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März, 2019

Newsletter KW09

Liebe Musikfreunde,

folgend findet ihr wie gewohnt unseren wöchentlichen Rundbrief, natürlich mit der Bitte um Verbreitung.

Dennis & die Starkult Crew


BAD RELIGION – Neues Album "AGE OF UNREASON“ am 03.05. / 1 . Song “Chaos From Within” / Tour in Deutschland
BRUTUS – Video zum neuen Song "Cemetery" / Album "Nest"am 29.03.
COMBO CHIMBITA – Album "Ahomale" ab 03.05. auf ANTI- / Single + Video "Brillo Más Que El Oro (La Bala Apuntándome)"
DEAFHEAVEN – Neue Single "Black Brick" !
DELICATE STEVE – veröffentlicht Album "Till I Burn Up" / Titeltrack
THE DRUMS – Neuer Song “626 Bedford Avenue” / Album am 05.04. auf Anti- Records
EPITAPH RECORS ­­– veröffentlichen Spezialauflagen zum Record Store Day
FOXWARREN – Neues Video "Sunset Canyon" / Album "Foxwarren"
IMMINENCE – Video zum neuen Song 'Infectious' / Album am 26.04.19
JAIMI FAULKNER – Tour in Deutschland 2019
LOS STRAITJACKETS ­– EP "Channel Surfing" am 21.06. auf Yep Roc
LYDIA PERSAUD – Zweite Single "Let Me Show You" / Gleichnamiges Debütalbum am 10.05.2019
MAVIS STAPLES – Playlist "Curated By Friends"
ORANGE BLOSSOM SPECIAL 23 – Line-Up komplett / Festival vom 07.-09. Juni
RAFIQ BHATIA – "Breaking English" neu mit Lyrics und Gesang von Sam Dew
ROGERS – Neue Single "Wo gehör ich hin" / Album "Mittelfinger für immer" am 08.03.  auf Century Media
SLOW LEAVES – Tour im März
THUNDER – Auf Tour 2019
TO THE RATS AND WOLVES – Albumveröffentlichung "Cheap Love" / Neues Video zu "Down"
YVES JARVIS – Veröffentlichung "The Same But By Different Means" auf ANTI- / Musikvideo "Talking Or Listening"


BAD RELIGION – Neues Album "AGE OF UNREASON“ am 03.05. / 1 . Song “Chaos From Within” / Tour in Deutschland

BAD RELIGION waren immer schon eine Band, die sich durch hochgradig politisch motivierte Texte auszeichnete. Das am 03.05. auf Epitaph erscheinende neue Album "AGE OF UNREASON" macht hier keine Ausnahme, sondern geht ganz gezielt noch einen Schritt weiter und seziert und benennt die derzeitigen Missstände. Gepaart mit musikalischer Finesse und hoch melodischen druckvollen Songs, darf man der Band jetzt schon attestieren auch auf Album 17 relevant und spannend geblieben zu sein.

Passend zur Ankündigung, präsentiert die Band den neuen Song "Chaos From Within“.

Live wird die Band um Frontmann Greg Graffin u.a. im Rahmen der PUNK IN DRUBLIC Festivals in folgenden Städten zu sehen sein:

03.05.2019:  Tanzbrunnen, Köln- Punk In Drublic Festival 
04.05.2019: Faust Wiese, Hannover - Punk In Drublic Festival - SOLD OUT
10.05.2019:  Saarlandhalle, Saarbrücken  - Punk In Drublic Festival
11.05.2019: S’Oliver Halle, Würzburg - Punk In Drublic Festival - SOLD OUT
12.05.2019: – Messehalle, Dornbirn (AT) - Punk In Drublic Festival
21.05.2019:  – Arena-Open Air Buehne, Vienna (AT)
Weitere Daten in Europa folgen

Weitere Infos zum Album:

Acclaimed Los Angeles punk rock band Bad Religion will release a new album entitled Age of Unreason on Epitaph Records on May 3. Since the group’s formative years they have steadfastly advocated for humanism, reason, and individualism. Now, when these values are in decline and nationalism and bigotry are on the rise, Bad Religion’s message has never been more essential. Age of Unreason delivers a powerful and inspired response - a political and deeply personal treatise on all they believe in. 

“The band has always stood for enlightenment values,” co-songwriter and guitarist Brett Gurewitz explains. “Today, these values of truth, freedom, equality, tolerance, and science, are in real danger. This record is our response.”

The songs on Age of Unreason are both furious and meticulously crafted. There are references to contemporary events; racist rallies, Trump’s election, the erosion of the middle class, Colin Kaepernick’s protest, alternative facts, conspiracy theories, and there are homages to the literary and philosophical works that have long inspired the band.

The track “Chaos From Within” uses the band’s iconic fast, powerful and melodic sound to examine the current border wall controversy with the lyrics, “Threat is urgent, existential / with patience wearing thin / but the danger's elemental / it’s chaos from within.” As co-songwriter and lead singer Greg Graffin says, “Throughout history, walls have been used to keep the barbarians out, but it seems to me that the truly barbaric aspect of a civilization is the chaos that comes from within.”

You can listen to “Chaos From Within” by going here.

