVKASIA.

KAVKASIA was born from a four-wheel drive trip Minco and his wife took into Georgia ('KAVKASIA' is Georgian for 'Caucasus'). It reflects the search for beauty, fortitude and rest, that took Minco deep into the Caucasian mountains. The rugged, broken landscape, in which each sound and every impression pervades one's very pores, landed him a mixture of humility and comfort.
From the mountains you look down on Tbilisi in the valley below - a babel of languages, cultures and interests, a clamor for attention ('Tbilisi calls'). Looking up, you will meet three monks who will go a day's walk just to buy a bread. You taste the ambiance of orthodoxy, the threat of neighbors around, and the steadfast desire for tomorrow's beauty. In silence you honor the fallen ('Home of the Brave'), and at the same time hope is never fully gone ('Mount Ararat', the mountain where Noah's ark supposedly stranded).

Minco's development from singer-songwriter at the crossroads of Americana and alternative into a soundtrack composer has provided a new twist and sharpness to the character of his storytelling. His stories are incisive and picturesque, but he uses even fewer words in telling them. What he does voice, is simple, striking and more finely defined than ever. An impression is enough, just like the entire record is exemplified by the little cross from Gergeti Trinity Church that Minco carries in his purse as a living memory.


Band : Teenage Bootlerocket
Album : Stealing The Covers
VÖ : 14.07.2018
Label : Fat Wreck / Edel

It seems hard to believe, but the boys in Teenage Bottlerocket aren’t boys any more: They’ve been a band for more than 15 years, and have spread their pop-punk gospel across the world through a series of killer records like Total and They Came From The Shadows and an equally killer live show, one that is packed full of sing-alongs and circle pits. What’s really wild is that the whole thing all started thanks to a well-placed CD-R. “The very first tour Bottlerocket did, we burned a spindle of CD-Rs of our music and would give them to anyone who had any interest in our music at all,” recalls vocalist/guitarist Ray Carlisle. “We played Gilman Street, and David Jones from Enemy You was at the show. We gave him a CD-R, he brought it to the Fat Wreck Chords office and gave it to Toby Jeg, who then signed us to Red Scare.” Despite the rise of social media and digital streaming services, Carlisle knows the best way to connect to music is through one-on-one connections like that—and this helped inspire the creation of Stealing The Covers, the Wyoming punk quartet’s new album, comprised of 14 songs all by bands Bottlerocket has encountered throughout their travels, from groups who share their same ZIP code to complete strangers who passed along a CD at a gig. “The idea first came to light 10 years ago,” Carlisle says. As far as I can remember, my brother Brandon came up with the idea. We just thought, ‘Let’s do an album of doing songs by our friends’ bands.’ But some of these bands aren’t even our friends!” For example, take the delightfully named “Shit Fuck God Damn” by Bremerton, Washington’s Artimus Maximus, a song played for Carlisle way back in 2003 by a friend in another band. He has been a fan ever since. “We have never met these dudes,” Carlisle admits. “I don’t know their names, I don’t know what they look like. We reached out to every band, and they’re the only ones who didn’t get back to us.” Other lesser-known groups Bottlerocket paid homage to include Canada’s Varsity Weirdos (“The Way I Know”), San Francisco’s Onion Flavored Rings (“I Kill Butterflies”), Austria’s the Mugwumps (“Alien Motion Technology”) and Seattle’s HEAD (“No Hugging No Learning”), all of whom gave their blessing for their material to be covered.


Band     : Oceano
Album     : Revelation
VÖ     : 19.05.2017
Label/Vertrieb    : Sumerian Records / ADA Global / warner
Bandwebsite    :

It sounds like the plot of a big budget summer blockbuster or an open-world video game.
A faceless entity travels through time and bears witness to man's effect on the Earth as celestial and eternal beings known as "The Ascendants" ponder whether or not to save the planet. This story powers Oceano's fourth full-length album and first for Sumerian Records, Revelation. Picking up where 2015's critically acclaimed Ascendants left off, the Illinois band--Adam Warren [lead vocals], Scott Smith [lead guitar], Chris Wagner [bass], and Andrew Holzbaur [drums]--expand their patented deathcore punch with intriguing atmospherics and a thought-provoking narrative that's as deep as it is dark.
"All of the songs are the recollections of a separate being as he travels through a portal of alternate timelines," explains Adam. "Each track is another revelation that he's viewed. 'The Ascendants' have been watching society grow and lightly influencing it but allowing humans free will for the most part. In turn, what they've seen is humanity basically deplete the planet to a near state of destruction. In these vignettes, they are deciding whether or not it's worth their intervention and subsequent salvation. The traveler carries this message."
Oceano's ability to encode such a transmission within the framework of tight, taut, and technical heavy music remains a key to their success since 2006. Over the past decade, the group has ignited a diehard fan base. Ascendants would cumulatively amass over 3 million Spotify plays, while the quartet received features from Alternative Press, Metal Hammer, Metal Injection, Brave Words, and more. They shared the stage on marathon tours with the likes of Suicide Silence, Whitechapel, Acacia Strain, and many others. Fan favorite cuts like "District of Misery" went on to generate 3.8 million YouTube views and counting as the diehard faithful continued to grow.


