Band: Deleyaman

Album: Sentinel

VÖ: 17.01.2020

Label: TTCO Rec / Broken Silence


To define a moving entity such as music and a band, we are always tempted to start by finding an anchor, a foundation, a constant, a recurrence.

One would therefore be tempted to say that, since its creation in 2000, Deleyaman revolves around its founder Aret Madilian, the multi instrumentalist and main craftsman of the music and the sound. However, it is no less true that the band is built around its duet of vocalists, Aret and Beatrice, whose alternating voices, synergy and humanity are at the heart of their music and its reason for being.But what about the primal chant, the third singular voice which is the duduk, the ancient wind instrument that inhabits each of the band's albums since its inception and in the complexity of which seems to be concentrated all that defines its identity : roots, humanity, space, freedom and melancholia.

The truth probably is that, beyond the changes, the unique and talented friends who come and go, who each, over time, have contributed to the singular and cosmopolitan building block of Aret, Béatrice and Gérard, it is the band's original trio of 19 years, which is the solid trunk of the Deleyaman tree. Deleyaman is cosmopolitan by nature. It is neither a choice nor an aesthetic or ideological inclination. It is not a claim. The french female voice of the band, Beatrice Valantin has been inspired by the music of her times as well as the sacred chants of her childhood.

Gerard has dedicated his life to exploring and discovering his Armenian origins, whether it be through the creation of a traditional dance company or through his thorough and respectful practice of the ancestral and emblematic instrument the Duduk. And finally Aret, born and raised in Istanbul to a Greek-Armenian family and migrating to Los Angeles at the age of 13. It is within these geographical and cultural opposites that he will come across the post punk, cold wave era, shaping his personality and his first creative attempts as a musician.

A label signing and Europe ... initially moving from Los Angeles to Paris, Aret finally settles in Normandy. This region of France is not simply the place of chance encounters; country land, forests, gray sea shores and silence, a much slower pace. It is, indeed, the canvas onto which the music of the band will be painted. The debut album 00/1 is released in September 2001, followed by six other albums that will see the work of the band evolve, from the deep, dark and refined heavenly genre that culminates in their third album "3", to a music increasingly revealing the plurality of its influences, from the binary rhythms of cold wave to the sober elegance of poems of a classical age, sang in armenian, english, turkish, swedish and french.

A Scandinavian percussionist and globe trotter, an American folk guitarist, the iconic French actress and director Fanny Ardant, an Irish balladeer, A Romanian violinist, guests as prestigious as Brendan Perry, the band collaborates with others, in the studio or on the soundtrack of an auteur's film as well as on stage, for a short or a long period to come... (by Benoît Fournier)

Sentinel Track listing

1. Exil - 5:59
2. Become - 4:31
3. Keep the Light - 5:21
4. Electric Sky - 4:57
5. De Roses Vermeilles - 5:47
6. The Valley - 5:58
7. Still Waters - 4:47
8. 1973 - 4:18
9. Deer on the Run - 5:15
10. Slaves - 5:47


Info zum vorherigen Release:

‘The lover, The stars & The citadel’ is the 7th album of Deleyaman due for release in November 2016. The album contains eleven tracks and includes a prestigious guest, Brendan Perry (Dead Can Dance) on two of the album's tracks, playing the Greek bouzouki (Escape) and programming the percussion tracks (Autumn Sun). The lyrics of the songs tackle the themes of love, solitude and revolt.

Deleyaman consists of singer and multi-instrumentalist Aret Madilian and Beatrice Valantin on vocals. Together they recorded and produced the album in the band's studio located in a rural coastal village of Normandy.

Madilian recorded all of the instruments himself to attain total freedom to express his musicality. Both Aret and Beatrice are self-taught musicians coming from different cultural backgrounds. Aret's Greek-Armenian origins and California upbringing as well as Beatrice's French inspirations, both play a role in the alchemy of Deleyaman.

Their unique musical universe is rich in emotion. The driving force behind their music seems to be fueled by sincerity. A music that tends to counter the fast consumption culture and the speed of our digital age. A music that allows one to realize that time is the most valuable of our assets.

‘The lover, The stars & The citadel’ will be released on November 18, 2016 through Sonic Rendezvous in the Benelux. The album is conceived as a moment in time moving in a house of reverie. It contains eleven tracks of which three are sung in French by Beatrice.

Two Deleyaman tracks will be a part of the soundtrack in the movie ‘Rouges sont les rêves’ directed by the French nouvelle vague actress and director Fanny Ardant, starring Gerard Depardieu, Emmanuelle Seigner, Paul Hamy. The film is planned for release in the early months of 2017.

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