Age of Unreason is Bad Religion’s 17th studio album and was co-produced by Carlos de la Garza. It is a timely work of immense power and one of their very best. Society’s step backwards has propelled the legendary band decidedly forward. There is an elevated craft in the way the song “Candidate" vividly evokes the current president, “I am your candidate / I am bloody lips and makeup /I'm your caliphate, opioids and mutilation / a celebrity and my name is competition.” Another track, entitled “The Approach,” addresses the possible demise of democracy with the lyrics, “There’s a moral and intellectual vacuum / and you're right to be lookin' askance / philosophically moribund, revolution hasn't a chance.”

This record is both a dire warning and testament to resilience. The overall message being - seek truth about the world and oneself.  As Graffin, who holds a PhD in the history of science, says, “When I saw all these headlines about how terrible our world had become, I started doing a lot of reading. I read about the French revolution, the American Revolution, the Civil War, and I started to recognize that this is a pattern of history and something we should never venture into. There are ample warnings against it. Every school child should know this but it’s hard to get people to read about these things. Maybe this album can help. Because right now, with social media, we are just playing a version of kill the guy with the ball.”

For more information on Bad Religion, visit:
WebsiteFacebookTwitter | Instagram


BRUTUS – Video zum neuen Song "Cemetery" / Album "Nest"am 29.03.

Das belgische Post-Rock/Shoegaze Trio BRUTUS um Stefanie Mannaerts (Drummerin und Sängerin) verkündet mit "Nest“ für den 29.03. ein neues Studioalbum auf Hassle Records.

Nachdem sie einen ersten Eindruck mit "War" geliefert haben, gibt es jetzt mit "Cemetery" einen neuen Song mitsamt Video!

"Cemetery" – Video

Aufgenommen wurden die von Jesse Gander (Japandroids, White Lung, Baptists) produzierten 11 Songs in Vancouver / Kanada, im Rahmen der Produktion entstand folgendes Live-Session-Video des neuen Songs "War“:

Mit dem Debüt "Burst“ starteten BRUTUS vor 2 Jahren durch, spielten u.a. zusammen mit THRICE, CHELSEA WOLFE, RUSSIAN CIRCLES und auch  Lars Ulrich /Metallica und Simon Neil /Biffy Clyro verzeichnen sich als Fans.

Die neuen Songs werden nach VÖ auch erstmals in Deutschland Live präsentiert:

28.04.2019: Münster - Sputnik Cafe
13.05.2019: Köln - MTC
14.05.2019: Hamburg - Hafenklang
16.05.2019: Berlin - Maze
18.05.2019: Dresden -  Scheune
20.05.2019: Munich - Storm
22.05.2019: Frankfurt – Nachtleben


COMBO CHIMBITA – Album "Ahomale" ab 03.05. auf ANTI- / Single + Video "Brillo Más Que El Oro (La Bala Apuntándome)"

Die Tropicals-Futuristen von COMBO CHIMBITA kündigen ihr am 03.05. erscheinendes Album "Ahomale" (ANTI-) an! Mit dem Titeltrack und dem Single-Video zu "Brillo Más Que El Oro (La Bala Apuntándome)" gibt es hier einen ersten Eindruck.

Weitere Infos:
“Lead vocalist Carolina Oliveros is an otherworldly presence over Afro Colombian rhythms meted out by guitar, bass and genre crossing drumming.” – NPR alt.Latino

Through folkloric mystique, otherworldly psychedelia and a dash of enigmatic punk, the new album Ahomale (May 3, ANTI-) by Combo Chimbita catapults the sacred knowledge of our forebears into the future. Two new album tracks are available with today’s announce; Inspired by a Yoruba term, listen to the title track “Ahomale” HERE. “The protagonist of this album whose name is Ahomale possesses the ability to communicate ancestral wisdom through the music,” explained guitarist Niño Lento.

Also out today and filmed in Puerto Rico, watch the new music video for lead single “Brillo Más Que El Oro (La Bala Apuntándome)” HERE. “For us it has always been important to work with artists in different mediums,” explained bassist Prince of Queens regarding the video’s origins. “Working with [video director] Beatriz Santiago Muñoz in Puerto Rico was something really natural despite not knowing each other previously; there was already a connection between our art. It’s also important to us to search for connections and collaborations with Latin American artists. This video opens the door to the next chapter of our saga, Ahomale, and marks a new beginning in our artistic exploration.”

Combo Chimbita’s second studio album and Anti- Records debut sees the visionary quartet drawing from ancestral mythologies and musical enlightenment to unearth the awareness of Ahomale, the album’s cosmic muse. Comprised of lead singer Carolina Oliveros’ mesmeric contralto, illuminating storytelling and fierce guacharaca rhythms, Prince of Queens’ hypnotic synth stabs and grooving bass lines, Niño Lento’s imaginative guitar licks, and Dilemastronauta’s powerful drumming, the lure and lore of Combo Chimbita comes into existence.

“Revelation! The truth and light that is always within us and hides behind our fears… that is Ahomale to me,” Oliveros says. “In this album we were able to connect with our being to add a chapter to our saga. We’re excited to be able to work with people who are connected to our vision and to expand Latin American art!”

