Sweet Alibi

Band:  Sweet Alibi

Album:  Walking In The Dark

VÖ:   13.10.2017

Label:  Comino Music / Sonic Rendezvous


Hailing from what has been described as the music capital of Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba’s Western Canadian Music Award winners Sweet Alibi (Jess Rae Ayre, Amber Rose and Michelle Anderson) have captivated audiences with their charming and personal performances. Tom Power of CBC Radio 2 describes Sweet Alibi as this: “If Mumford and Sons and the Supremes had a love child it would be named Sweet Alibi.”

A fitting characterization for a group that blends soulful and powerful vocal harmonies with the sincerity of folk and the foot stomping energy of roots. Their newest release “Walking In The Dark” touches on the subjects of love, death and addiction. It features the two lead vocals of Jess Rae Ayre and Amber Rose. When you add the many talents of Michelle Anderson including vocal harmony, banjo and guitar alongside Jess and Amber's songful framework, you end up with the unmistakeable sound that has left audiences adoring this Winnipeg group.

“The appeal of Sweet Alibi’s sound hinges on their ability to mix elements of folk, roots, and country, then present it in the context of a tightly-structured pop song.” -The Manitoban

“One of Canada’s Hottest New Bands!” -Prince George Citizen

“Sweet Alibi delivers their sonic story of roots and pop with charming jurisdiction” -The Sudbury Star

“Sweet Alibi captures a sense of caring on its new album Walking In The Dark- a thoughtful Introspective Album” -The Vue Weekly

“Sweet Alibi’s expert harmonies and timeless soul continue to draw eyes and ears to the ‘Music Heart of the Continent’ Winnipeg!” -Beatroute Magazine

​“An amalgam of textured harmonies and diverse sounds” -The Calgary Herald