Wayne, Bob

Band: Bob Wayne

Album: Bad Hombre

VÖ: 05.05.2017

Label: People Like You 


While BOB WAYNE is still busy in the studio recording his brand new album “Bad Hombre”, which is set for a release on May 5th, 2017, the singer, songwriter, storyteller and nomad announces a number of additional dates for his trek which will see him traveling Europe over the course of more than 2,5 months in total.
BOB WAYNE on the upcoming album “Bad Hombre” and touring: “The new BOB WAYNE record is sure to be an instant classic with tracks such as ‘Hell Yeah’, 'Bandana' 'Still Truckin' ,'The Hanging Tree'  and many more!  This album truly captures the art of BOB WAYNE’s story telling that we have come to love over the years!
So saddle up your horses, folks, and get ready for another good ride with BOB WAYNE through 2017 as the “Bad Hombre” hits the road! YEEEEHAW!”