With the help of producer Daniel Schlett (The War on Drugs, Modest Mouse), the group’s rootsy experimental alchemy and metal strangeness take centerfold. Oliveros howls, yowls and chirps with gut-wrenching emotion. Whether rock - raw and soulful - or bewitching like a shaman in a spiritual ceremony, her voice is always a multifaceted wonder. “Brillo Más Que El Oro (La Bala Apuntándome)” boasts alluring vintage synths that seem to time travel through the lush tropics of yore; then, the mood intensifies when its bridge brilliantly crosses into a spellbinding chant sung in unison: “Y si digo que / Que ahora ya lo se” (“And if I say that I now know”).

Pre-Order ‘Ahomale’

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DEAFHEAVEN – Neue Single "Black Brick" !

DEAFHEAVEN sind zurück und bringen ihre neue Single "Black Brick" mit!

Offizielle Infos:

Today, GRAMMY-nominated metal band Deafheaven release a new song titled “Black Brick.” The track is a B-side from their latest album Ordinary Corrupt Human Love. While Ordinary Corrupt Human Love was lauded for its avant-garde approach, “Black Brick” sees Deafheaven performing at their heaviest yet.

Listen to “Black Brick” now.

Currently, Deafheaven is on tour in Australia and New Zealand. Immediately upon their return to the States Deafheaven will join Baroness for a co-headlining North American run.

Deafheaven’s latest album Ordinary Corrupt Human Love was released on Anti- in 2018. The band received their first GRAMMY nomination for their extraordinary song “Honeycomb” in the Best Metal Performance category. Ordinary Corrupt Human Love received wide critical acclaim from Pitchfork, Stereogum, Billboard, NPR, Decibel, Revolver, Noisey, Consequence of Sound, Loudwire, Uproxx and more.



DELICATE STEVE – veröffentlicht Album "Till I Burn Up"

Heute erscheint DELICATE STEVE's neues Album "Till I Burn Up" auf ANTI-!

Weitere Infos und der Titeltrack:

“Delicate Steve makes wordless guitar music, but don’t let that fool you … he makes the kind of guitar line that’s so lyrical, insistent and inventive, that you’ll be singing or humming along to it.” - Uproxx

“Vastly underrated not only as a guitarist but an accomplished composer and arranger to boot.” – Billboard

New York City’s Delicate Steve has released his new album Till I Burn Up, out today via ANTI- Records. Listen to the album in full HERE.

The album name comes from a line in Dr. John's “Walk on Guilded Splinters” where Steve misheard John’s actual phrase "Tit Alberta" as "Till I Burn Up." But more than fodder for an album title, John’s Gris Gris, and records like it informed a new frame-of-mind for an artist who has historically set out to make a predetermined statement with every recording.

“The idea of this young freak making Gris Gris in LA, and nobody knowing what to do with it in 1968... He gave me confidence to be a little more freaky and abstract instead of quirky and nicely-packaged like my last album was,” Steve said, also citing early records by Iggy Pop and Dylan and The Band’s electric tour that were panned at the time and lauded in hindsight. “There is a confidence that comes with abandoning the idea of wanting to create something that everyone might like to check out.”

The creation of Till I Burn Up began at a studio in Woodstock, where Steve found himself playing Freddie Mercury’s Oberheim synthesizer with his guitar plugged into Robbie Robertson’s Fender amp. Like the harrowing moment it documents, Till I Burn Up would not be true if not imbued by contradiction. There are turns on Till I Burn Up as dark as anything Delicate Steve has recorded, but not without reminders that a joy ride into an apocalypse is still a joy ride.

Order ‘Till I Burn Up’

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THE DRUMS – Neuer Song “626 Bedford Avenue” / Album am 05.04. auf Anti- Records

Wie bereits erwähnt wird m 05.04.19 wird das neue und fünfte Studioalbum von THE DRUMS mit dem Titel  "Brutalism“ auf ANTI- Records erscheinen.

Mit dem Pop-Song “626 Bedford Avenue” steht nun eine 2. Songprobe online.

Jonny Pierce präsentiert mit seiner Band, vielleicht sogar die besten Tracks die er je aufgenommen hat, eingängige flockige Pop Songs, vermischt mit Elektro und Indie Sounds.

Weitere Hörprobe:  "Body Chemistry“ 


Early praise for The Drums + Brutalism:
"...deceptively chipper, yet instantly infectious new song, 'Body Chemistry,' finds a rumbling rush of drums anchored by a thick bass groove, over which Drums mastermind Jonny Pierce laces silky guitars and his inviting croon." - Rolling Stone 

"'Body Chemistry' modifies their usual indie surf-rock with a funky bassline and electronic flourishes. The vocal melodies lean into a moody cadence a la of Montreal..." - Stereogum

“'Body Chemistry' applies Pierce’s bright, prickly pop style to darker nights of the soul, asking whether lingering sadness is inevitable or if it just feels that way." - SPIN

"Featuring a healthy mix of The Drums’ much-loved indie-pop spunk and bright new textures, The Drums sound as musically confident and lyrically woeful as ever." - Paste

"It sounds something like a beautiful panic, a pop song about realizing that you may not be able to resolve your flaws — and that’s okay." -Consequence of Sound

"It’s a hefty thematic struggle from a band known for sunny, beachside celebration—and it works beautifully" - Cool Hunting

The Drums frontman Jonny Pierce on the new song:

“I’m a big believer in making yourself vulnerable in personal relationships and keeping your guard down. This song talks about how I sometimes make myself fully emotionally available to people who can’t reciprocate because of their own insecurities, and the frustration that ensues … This song is my tongue-in-cheek exploration of those ideas - being kind, not taking shit from anyone, and learning to hold people accountable for their own choices, while still holding some empathy for them.”

