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Am 15.02. erscheint SOS, das neunte Studio Album der schwedischen Skate Punks Millencolin über Epitaph / Indigo.

SOS will be their first album in four years, and a follow up to 2015's True Brew.

It's clear the band members are just as unified as they were when they formed Millencolin, roughly 26 years, eight albums and 2,000 live shows ago. "We're a band truly formed from respect and understanding for each other and our passion for rock music," explains vocalist/bassist Nikola Sarcevic. "If you ask us, this is the best job in the world!".

SOS was recorded at the band's own Soundlab Studios, in in Örebro, Sweden and mixed by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios. It was produced by vocalist/bassist Nikola Sarcevic and guitarist Mathias Färm in Soundlab Studios, with all artwork, photography created by guitarist Erik Ohlsson.

Den Titeltrack gibt es bereits zu hören.



Die US Hardcore Band LA DISPUTE hat ihr neues Album PANORAMA ( Epitaph / Indigo) für den 22.03. 2019 angekündigt.

Two Tracks From the Album - <<"ROSE QUARTZ / FULTON STREET 1">>

Hardcore luminaries La Dispute have announced their fourth album Panorama available March 22nd via Epitaph Records. Their first album in 4 years and first with the label, Panorama was produced by the band in tandem with return producer Will Yip (Quicksand, Braid, Code Orange, Nothing, Title Fight) combining jazz, rock, slowcore, noise, hardcore among other influences over the span of 10 tracks. It's a highly ambitious and deeply affecting body of work that filters narrative storytelling through a personal lens, like a set of Joan Didion essays set to music.

Where the past two albums had vocalist, Jordan Dreyer delving further into fictional subject matter, it's with Panorama that the band has created the most personal project since their breakthrough Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair, an album whose influence has been palpable within the genre over the course of the past decade. Most of what happens on Panorama takes place on the route Jordan and his partner would drive from their home in the East Hills neighborhood of Grand Rapids to the city of Lowell, where she grew up. Everywhere along the drive are places where, in varying degrees of recency, people have died: a pond where a man drowned walking home in the winter, multiple places where people crashed driving drunk or were killed in car accidents, and one place where years prior a city worker found a Jane Doe decomposed. Panorama is intended to be a wide angled shot of that drive, with the stories of those tragedies becoming focal points but filtered through the sieve of the couple's life together.

For the first 2 singles off the album, illustrator Sarah Schmidt beautifully animates "ROSE QUARTZ / FULTON STREET 1," bringing to life the drive from East Hills to Lowell, MI, with muted colors and a unique anime-esque style.

La Dispute has maintained the same attitude they started with since the formed in 2004. They are a band figuring out how to live meaningfully while also trying to make meaningful art without compromise. Panorama, then, is another chapter in a discography that tells everyday stories in a remarkable way. It takes you deep within the heart of the world we live in, which may not always be a comfortable or comforting place to be, but at the very least it's a reminder that we're not there alone.






Yves Jarvis is a clean slate, a recasting of Montreal-based musician Jean-Sebastian Audet. Audet previously created under the name Un Blonde, a name which he says was, at one point, all he wanted. But of course, things change. “Now I’m at a place where I feel like when I hear it, I don’t like it because I don’t identify with it at all,” he continues. “I knew I needed something that I could identify with.” Each aspect of Audet’s work is immensely personal, and Yves Jarvis reflects this literally. Yves is Audet’s middle name, while Jarvis is his mother’s last name.

Today he is thrilled to announce his new album The Same But By Different Means, to be released on March 1 via ANTI- Records and Flemish Eye Records in Canada. Directed by Colin Medley, watch the video for the first new track “Fruits of Disillusion” HERE. Filmed at the Tree Museum in Gravenhurst, Ontario it was shot on 16 mm film and in slow motion so that the area’s natural light and Yves’ fluid movements could be gracefully captured.

