Max Raptor

Band: Max Raptor

Album: Max Raptor

VÖ: 22.04.2016

Label: Hassle Records / Soulfood


Max Raptor - formed of frontman Wil Ray, guitarist Ben Winnington, bass player Matt Stevenson and drummer Pete Reisner - have been described as one of the most vital British rock bands of recent times, combining rock n' roll and a partisan punk attitude.

Hailing from the small UK town of Burton Upon Trent, Max Raptor have honed their craft through relentless touring across the UK and a series of festival appearances (Reading & Leeds, Download, Sonisphere), resulting in the band quickly becoming regarded as a formidable force in the UK rock underground.

With the impending release of their new self-titled album, Max Raptor are now ready to step out of the underground, and further enforce their rightful importance within the modern rock and punk music scene. Having spent time away from the road to write the album, the band decided to recruit the talents of Jag Jago (ex Ghost Of A Thousand) for production duties, who's also worked with Mastodon & The Maccabees, and to head into Brighton Electric Studios (The Cure, Foals) to lay down the tracks.

The album ventures into the amalgamation that is British Political scene, depression in men in the 21st century, the resistible rise of right leaning extremist statesmen, as well as the regurgitation of mainstream media production - with the plethora of dire circumstances around the World, the band believe it would be unjust to ignore them. Surveying the world around him, Wil can see the potential for disaster. “I think we’re all living by the skin of our teeth. You see a country that looks incredibly stable from the outside, where people play cricket and drink Pimms around village greens, but it’s not stable at all. And when a few hundred or thousand people say they’re not happy with something, it sets the ball rolling for more and more people to join in and you see what people’s deep rooted feelings are.

“Even in a country like the UK, there are so many extreme views in such a small space and everyone’s fighting for their place, but everyone’s also trying to make a story for themselves. Especially people who live in cities, where some people think they’ve been forgotten about and they want to make a noise.”

Max Raptor release their new self-titled album on April 22nd via Hassle Records / Soulfood, and will be celebrating the release with their first ever European tour.