Pre-order Brutalism HERE.

For more information on The Drums, visit:
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EPITAPH RECORS ­­– veröffentlichen Spezialauflagen zum Record Store Day

Am 14.03. findet der 12. Jährliche Record Store Day statt!
Dazu trägt EPITAPH 3 exklusive Titel bei:

Weitere Infos:

Additionally, as part of the Crosley mini turntable promotion for RSD Epitaph has licensed 4 songs to be included in the 3” disc collectors’ bundles. The songs are Bad Religion “My Sanity,” Culture Abuse “Dip,” The Interrupters “She’s Kerosene,” and Rancid “Ruby Soho.”

About Record Store Day:
Record Store Day was first conceived at a gathering of independent record store owners and employees in 2007, with a goal of celebrating and spreading the word about the culture surrounding independently owned record stores. The first annual Record Store Day took place on April 19, 2008; since then, the event has drawn participation from stores on every continent except Antarctica. Not only a way to recognize the unique role that independently owned record stores play in their communities, Record Store Day is now famed for the special vinyl and CD releases and various promotional products made exclusively for the day.

About Epitaph Records:
Epitaph Records is an independent record label founded in Los Angeles by Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz. With early releases from a variety of punk heavyweights, Epitaph spawned the ’90s punk explosion. From the beginning, Epitaph has been a firm believer in its "artist comes first" philosophy and is in full service to the musicians on its diverse and creative roster. Along the way Epitaph proudly launched its sister label ANTI-, representing unique and distinguished artists from a wide range of genres.


FOXWARREN – Neues Video "Sunset Canyon" / Album "Foxwarren"

Nachdem FOXWARREN im letzten November ihr selbstbetiteltes Album, jetzt teilt die Band um ANDY SHAUFF  Video zur Single "Sunset Canyon"!

Weitere Infos:

“[Shauf is] a phenomenal storyteller and I love his sense of melody and his voice.” – Robin Hilton, NPR Music

“Silky rock-pop … a Mac Demarco-like swing to the riffs and chords.” – Northern Transmissions

“Foxwarren’s 10 tracks range in tone from brooding Elliott Smith-like ballads to Paul McCartney ditties … Shauf’s friends help him investigate his darkest emotional corners.” – Pitchfork

In November of 2018 the Canadian singer songwriter Andy Shauf and his childhood friends Dallas Bryson (guitar/vocals) and brothers Darryl Kissick (bass) and Avery Kissick (drums & percussion) released Foxwarren, their self-titled debut album that was a decade in the making. Today they are thrilled to announce their first-ever tour beginning in their hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan on May 29; dates throughout the US and Canada will follow and all performances are listed below. To mark the occasion they have also released their new video for the album track “Sunset Canyon”. Directed by Laura-Lynn Petrick and featuring actor and talk show host Busy Philipps, watch the video HERE.

“Sunset Canyon” is one of my favorite songs from the Foxwarren album and I basically have been making my own music videos to the song since it came out,” said Philipps. “Working with [Director] Laura-Lynn on the video was so amazing. She is such a talent and I loved the easy going vibe of the day, wandering through the canyon with her in my mom’s dress from the sixties.”

Laura-Lynn Petrick also added: “The video was my ethereal gaze on a female seeking serenity in the nature that surrounds her. Inspired by Italian neorealism, Busy & I spent the day exploring the forests of the canyons & enjoying the winter sun reflecting with nature.”

Subtle and thoughtful, Foxwarren draws parallels to Andy Shauf’s solo work while leaning on collaboration and looseness rather than Shauf’s meticulous arrangements. Where Shauf leaves space for orchestration, Foxwarren take time to ruminate on passages and themes. Propped up by warm driving rhythms and a familiar voice, and coloured with soft electronics and coarse guitars, this record ultimately hinges on sincerity. It captures the feeling of friends pushing each other, of a band looking inward for inspiration instead of outward for influence.


IMMINENCE – Video zum neuen Song 'Infectious' / Album am 26.04.19

Die schwedische Alternative Rock/Metal-Band IMMINENCE veröffentlicht nach der erfolgreichen Single 'Paralyzed'nun die zweite namens 'Infectious'. Die neue Single ist der Start des Vorverkaufs für ihr drittes Studioalbum »Turn The Light On«, welches am 26. April 2019 via Arising Empire erscheint. Die neuen Songs der Band beweisen und zeigen die Vielfalt ihres Song-Writings, sowie das Spektrum jedes einzelnen Songs des neuen Albums.

"Infectious" - Musikvideo

”Coming out on the other side of our previous release This Is Goodbye, I found myself at a point where I couldn’t see where to go next. We started working on some ideas here and there, but nothing really clicked. We were looking for something, which was undeniable, but couldn’t figure out what it was. However, when Infectious came to life, it was obvious. The feeling I had when the very initial ideas of the song appeared in front of me is exactly the same feeling I have hearing the song today. This was a new beginning.” – Harald Barrett

"I think I didn’t realize it at the time when we wrote Infectious back in late 2017 but it was the first song that we made to really set a sound for the new album, where we all felt that we managed to do everything we wanted with an Imminence song, that sounded like us, both new and old. It was one of those songs where everything just fell in to place right away.” – Eddie Berg

Das Musikvideo folgt storytechnisch auf die vorherige Single. Dieses mal vom Frontmann selbst gedreht.