Each of Yves’s albums is informed and driven by a colour; it is both a visual and thematic palette that reflects and refracts intentions. Un Blonde’s 2017 album Good Will Come To You was yellow, which Audet cites as his favourite colour. It is, for him, the colour of the daytime. Blue, the colour of The Same But By Different Means, is less endearing.

“Blue is more so the colour that I think is imposed on me,” he remarks quietly. “Where the last record was the joy of the morning, and optimism, this record is the pain of the night before sleep. I find it so painful before sleep, and this midnight blue is what this whole world is. The night is just completely imposed and weighing so heavily and this is a much more difficult realm to walk around in, texturally.”

But with The Same But By Different Means Audet continues to create music that is at once warm, haunting, and unfamiliar while remaining singularly inviting and kind—a mélange that reflects both comfort and its counterpart. Good Will Come To You was celebrated universally for the things that make Audet’s work compelling: careful folk noir, tender R&B flourishes, pillowy vocal beds that somehow seem to neither begin nor end, and a punkish ambivalence towards saccharine melodics that traditionally dominate the previous three structures.

These same qualities are present across The Same But By Different Means, a record that builds a delightful, imaginative framework from which to explore what it means to be Yves Jarvis. Songs on the record range from 14 seconds long to over eight minutes. The record’s title is itself a step further: with each new project, Audet adds a word to the title. “This year is my transition into Yves Jarvis where I’m not only widening the scope, but deepening the picture altogether.”


Themenübersicht, nicht alphabetisch geordnet


Band     : Wenzel
Album : Wo liegt das Ende dieser Welt
VÖ     : 07.12.2018
Label     : Matrosenblau/ Indigo
Website    :

Wenzels neue CD "Wo liegt das Ende dieser Welt" lässt die Welt im Mondlicht erscheinen wie einen fernen Stern. Behutsam suchen die Lieder nach Wegen aus unerträglicher Nähe in ersehnte Ferne. Durchtanzte Nächte voller Geheimnisse, in denen gefragt wird, "Warum träumen wir nicht?", "Warum ist die Erde keine Scheibe " und "Warum man im Ballett nicht spricht". Surreale Mixturen einer Welt, die am Abhang balanciert. Feinsinnig musiziert und sanft gesungen, gerufen mit heiserer Stimme und geflüstert ins Unbekannte. Die Spuren der Zeit filigran eingezeichnet in Träume und Befürchtungen.

Keine Besserwisserei, keine moralische Erhebung. Liebeslieder, in denen die Realität durchscheint wie eine beständige Gefahr. Wir sitzen fest in einer unbeweglichen Zeit und es ist "Kein Land in Sicht". Welche Hoffnung kann uns noch tragen? Ein leiser Aufschrei in den Zeiten allgemeiner Aufrüstung und Profanisierung der Widersprüche, ein Bekenntnis zu Behutsamkeit und Kultur. Musikalisch eigensinnig, sich den Normen entziehend, gelingt ein Balanceakt zwischen poetischer Präzision und funktionaler, auf das Wesentliche beschränkter Musik.


Band     : Cass McCombs
Album     : Tip Of The Sphere
VÖ     : 08.02.2019
Label     : Epitaph / Indigo
Website    :

