Kelly, Jadea

Band:  Jadea Kelly

Album:  Love & Lust

VÖ:  13.10.2017

Label:  Comino Music / Sonic Rendezvous


However dark the muse, Jadea Kelly’s music guides the listener on a prolific journey towards light and surrender. Swelling with vocal hooks and ambient guitar delays, her most recent release, Love & Lust is an honest and compelling catalogue of infidelity, desire, betrayal, forgiveness and human frailty. Receiving the Award for ‘Contemporary Singer of the Year’ at the 2016 Canadian Folk Music Awards, Jadea continues to spend her time living and writing between Toronto and Nashville. Her body of work has earned a number of impressive worldwide reviews and radio play, with tours across North America & Europe.

She has performed at a number of Canadian festivals and high profile venues including the Calgary Folk Festival, Edmonton’s Interstellar Rodeo, Elora Ontario’s Riverfest with Blue Rodeo, The National Arts Centre in Ottawa and the Massey Hall Presents concert series in Toronto. Jadea Kelly’s ‘Lone Wolf’ has been featured on TV shows such as “Bitten” aired on the SyFy Network in the U.S. Most recently, ‘Beauty’ from “Love and Lust”, was featured as the accompanying song to a powerful final day opening montage on CBC Television, a tribute to Canadian hero Terry Fox for the Rio 2016 Paralympics.

“Kelly has an ethereal voice and sounds as if she is singing on air-it’s so beautifully luminous and enchanting...Kelly offers honest, well-written lyrics delivered with a dignified grace“ - That Music Mag, Philidelphia Rating - “ICONIC”

"Love & Lust’s fantastic production is the result of Stew Crookes’ masterful touch. The dreamy sounds will put you in a trance amidst subtle layers of strings and wide-open sounds of reverb." - Spill Magazine

"Standout songs include “Make it Easy,” a song with enough power that it could very well make Jadea Kelly a household name. Jadea’s voice transfixes the listener and sets the stage for the rest of the album." - Spill Magazine

"A record fully engrossed in the dark truths of infidelity, human frailty, and all of the darkest corners of the categories of Love and Lust, Kelly reveals herself in ways we've not yet seen from the Toronto songwriter." -Beatroute

"Love & Lust is Kelly's finest work yet." - Exclaim

"has a voice as clean and clear as shaved ice yet she will melt even the coldest heart with her tales of betrayal on her new album, Love & Lust" - SlowCity

"Beautifully crafted songs that range from sadness to desire and ultimately forgiveness" - CBCMusic

"A sparkling effort that fuses pure vocals, compelling lyrics and clean production" -Exclaim

"This is a perfect summer album" - CBC Music