Erste Single verpasst?

 'Paralyzed‘ Video

Zur Feier des kommenden Albums gehen IMMINENCE Ende April/Mai auf Headline Release-Tour. Zuvor als Selected
Spring Shows 2019 angekündigt.

IMMINENCE »Turn The Light On« Release Tour 2019
26.04. DE   Frankfurt Zoom
27.04. DE   Munich, Impericon Festival
28.04. DE   Bochum, Rotunde
01.05. SE   Gothenburg, Trädgårn'
03.05. DE   Berlin, Musik & Frieden
04.05. DE   Leipzig, Neues Schauspiel
05.05. DE   Cologne, Helios 37

Tickets hier

Eddie Berg | Gesang/Violine
Harald Barrett | Gitarre
Christian Höijer | Bass
Peter Hanström | Schlagzeug

Mehr Info:



JAIMI FAULKNER – Tour in Deutschland 2019

Das letzte Album des in Deutschland lebenden Australiers JAIMI FAULKNER ist schon einige Zeit her (08/17), seinen regelmäßigen Solo Touren schadet das jedoch nicht. Das Interesse ist weiterhin ungebrochen. Was evtl. auch an Songs Wie EARLY MORNING COFFEE CUPS liegen könnte, der mittlerweile bei über 8 Millionen Plays auf Spotify liegt. Wahrscheinlicher aber ist es, dass es seine sympathische Art, die hervorragenden Songs und seine ausgezeichnete Gitarrenarbeit ist, die jedes mal für Begeisterung sorgt.

Gesegnet mit einer wandelbaren Stimme wechselt er spielend zwischen Uptempo Rock Songs, ruhigen Americana bzw klassischen Songwriter beeinflussten Stücken und einer guten Handvoll erdiger Blues Nummern.

Ausführliche Infos

Video Early Morning Coffee Cups

Video All My Hope is Gone

02.03 Berlin Berlin Guitars
15.03 Hürth Löhrerhof
16.03 Sevenich Chapitol
21.03 Kiel Die Pumpe e.V
22.03 Husum Kulturspeicher
23.03 Hannover Alter Bahnhof Anderten
24.03 Hamburg JazzclubBirdland
27.03 Heiligenhaus Der Club
28.03 Goslar Hof Cafe
29.03 Gifhorn KultBahnhof Gifhorn
30.03 Hildesheim Bischofsmühle
31.03 Witten Maschinchen Buntes
03.04 Bergkamen Haus Schülling
04.04 Fürth Kofferfabrik
05.04 Dachau Kulturschranne
06.04 Bechtolsheim KulturGut
07.04 Schwäbisch Gmünd Theaterwerkstatt
11.04 Osnabrück Lutherhaus Kulturzentrum
12.04 Salzgitter Kniestedter Kirche
13.04 Westerstede Wunderbar
14.04 Münster Hot Jazz Club


LOS STRAITJACKETS ­– EP "Channel Surfing" am 21.06. auf Yep Roc

Das Surf-Rock-Quartett LOS STRAITJACKETS veröffentlicht am 21.06. auf Yep Roc Records seine neue EP "Channel Surfing"!

Ausführliche Infos:

On the heels of their just announced collaboration with labelmate Nick Lowe for his forthcoming Love Starvation/Trombone EP, America’s favorite masked surf rock group Los Straitjackets take their talents to TV Land on Channel Surfing, out June 21, on Yep Roc Records.

Adding their high-energy rock and roll instrumental prowess to some of television’s most memorable theme songs, the four-song EP includes renditions of Game of Thrones, The Andy Griffith Show, Ken Burns’ The Civil War, and a medley of Dancing With The Stars and Sex and the City. Channel Surfing is now available for pre-order here.

The touring line-up for the band — Eddie Angel (guitar), Greg Townson (guitar), Pete Curry (bass) and Chris Sprague (drums, percussion) — continues  to don their easily recognizable attire of lucha libre masks. Over their 20-year career, the group has released 16 studio albums, two live albums, and toured the world with El Vez, Dave Alvin, The Reverend Horton Heat, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Big Sandy, and Nick Lowe.

1.     Game of Thrones
2.     Medley: Dancing with the Stars / Sex and the City
3.     The Fishin’ Hole (Theme from  The Andy Griffith Show)
4.     Ashokan Farewell (Theme from Ken Burns’ The Civil War)


LYDIA PERSAUD – Zweite Single "Let Me Show You" / Gleichnamiges Debütalbum am 10.05.2019

Die kanadische Soul Sängerin veröffentlicht am 10.05. ihr Debüt-Album "Let Me Show You", ihre zweite Single und zugleich der Titeltrack sind jetzt online!

Single "Let Me Show You"

Dass LET ME SHOW YOU ein Debüt ist, mag man kaum glauben. Bereits auf der ersten Single HONEY CHILD kommt sie ihren Vorbildern Mariah, Aretha, Celine, Carole, Gloria und Whitney sehr nahe, mal abgesehen davon, dass das Video unbändige Kraft, Freude und eine positive Botschaft ausstrahlt und schlichtweg mitreissend ist. Mit dem jetzt vorliegenden Titel track, lässt sie es etwas ruhiger angehen, beeindruckt aber ein weiteres Mal mit ihrer Stimme und einem Song den man sich durchaus auch bei den genannten Vorbildern hätte vorstellen können.