Tip of the Sphere follows 2016's Mangy Love. For that record, McCombs made his television debut on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and was featured in The New York Times' Sunday Arts & Leisure section. It was named a "Best Rock Album of the Year" by Pitchfork, featured in the Washington Post's "Best Music of 2016," plus many other best of 2016 lists, and was his overall most critically praised album.
While most of McCombs albums have been pieced together in different studios over an extended period of time, Tip of the Sphere was recorded quickly and with a strong sense of purpose at Shahzad Ismaily's Figure 8 Studios in Brooklyn. This new approach for McCombs brought his songs a raw immediacy and a special balance of compassion and experimentation with the intent of making a more consistent statement. The rock songs have more fervor, the ballads are more beautiful, the explorations more confident; the sounds of jazz and Latin music creep in through the back window. Engineered by Sam Owens (aka Sam Evian), Tip of the Sphere features the core band of McCombs (guitar, vocals), Dan Horne (bass), Otto Hauser (drums) and Frank LoCrasto (piano, organ, and more), plus a range of guests.
Tip of the Sphere recounts what has unfolded in the wake of Mangy Love's pre-inaugural prophetic themes. It presents an artist trying to make sense of it all through a relentless, ever searching creative process. Throughout Tip of the Sphere, McCombs floats through a suite of songs driven by a journeying mysticism and dark grace. The thematic centerpiece of the album, "Sleeping Volcanoes," is a rousing, rock and roll number that uses a distinct lyrical approach to intensify the narrative. On the main refrain, a key phrase of the song is repeated continuously and taken through its possible meanings, almost like a jazz musician repeating a musical phrase through key and chord changes. As described by McCombs, "Sleeping Volcanoes" is about "people passing each other on the sidewalk unaware of the emotional volatility they are brushing past, like a sleeping volcano that could erupt at any moment."


Band     : Mandolin Orange
Album     : Tides Of A Teardrop
VÖ     : 01.02.2019
Label     : Yep Roc/ H'Art
Website    :

Hinter dem Duo Mandolin Orange stecken der Songwriter Andrew Marlin und die Multiinstrumentalistin Emily Frantz, deren atmosphärische Songs irgendwo zwischen Americana, Bluegrass, Country und US-Folk verortet sind.

Seit ihrer Gründung 2009 hat es die Band in der kurzen Zeit geschafft einen imposanten Backkatalog anzusammeln: Dem Debüt-Album "Quiet Little Room" folgt 2013 "This Side Of Jordan" und wird sogleich zum Kritikerliebling aller relevanten US-Medien wie NPR oder Rolling Stone. Der Nachfolger "Such Jubilee" festigt den Stand von Mandolin Orange, wird von Amazon als "Best Of The Next 2015"-Album prämiert und bringt der Band ein immer größer werdendes Publikum ein.

Am 1. Februar 2019 wird nun das neue Album "Tides Of A Teardrop" erscheinen, das für die Band die persönlichsten und intimsten Songs und Texte seit Anbeginn ihres Schaffens enthält.


Band : Deer Tick
Album : Mayonnaise
VÖ : 01.02.2019
Label : Partisan Rec. / PIAS
Website :

Nach "Deer Tick VOL.1" und "VOL.2" aus dem vergangenen Jahr vervollständigen Indie-Rocker DEER TICK ihre Album-Trilogie mit dem Album "Mayonnaise", das am 01.02.19 auf Partisan Records erscheinen wird.
Die Band über "Mayonnaise":
"Mayonnaise is a compilation album and companion piece to Vol. 1 & Vol. 2. On Mayonnaise, you will find alternate versions of songs from Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 that we feel have their own merit and we wanted to share them with our fans. To add to this collection, we decided to record some of the cover songs that Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 inspired us to play along the Twice Is Nice Tour. We had such a good time playing these covers live that it felt appropriate to document them here. And, last, if we are going into the studio, why not write a few new songs, record them, give the fans something new and round this whole album out? So, here you go, this is Mayonnaise."


Band : Girlpool
Label : What Chaos Is Imaginary
VÖ : 01.02.2019
Label / Vertrieb : Anti / Indigo

Never before has a group's maturation been so transparently attached to the maturation of its members. This is due in large part to the fact that Girlpool came into existence exactly when Girlpool was supposed to come into existence: at the most prolific stage of the digital revolution. Both online and in the flesh, Tividad and Tucker practice radical openness to the point where it may even engender discomfort; this is exactly the point where it becomes clear why theirs' is such a special project: they accept the possibility of discomfort-Chaos-and show you how to figure out why you might feel it. This is achieved through their ability to empathize as best friends and partners in creation, with the intention of making music that provokes.