Band     : Obey The Brave
Album : Mad Season
VÖ     : 02.06.2017
Label : Epitaph Records / Indigo
Bandwebsite    :

On June 2, Canadian five-piece Obey The Brave will release their third full-length Mad Season. With its raw passion and furious determination, the album affirmsObey The Brave as a major heavyweight in the metalcore genre. Today also marks the premiere of Obey The Brave’s new single “On Our Own.” Delivering massive power chords and uncompromising emotion, “On Our Own” exemplifies the heart of Mad Season: anthems of empowerment born of adversity. The follow-up to 2014’s Salvation, Mad Season came to life during an especially tumultuous period for Obey The Brave (vocalist Alex Erian, guitarists John Campbell and Terrence McAuley, bassist Cory Wilson, and drummer Stevie Morotti). But after a lineup change and a series of false starts in the studio, the band emerged with their most ambitious yet viscerally potent album so far. Co-produced by McAuley—who worked alongside engineer/mixer Dean Hadjichristou (Protest The Hero, Parkway Drive)—Mad Season also proves to be Obey The Brave’s most stylistically diverse work to date. In addition to featuring a collaboration with French Canadian rap group Loud Lary Ajust (on the beat-heavy “RIP”), Mad Season finds Erian expanding his vocal approach and introducing a singing style inspired by old-school punk.

“There’s still a lot of screaming on the album, but it was really important for me artistically to try something different and give it my all,” says Erian. “It’s very exciting to try to reinvent yourself.”


Band     : Slaughter To Prevail
Album     : Misery Sermon
VÖ     : 05.05.2017
Label/Vertrieb    : Sumerian Records / Ada Global / Warner
Bandwebsite    :

Sonic brutality knows no borders. It's ultimately a unifying force around the globe.
In 2014, UK-based guitarist Jack Simmons linked up with Russian vocalist Alex Shikolai and drummer Anton Poddyachy, bridging a physical distance of 3,602 miles (5,797 km) and forming Slaughter To Prevail in the process. With a chaotic hybrid of modern extreme, death, and black metal punctuated by shuddering grooves, the trio's 2016 Chapters of Misery EP yielded bruisers such as "Hell," which racked up over 517K Spotify streams and 1.6 million YouTube views as they destroyed stages across Europe with Hatebreed, Ingested, and more. Signed to Sumerian Records, 2017's full-length debut Misery Sermon properly introduces the group with an atomic bang ignited by piercing vocals in English and Russian, a barrage of guitar assault and battery, and percussive warfare.
"Misery Sermon takes what we did on our EP and adds many more dimensions to it," says Jack. "It's much more versatile with lead guitars and catchy structures. Alex's vocals really slay, and he's singing bilingually. We wanted to bring everything to the next level."
That's exactly what Slaughter To Prevail did. Recording in the UK with producer Stu McKay [Bring Me The Horizon, Ingested], they harnessed a hypnotic hybrid of styles that practically explodes on impact.


Band: The Acacia Strain
Album: Gravebloom
VÖ: 30.06.2017
Label / Vertrieb: Rise Records / BMG / ADA Warner

Erst kürzlich kündigte die US-Deathcore-Band THE ACACIA STRAIN ihr neues Album "Gravebloom" für den 30. Juni via Rise Records an, nun folgt mit "Big Sleep" bereits der zweite Song von der kommenden Platte.

Matt Honeycutt, Frontmann der Band "Kublai Khan", trägt mit seinen Guest-Vocals ebenfalls seinen Teil zum neuen Track bei. "I didn't even understand what the hell was going on when I first heard this song. Luckily, Matt did guest vocals and saved me the embarrassment", äußert sich der Sänger Vincent Bennett.

"GRAVEBLOOM" - Tracklist:
1. "Worthless"
2. "Plague Doctor"
3. "Bitter Pill"
4. "Big Sleep"
5. "Gravebloom"
6. "Abyssal Depths"
7. "Model Citizen"
8. "Calloused Mouth"
9. "Dark Harvest"
10. "Walled City"
11. "Cold Gloom"

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