Frights, the

Band: The Frights

Album: Everything Seems like Yesterday

VÖ: 24.01.2020

Label/Vertrieb: Epitaph/ Indigo


On Friday, January 24th The Frights released their fourth studio album, Everything Seems Like Yesterday and announced a spring U.S. headline tour. Produced by bassist Richard Dotson, written and performed by vocalist and guitarist Mikey Carnevale with some sonic assistance from Dotson, it is the band’s most emotionally direct body of work to date. Vinyl and CD of the album is available for pre-order via the band’s website and will be in stores everywhere on March 13.

Additionally, The Frights have shared the music video for “Leave Me Alone.” “I think that ‘Leave Me Alone’, being in the middle of the record, serves as a perfect bridge between the opening first half, and the kind of darker 2nd half, explains Carnevale. “It’s a sunny, bouncy song about love and separation.”
Everything Seems Like Yesterday first took shape through a handful of songs vocalist/guitarist Mikey Carnevale wrote on acoustic guitar back in fall 2018. Carnevale originally intended to release the material as a solo album, but had a change of heart upon sharing his new songs at a series of shows in San Diego and L.A. After receiving a unanimously positive response from his bandmates, he began to see the songs as more of a natural evolution of The Frights. Carnevale enlisted bassist, Richard Dotson, as producer and the two set off to record at Carnevale’s grandmother’s cabin in Idyllwild, CA. The pair recorded the record in sequence over the course of one week. The record features a wide array of ambient sounds and the use of real-life objects around the cabin as instruments; glasses with water in them, leaves, pots and pans, a ringing phone, etc.

Everything Seems Like Yesterday, documents a particularly challenging year of Carnevale’s life. It starts with "24" – The Frights latest studio album,Hypochondriac, was released on August 24, 2018 (Carnevale’s 24th birthday) - and ends with "25".  “A lot of these songs are about friends who are gone now, either in the sense that they passed away or that we don’t speak anymore,” Carnevale points out. “Our songs have always involved some kind of looking back over the past, but this one feels like the first time where I’m dealing with those situations and growing from them.”
1. 24
2. Kicking Cans
3. Simple and Strange
4. Echo in the Corner of the Room
5. Leave Me Alone
6. All I Ask
7. Love Grows Cold
8. Faceless Moon
9. For Someone Else’s Sake
10. 25

Infos zum vorherigen Album:

Band: The Frights

Album: Hypochondriac

VÖ: 24.08.2018

Label: Epitaph / Indigo


The Frights have announced an August 24 release date for their new album, Hypochondriac. The third full-length from the San Diego surf-punk band,Hypochondriac is their Epitaph Records debut.

Today, The Frights have shared “Me And We And I”—a song whose candid lyrics, playful instrumentation, and bittersweet melody perfectly capture the tone of Hypochondriac.

“Hypochondriac is the most comfortable I’ve been with a record thus far,” says Mikey Carnevale, vocalist/guitarist for The Frights. “I care a lot about these songs because they’re embarrassing and personal.”

Produced by FIDLAR frontman Zac Carper, Hypochondriac follows The Frights’ 2016 album You Are Going To Hate This and marks a period of major creative growth for the band (whose lineup also includes bassist Richard Dotson, drummer Marc Finn, and guitarist Jordan Clark).

“I had started to brainstorm where I wanted to go with this record basically the day we released You Are Going To Hate This,” says Carnevale. “At first, I overthought the hell out of it, due to coming down from the high of making our first real album in a real studio with a real producer. So it took about a year or so until I realized that I’m not special, and I just forced myself to sit down with an acoustic guitar. What came of that, I think, is a confessional album that I never assumed a band like ours would make.”

Formed in 2012, The Frights made their debut with 2013’s Dead Beach EP, releasing a self-titled full-length later that year. Also produced by Zac Carper, You Are Going To Hate This debuted on the CMJ Top 200 chart and earned acclaim from outlets like Brooklyn Vegan (who praised its title track as a “super catchy blend of Weezer, SoCal pop punk, and Burger-y garage rock”). Having recently made their highly successful UK debut with headline shows in London and appearances at festivals like The Great Escape, The Frights are scheduled to perform this September at Riot Fest in Chicago.