They met in November of 2013, and released their self-titled EP just 3 months later. Both were playing in multiple bands at the time. Harmony was 18. Cleo was 17.

The growth they have fostered in one another over the years explains the project's disparate discography; each record is a photograph of Girlpool, growing over time. Their roots are a certain shade of punk-organized chaos dressed as earworms. "Where You Sink," one of the first singles off their upcoming record, What Chaos Is Imaginary, gives you an idea of how much things have changed since 2014.


Album : bi/MENTAL
VÖ : 01.02.2019
Vertrieb / Label : Rise Records / Ada Warner

The album was produced by Jerry Harrison from Talking Heads

Never content to sit still or get comfortable, Le Butcherettes worked on this new album with the iconic Talking Heads member Jerry Harrison (No Doubt, Violent Femmes, KD Lang) as producer, adding a new creative environment and creating another dimension to the band's sound. (Their first three albums were produced by Omar Rodríguez-López of At The Drive In and The Mars Volta.)

The band dissect the meaning of family on bi/MENTAL, their first album to be released on Rise Records. Themes of internal and familial strife hang over the opener and first single, spider/WAVES (feat. Jello Biafra). The song is a ticking time bomb of riffs, clicks and clacks as Teresa Suárez Coscío howls falsetto swings towards a searing screech punctuated by spoken word from the Dead Kennedys frontman.

"A quiet depression has been the blinders to many people we have loved, sometimes blinding us all from the light itself. Though at times it is necessary to let the darkness sit still, to resist fighting its suffocating breaths, to let its fumes pass through you, to listen and process. There is something so animal and empowering to simply just stare at the dying carcass of sadness just before digging its grave.


Band : Jeangu Macrooy
Album : Horizon
VÖ : 08.02.2019
Label Vertrieb :Unexpected Records / Pias

Der niederländische Künstler lebt und atmet den Retro Gedanken. Soul mit leichten Funk, Rock und ganz dezenten Indieklängen, natürlich getragen von einer entsprechend wandlungsfähigen Stimme.

In April 2017, his debut album ‘High On You’ was released. The record was nominated for the Edison Pop Award 'Best Album', and received critical acclaim from the press. The release was celebrated with two sold out club tours. Moreover, Jeangu played an abundance of festivals with his band, including North Sea Jazz and Lowlands. In January 2018 Jeangu performed at European showcase festival Eurosonic, followed by opening slots for Curtis Harding and Ayo in Germany.

On February 8th 2018, Jeangu will release his second album ‘Horizon’, which, just as his debut-EP and -album, has been produced by Perquisite (from Pete Philly & Perquisite). On ‘Horizon’ Jeangu shows that he's willing to experiment and explore roads he didn't walk down before. Besides the familiar soul-influences in his songs, also dance- ('Shake Up This Place', 'Adrenaline'), hip hop- ('Good Thing', 'How Much I Love You') and rock-influences ('Surrender') are noticeable, without Jeangu losing his unique sound and feel.

"Dance With Me" (Video)


Band : The Strange
Album : Echo Chamber
VÖ : 22.02.2019
Label / Vertrieb : Glitterhouse / Indigo

"No place for you here - Knew it from the start - This is the edge of nowhere - And its tearin' us apart - Fast train to nowhere - Fast train to hell - Fast train to nowhere - Got nothin' left to tell
Seen it all before - Felt it in our bones - Fast train to nowhere - Will never take us home"

"I don't know much about Dalibor Pavicic and Chris Eckman - the main authors of the songs from Echo Chamber - but those verses from the song "Fast Train to Nowhere" accurately describe how I feel here in Croatia; on the edge of nowhere where a train for the better future, the one we were waiting for from the time we were born, will never arrive. It's hard to endure such a condition, but it might be that only from a mood like that, a great work like this could be born." - Aleksandar Draga?