Weitere Infos:

Let Me Show You" is a call for people to listen and give space to those without a voice," says Lydia.

Let Me Show You, recorded in Toronto with producer Robbie Grunwald (Donovan Woods, Jill Barber), is an album comprised of 11 songs that run the gamut from romance, to social activism, to anger: “The songs shift from being based in love and heartbreak to her personal encounters with race, and gender issues," shares Lydia. With Let Me Show You, Lydia draws inspiration from her musical heroes, such as Donny Hathaway, Bill Withers and Carole King, while touching on vital issues that deeply affect her. Her music melds genres while Lydia’s clear message shines through on the power of her unforgettable voice. The album includes previously released single, "Honey Child", watch the video here. Stay tuned for further announcements at

Lydia’s early influences sprang from singing in church. The vocal skills of her icons, Mariah, Aretha, Celine, Carole, Gloria, and Whitney, drew Lydia in to explore the soul genre. This influence ultimately reached into the recording studio where Lydia created Let Me Show You. “Soul music has always affected me the most, a soulful conviction on matters of the heart. Voicing struggle or sharing joy and celebration has always been my favourite method of expression.”
As a woman of colour from a Canadian-Guyanese-Ukrainian background, Lydia has actively sought to break stereotyped expectations of her identity through her music. She finds it empowering to disrupt assumptions that pigeonhole her in genres such as Folk: “Swaying far from those expectations by writing soul-based songs on the ukulele felt like I was carving out my own space. I always had a love for early country music and storytelling through song, which always kept me close to artists like Shania Twain and Stevie Wonder.”
In the past year Lydia has supported Serena Ryder, Joey Landreth, Donovan Woods, and recently joined Lindi Ortega, Terra Lightfoot & Begonia as a special guest on The Longest Road Show.


MAVIS STAPLES – Playlist "Curated By Friends"

“I'm honored to share this playlist of songs spanning my entire career. These songs are curated by Dolly PartonBonnie RaittGrace Potter and so many other artists I’m lucky to call my friends. Read what they have to say here about their favorites here.

Mit diesen Worten veröffentlicht MAVIS STAPLES eine Playlist ihrer Songs, die von ihren nicht unbekannten Freunden Dolly Parton, Bonnie Raitt, Grace Potter und vielen weiteren kuratiert wurde!

Vor kurzem erst erschien das Album "Live in London" der Blues- und Soul-Ikone auf ANTI-!

Weitere Infos:


ORANGE BLOSSOM SPECIAL 23 – Line-Up komplett / Festival vom 07.-09. Juni

Das Line-Up des ausverkauften ORANGE BLOSSOM SPECIALs steht nun fest!

Auf dem vom 07.-09. Juni stattfindenden Festival mit 3.500 erwarteten Besuchern werden folgende Künstler zu sehen sein:


Auch, wenn die Show ausverkauft ist, werden erfahrungsgemäß noch einige Wochen vor dem OBS Tickets im Gästebuch auf und der OBS-Facebookseite zu finden sein!

Dort sind auch alle weiteren Infos zu finden.


RAFIQ BHATIA – "Breaking English" neu mit Lyrics und Gesang von Sam Dew

2018 veröffentlichte RAFIQ BHATIA sein instrumentales Album "Breaking English" auf ANTI-. Die gleichnamige Single gibt es jetzt als überarbeitete neue Version mit Lyrics und Gesang von Sam Dew!

Weitere Infos:

“One of the most intriguing figures in music today” – New York Times

"Mind-bending...blows up all expectations about what can be done with the instrument and how it should sound."— NPR Music All Songs Considered

New York composer, producer, and Son Lux guitarist Rafiq Bhatia has reinvented the title track of his critically acclaimed 2018 album Breaking English. Originally wordless, “Breaking English” now features original lyrics and vocals by singer and songwriter Sam Dew (Rihanna, Wale, Mary J. Blige). Listen to the new version of “Breaking English” HERE. 

Bhatia offers the following analogy for the feeling behind the music: “In August, I lost my grandmother. In Muslim funerals, there is a communal element in laying the deceased to rest. Dozens of mourners (family members, friends, and members of the congregation) all take turns as pallbearers, each shouldering the weight briefly before making room for the next person, singing in unison as the procession continues. It’s a teeming, resonant swarm helping to bear the final burden gently. (‘...a million other lights like me beside me and we’ll return again’)”

The origins of this collaboration can be traced to Bhatia’s 2018 instrumental LP Breaking English, a record that ruptures the hermetic vernacular of ambient sculpturalism with the emotional intensity of avant-garde jazz, using the techniques of the former to achieve the feeling of the latter. The album led the New York Times to describe Bhatia as “a guitarist who refuses to be pinned to one genre, culture or instrument.” Read more HERE.

In January 2019, Carnegie Hall announced that Bhatia has been selected as one of the Kronos Quartet’s Fifty For The Future composers, joining the ranks of Henry Threadgill, Laurie Anderson, Zakir Hussain, Tanya Tagaq, Philip Glass, Jlin and many more as a part of this historic initiative. More information on that project is available HERE. Bhatia is also just coming off another European run with trumpeter Dave Douglas’ UPLIFT in a two-guitar format with Mary Halvorson.

