Sangre De Muerdago

Band: Sangre De Muerdago

Album: Noite

VÖ: 20.04.2018

Label: SickManGettingSick Records / Broken Silence


"When I heard that Sangre De Muerdago were coming to the Pacific Northwest I couldn’t believe it. Their albums are some of the most listened to music in my collection, especially while traveling. For some reason their music walks hand in hand with the concept of the journey. Their latest album “Noite“ is a stunning piece of modern folklore that manages to hint at things ancient and timeless while being completely vital and necessary in our modern age. As a listener and fan of the band, I can’t recommend them enough." - Steve Von Till / Neurosis / Neurot Recordings

SANGRE DE MUERDAGO is the creation of Pablo C. Ursusson. Acknowledged musician, composer, painter, sculptor, lyricist, free soul and traveller of the deep forests and the seven seas, together with different guests and collaborators that include outstanding and recognized musicians Georg Börner, Erik Heimansberg and Asia Kindred Moore as main collaborators at the moment.

THE MYTH: SANGRE DE MUERDAGO has been around for some years and a legend is following them already...

Some say they grow leaves on their heads instead of hair, some say the live in the woods with the wolves and some even say they talk to the moon and laugh together in the long winter nights..

SDM is an expression of gratitude, a healing experience, the sound of a Folk band with moss on their skin and mud under their feet. They take folk music to such a magical level, and with it, they summon the four winds, our oldest memories and melodies, and the wild fires. The legend says they've played almost 300 concerts in the last few years, that brought them on 13 international tours through over 20 countries. Places as far from each other as Portugal, Finland, Croatia, Lithuania, Norway, Romania, USA, France, England, Taiwan, Spain, Hongkong, Germany, Canada and many more... always conquering the souls of those chosen ones that witnessed any of their performances. Some say they've seen SDM playing in a mausoleum, some say they've seen them playing on a boat, or in a train, or in a brewery, or in the deep forest, and some say they've cried every tear out of their soul while seeing them performing. Some say as well that SDM have appeared in important festivals around Europe and North America. And some even say they've seen them coming back from the Otherworld from playing music with the old Galician gods.. The legend continues on growing, and the SDM musicians, keep on delivering the most magical of the musics. After releasing 3 Lps, a split LP, a 12” EP, 2 different 10”s, and many songs on compilations all around the world, on labels from Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, USA or even China. Some say they even have their own label, and they do most of the work by hand. Some say that SANGRE DE MUERDAGO are now stronger than ever, presenting their last album through dozens of countries, and carrying with them guitars, hurdy-gurdy, flute, celtic harp, nyckelharpa, drums, bouzoukis, and a good bag of otherworldly melodies...  Or, is it only legend?

“Noite” is the 4th album of  Leipzig-based galician folk druids Sangre de Muerdago. A new step up in the history of emotional music. A birth of a musical journey full of light in the darkness, from the depths of troubled hearts, and proving this international ensemble capable to print their aknowledged exquisite live performance into a recording. After their last album “O Camiño das Mans Valeiras”(2015) got excellent international critic acclaim and countless mentions on the best-of-the-year lists in 2015, they‘re back with an album that crushes the borders of their galician musical heritage, and through 12 songs pouring playful melancholy, ancient spirit and romanticism, they push the levels of emotion beyond what was done in the realm of folk music until now. Discovering this album will make the listener to discover themselves once again as well.