Dance Gavin Dance

Band: Dance Gavin Dance

Album: Afterburner

VÖ: 24.04.2020

Label/Vertrieb: Rise Records/ ADA/ Warner


“The group delivers quirky, technically-challenging post-hardcore that utilizes humor in a generally morose genre. A riff can go from the soil to the stars – all meaning something.” – Noisey

“Heavy, ambitious, and sometimes witty rock that seizes on the past few decades of edge- dwelling music, places it all in a blender, and puts the speed on high.” – Boston Globe 

Rejecting tired formulas at every step, Dance Gavin Dance merge progressive rock and post-hardcore with thick groove, brilliantly combining experimental music with hooks and a warped sense of humor. It’s why, roughly 15 years into their career, Dance Gavin Dance stunned the industry with a massive almost entirely sold out North American headlining tour. Even as the scene that spawned DGD is often written off by the mainstream, the band sold over 90,000 tickets in 2019. In the U.S. alone, they’ve amassed over 610 million streams, with 840,000 album equivalent units sold across their catalog. With hundreds of thousands of rabid fans engaged with DGD on socials, it all amounts to a full force band facing a mainstream that has overlooked them for too long. 

Afterburner, the band’s ninth studio album, is a whirlwind of DGD energy past, present, and future. Produced by the group’s longtime collaborator Kris Crummett (Issues, Sleeping With Sirens, Mayday Parade) and Drew Fulk a.k.a. WZRD BLD (Lil’ Wayne, Motionless In White, Bad Wolves), Afterburner is a landmark mission statement for Dance Gavin Dance. It was created by their most definitive incarnation, the one now responsible for the majority of the DGD catalog: co-founders Will Swan, Jon Mess, and Matt Mingus, together with much beloved comrades Tim Feerick (since 2009) and Tilian Pearson (since 2012). 

Artificial Selection crashed into the Billboard charts at No. 13 on the Billboard 200 Chart, on the strength of the love for fan-favorite predecessors like Acceptance Speech, Instant Gratification, and Mothership, and just as importantly, DGD’s mesmerizing and unforgettable performances. Artificial Selection went on to sell over 112,000 copies and counting. 

This is a band whose distinct, divergent, and transcendent live show transfixes any audience, on major international rock festivals (including Sonic Temple, Buku, Slam Dunk, Welcome To Rockville); on Warped Tour; as a headlining act; and as support, sharing tour bills with A Day To Remember, Pierce The Veil, and Underoath. 

Afterburner is a killer and dynamic demonstration of what Dance Gavin Dance does best, equal parts aggressive, melodic, and unrestrained. Pearson’s R&B inflected vocals soar; the impassioned screams and growls from Mess stay anchored in intensity; multi-instrumentalist and lead guitarist Swan (whose signature style has spawned a whole subgenre dubbed “Swancore”) is as unpredictable as ever, swerving from crunch to shred; the grooving poly-rhythmic backbone laid down by Feerick’s bass playing is impossibly strong, backed by the powerful, explosive, yet tasteful and nuanced drumming by Mingus. 

Earnest pop melancholy, melodic screamo, and straight up funk are all at home in DGD. They champion diverse artists with their package tours and band curated SwanFest. Most bands will say “we don’t really sound like anybody else” but Dance Gavin Dance has truly defied easy categorization, in the spirit of fearless iconoclasts like The Mars Volta and Coheed And Cambria, bands similarly rooted in hardcore punk yet never bound by it. 

In the heady tradition of Frank Zappa and Nirvana – people who made serious art without ever seeming self-serious - Dance Gavin Dance is a band that does what they want, how they want, confident that the audience will keep up.

Tilian Pearson: Vocals
Jon Mess - Vocals
Will Swan - Guitar/Vocals
Tim Feerick - Bass
Matt Mingus - Drums