Band:  Bunny

Album:  s/t

VÖ:  18.08.2017

Label:  Tin Angel Records / Indigo


Toronto's Bunny blend rock elements with dream-pop synths in an ethereal collage of hooks and melody on their self-titled debut album, out August 18th through Tin Angel Records.  The album draws from its influences, most prominently channeling the Beach Boys (Pet Sounds) in its production approach and early Ween (Chocolate & Cheese) in its flair with an air of Nilsson for extra flavour.      

Members of Bunny are Drew Smith (Grapes Godly, The Bicycles), Jordan Howard (The Magic, I Am Robot and Proud), Andrew Scott (Biblical, The Bicycles, Sebastian Grainger), Dan Werb (Grapes Godly, Woodhands) and Jay Anderson (Grapes Godly, Biblical, Comet Control).  With that roster, there's a guarantee that one or more of the members of Bunny have been in <insert your favourite Canadian band here>.   Despite their respective projects, the core band members have been playing together for the last 7 years.

Guest vocalist Isla Craig sings on “If Only in a Dream”, a beautiful dreamscape made perfect by her voice and presence.   Likewise, Meighan Duffin lends her voice on ''If You Wanna Be My Boy, You Gotta Be Cool”, a pop song with a quicker tempo, catchy hook and all the charm.   A welcomed addition of the lap steel (played by Christine Bougie) adds a wah-wah twang that accentuates the graceful aesthetic of the album. Synths are emphasized on “One Less Heart”, a song that gives a respectful nod to Brian Wilson's layered production style. “Face Your Own” incorporates a saxophone, complete with solo.   It's an unlikely--but perfect-- addition to the tone.   “Robes” has Doug Martsch'esque guitar work a la early Built To Spill.

Bunny's debut release is a display of exquisite musicianship.   The band roster boasts of some of Canada's revered musicians as is, but its dynamic list of guest appearances makes it an absolute (forthcoming) classic.   In no particular order:  Chris Cummings (Marker Starling), Kelsey McNulty, Chris Sandes (Comet Control),  Travis Stokl (The Elwins), Stew Heyduk and Jose Contreras (By Divine Right),  Andy Lloyd (Born Ruffians, Fresh Snow), Geordie Gordon (The Magic), Alex Samaras (Twin Within), Dana Snell (The Bicycles), Tom Richards and Randy Lee (Bicycles, Hylozoists), Bob Wiseman, Chris Shannon (Bart) Nathan Vanderwielen (Bart), Neil Quin (Zeus), Matt McLaren (Biblical and Steamboat), Jay Hay (Interstellar Tenet), Peter Chapman (Coins, Peter Project), Patrick McGroarty (Yuka) and Brent Randall (Gentle Brent, the Pinecones).   The elements combined create a powerful force. 

Bunny makes you delve deep into its components through its soundscape .  It's part upbeat dream-pop and part rock.  The blend works by its refusal to stay within the confines of each style, rather choosing to meander and seduce its audience.   Look for their upcoming single in May and full album release in August. 

Bunny are:                                                                                               

Drew Smith ( guitar // vox )

Jordan Howard ( guitar )

Andrew Scott ( bass )

Dan Werb ( synths )

Jay Anderson  ( drums )