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ROGERS – Neue Single "Wo gehör ich hin" / Album "Mittelfinger für immer" am 08.03.  auf Century Media

Einen weiteren Höreindruck von "Mittelfinger für immer“, dem am 08.03. auf Century Media erscheinenden Album der Düsseldorfer ROGERS, bietet die aktuelle Single "Wo gehör ich hin“, die es auf allen digitalen Plattformen zu hören gibt.

Zum Song "Mittelfinger für immer“ hat die Band kürzlich eine liebevolle Fanaktion gestartet, für den Clip schickten ihnen Freunde und Fans ihre Videos zum Song.

"Mittelfinger für immer“ erfreut sich im Radio und den Clubs bereits größter Beliebtheit.

Konkret bedeutet das im Radio u.a. eine Rotation bei RADIO BOB! und eine Platzierung in den Uni-Airplaycharts auf Platz 41.

In den deutschen Clubs konnten sich Song und Album die Poleposition in den Native 25 Charts sichern sowie eine Top 5 Platzierung in den Metal Rock Charts:

N25 Single Platz 1
N25 Album Platz 1
MRC30 Platz 5

Ferner gibt es den Videoclip zu "Zu spät (feat. Ingo Donot)“ zu sehen.


"Mittelfinger für immer“ erscheint in den folgenden Formaten:
Ltd. CD Digipak
black LP+CD
100x clear LP+CD im Century Media Onlineshop
100x mint colored LP+CD bei EMP - AUSVERKAUFT!
200x golden LP+CD bei Cortex - AUSVERKAUFT!

Eine Übersicht mit verschiedenen Preorderoptionen finden sich unter dem folgenden Link.

Im April 2019 begeben sich die ROGERS mit "Mittelfinger für immer“ auf eine große Headliner-Tour quer durch Deutschland, Österreich und die Schweiz. Begleitet werden sie von den Bands Marathonmann und Engst.

Diverse Shows sind bereits ausverkauft, andere sind hochverlegt worden, d.h. man sollte sich besser schnell entscheiden, wenn man die Tour nicht verpassen möchte.

Kingstar präsentiert:


Plus Special Guests: Marathonmann & Engst
03.04. Düsseldorf - AUSVERKAUFT
04.04. Hannover - Musikzentrum
05.04. Hamburg - Gruenspan
06.04. Dortmund - AUSVERKAUFT
07.04. Weinheim - Café Central
09.04. (CH) Zürich - Dynamo
10.04. (CH) Lyss - KUFA
11.04. Nürnberg - Z Bau
12.04. Stuttgart - Im Wizemann
13.04. München - Backstage
14.04. (AT) Graz - Dom im Berg
15.04. Saarbrücken - Garage ZUSATZSHOW
17.04. Koblenz - Circus Maximus
18.04. Münster - Sputnikhalle
19.04. Bremen - Schlachthof HOCHVERLEGT
20.04. Berlin - Lido
21.04. Leipzig - Conne Island
23.04. Ulm - Cabaret Eden
24.04. Saarbrücken - AUSVERKAUFT
25.04. Kassel - Club Arm
26.04. Frankfurt - Das Bett
27.04. Köln - Live Music Hall


Gefördert durch die Initiative Musik gemeinnützige Projektgesellschaft mbH mit Projektmitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien.

Tickets sind ab sofort bei sowie an allen bekannten Vorverkaufsstellen erhältlich.

ROGERS online:


SLOW LEAVES – Tour im März

Im März kommt der kanadische Songwriter Slow Leaves aka Grant Davidson als Duo auf Tour und wer im letzten Jahr die Gelegenheit hatte ihn live zu sehen, weiß, dass es wirklich unterhaltsame Abende waren. Feinster Country  - Songwriter -  Folk -  Pop vorgetragen mit demselben smarten Understatement, welches schon auf dem letzten Album ENOUGH ABOUT ME federführend war.

Nachzuhören auch auf den beiden Videos:
How Do I Say
Enough About Me

Slow Leaves
07.03.2019 — Grevenbroich, Deutschland — Café Kultus
09.03.2019 — Wernigerode, Deutschland — Fürstlicher Marstall
10.03.2019 — Köln, Deutschland — Die Wohngemeinschaft
11.03.2019 — Bamberg, Deutschland — Live-Club Bamberg
12.03.2019 — Dillenburg, Deutschland — Erbse
13.03.2019 — Göttingen, Deutschland — Apex
15.03.2019 — Laufach, Deutschland — Spessarttor
16.03.2019 — Lörrach, Deutschland — Nellie Nashorn
17.03.2019 — Freiburg, Deutschland — Swamp
18.03.2019 — Winterthur, Schweiz — Monomontag
20.03.2019 — Kufstein, Österreich — Vitus & Urban
21.03.2019 — Viechtach, Deutschland — Altes Spital
22.03.2019 — Bad Frankenhausen, Deutschland — Panorama Museum
23.03.2019 — Eisenhüttenstadt, Deutschland — Kunsthof Fürstenberg
24.03.2019 — Radeburg, Deutschland — Kulturbahnhof Radeburg 


THUNDER – Auf Tour 2019

Die englische Rock-Band THUNDER veröffentlichte gerade erst ihr neues Album PLEASE REMAIN SEATED und schickt sich nun an im März die deutschen Bühnen zu rocken.

PLEASE REMAIN SEATED ist kein normales Studioalbum, sondern eine Werkschau der besonderen Art. 12 bandeigene Klassiker wurden in komplett neuen und umarrangierten Versionen eingespielt und zeugen ein weiteres Mal von der Wandlungsfähigkeit der Band und der Güteklasse der Songs, die auch in gänzlich neuem Gewand eine gute Figur abgeben.

Auf der anstehenden Tour wird aber im klassischen THUNDER Stil gerockt.!!!
Musikvideo “Miracle Man“
She's So Fine

25.03.2019 — München, Deutschland — Backstage
26.03.2019 — Aschaffenburg, Deutschland — Colos Saal
27.03.2019 — Ludwigsburg, Deutschland — Rockfabrik
29.03.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — Frannz Club
30.03.2019 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Knust
31.03.2019 — Bochum, Deutschland — Zeche
02.04.2019 — Nürnberg, Deutschland — Hirsch
03.04.2019 — Köln, Deutschland — Kantine


TO THE RATS AND WOLVES – Albumveröffentlichung "Cheap Love" / Neues Video zu "Down"

Essens junges Kraftbündel TO THE RATS AND WOLVES sind zurück! Das Sextet hat jetzt sein drittes Studioalbum »Cheap Love« zusammen mit dem neuen Musikvideo zu 'Down' veröffentlicht!

Schaut euch das neue Musikvideo zu 'Down' hier an
Kauft euch das Album »Cheap Love« als limitiertes Boxset oder CD hier

""Cheap Love behandelt den ganzen daily Struggle, von der Liebe über Herzschmerz bis hin zu Depressionen. Wir haben mit der Zeit gelernt, dass es einfach wichtiger ist die Dinge gerade heraus zu sagen, anstatt sie in Metaphern und Bildsprache zu verschleiern und das erkennt man in den Texten zu Cheap Love definitiv wieder.“ - TO THE RATS AND WOLVES.

Mehr von »Cheap Love«:
Schaut euch 'Cheap Love' hier an
Schaut euch 'Cure' hier an

Zur feier des neuen Albums werden TO THE RATS AND WOLVES im März/April zusammen mit ihren Label Kollegen von BREATHE ATLANTIS und FLASH FORWARD mit ihrer großen EU/UK Release-Tour unterwegs sein!

15.03 DE  Hamburg - Knust
16.03 DE  Berlin- Bi Nuu
22.03 UK  London- Biston Music Room
23.03 UK  Manchester- Deaf Institute
27.03 DE  Stuttgart - Universum
28.03 DE  Munich - Backstage Halle
29.03 AT  Wien - Chelsea
30.03 CZ  Prague - Nova Chmelnice
03.04 CH  Zurich - Dynamo
04.04 DE  Frankfurt - Das Bett
05.04 DE  Cologne - Essigfabrik
06.04 NL  Amsterdam - Melkweg

Mehr Info:


YVES JARVIS – Veröffentlichung "The Same But By Different Means" auf ANTI- / Musikvideo "Talking Or Listening"

Heute veröffentlicht YVES JARVIS sein neues Album "The Same But By Different Means" auf ANTI- Records!

Dazu gibt es auch ein neues Musikvideo zur Single "Talking Or Listening".

Weitere Infos:
“Stunning 22-track LP from the Montreal artist formerly known as Un Blonde, fusing neo-soul poise with lo-fi indie romance. D’Angelo La Tengo, anyone?” - Uncut

“The video for “Talking or Listening” is dappled in morning sunlight as the camera grants the viewer intimate access into Jarvis' world. It’s warm and inviting, and as the buzz of cicadas fills the air, Yves begins to shift into his new life cycle.” – Line of Best Fit

“It is not fancy, this notion of contemporary solitude, but it’s strong.” – Afropunk

“his style evokes uncovered recordings from an obscure spiritual retreat, ones that make you believe something transcendent was near when they were made.” - The Fader

"Complexity rarely sounds this simple, and that's a very good thing" – Exclaim!

Yves Jarvis is thrilled to release his new album The Same But By Different Means today via ANTI- Records. As Jon Pareles of The New York Times said, the music is “a rumination on ‘constant change’ that’s secure in its own fragility.” Filmed in director Tamás Wormser’s airy Montreal loft, watch Yves’s new music video for the track “Talking or Listening?” HERE.


Yves Jarvis is a clean slate, a recasting of Montreal-based musician Jean-Sebastian Audet who formerly went by the moniker Un Blonde. Each aspect of Audet’s work is immensely personal, and Yves Jarvis reflects this literally. Yves is Audet’s middle name, while Jarvis is his mother’s last name. With this new album, Audet continues to create music that is at once warm, haunting, and unfamiliar while remaining singularly inviting and kind—a mélange that reflects both comfort and its counterpart. 

The Same But By Different Means is a record that builds a delightful, imaginative framework from which to explore what it means to be Yves Jarvis. Jarvis not only painted the self-portrait that is now the album’s cover but he also personally played all 10+ instruments that are heard on the album. Songs on the record range from 14 seconds long to over eight minutes and the record’s title is itself a step further: with each new project, Audet adds a word to the title. “This year is my transition into Yves Jarvis where I’m not only widening the scope, but deepening the picture altogether.”

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