Echo Chamber ist der lang erwartete Nachfolger von The Strange's Debütalbum Nights of Forgotten Films (2004). Eine einzigartige Kollaboration der Kroatischen Surf-Rock Band The Bambi Molesters mit US Singer-Songwriter Chris Eckman von den Walkabouts. Für die, die es noch nicht wussten: The Bambi Molesters erweiterten die Grenzen des Surf-Rock Genres und erspielten sich live einen Ruf als eine der besten instrumentalen Rock Bands. 2010 veröffentlichten sie mit "As The Dark Wave Swells" eines ihrer besten Alben auf Glitterhouse Records.

Das neue Album ist noch mal eine Spur abwechslungsreicher und tief gehender als Nights of Forgotten Films. Killing Time zum Beispiel klingt wie ein verschollener Country-Soul Song aus den 60er Jahren, Dime A Dozen wie Funk-Rock aus den frühen 70ern und Broken Down Blues wie ein Blues aus der Feder von Leonard Cohen. Schöne Twang Gitarren, elegante Bläser, geschmackvolle Keyboards und entzückende Streicher vermitteln das Gefühl, dass "Echo Chamber" das Echo von Baroque-Pop Legenden wie Lee Hazlewood, Scott Walker, Van Dyke Parks oder Burt Bacharach ist.


Band     : The Flesh Eaters
Album     : I Used To Be Pretty
VÖ     : 18.01.2019
Label     : Yep Roc/ H'Art
Website    :

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- One of Los Angeles punk rock's most widely admired yet little-heard bands makes a striking return to records on Jan. 18, as Yep Roc Records issues an all-new collection by The Flesh Eaters, I Used to Be Pretty.

On the release, founding vocalist and songwriter Chris Desjardins -- better known as Chris D. -- is backed by the legendary "all-star" edition of the band, originally heard on the 1981 set A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die: Dave Alvin (guitar) and Bill Bateman (drums) of the Blasters; John Doe (bass) and D.J. Bonebrake (marimba and percussion) of X; and Steve Berlin (saxophones) of the Plugz (and later the Blasters and Los Lobos). The album was produced collectively by the band members.

On five of the album's 11 tracks, this superpowered unit is joined by Julie Christensen, Desjardins' vocal partner in both The Flesh Eaters' successor band Divine Horsemen and latter-day editions of the original group. The singers were married during the '80s.

The Flesh Eaters were among the groundbreaking bands that emerged from the original Hollywood punk club the Masque in 1977. Chris D. -- poet, novelist, actor, screenwriter, director, and film programmer -- developed a stormy, lyrically intense style that drew on such varied sources as symbolist poetry, violent American pulp novels, and films running the gamut from classic European cinema to samurai, horror, spaghetti Western, and noir genre movies. He was also active on the local scene as a writer for the L.A. punkzine Slash and an A&R man and producer for the magazine's offshoot record label.

Six tracks on I Used to Be Pretty offer forceful reinterpretations of previously released Flesh Eaters songs. "Pony Dress" was first heard on the compilation Tooth and Nail (1979), released on Chris D.'s Upsetter Records; "My Life to Live" and "The Wedding Dice" appeared on Forever Came Today (1982); "Youngest Profession" originated on Dragstrip Riot (1991); "House Amid the Thickets" debuted on Ashes of Time (1999); and "Miss Muerte" was the title track of the most recent Flesh Eaters album. (History repeats itself in a couple of instances: Doe and Bonebrake played on the original "Pony Dress," while Berlin appeared on the earlier "The Wedding Dice.")


Band     : Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra
Album     : Soul Of My City
VÖ     : 01.02.2019
Label     : Tea Pad Recordings / Soulfood
Website    :

Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra don't care what genre you choose to put them in - western swing, country blues, ragtime hokum or whatever else- as long as you understand that they're 100% sincere and 100% immersed in this stuff. This is no lazy pastiche, no dressing up box. They live and breathe this music and want you to get immersed with them.
The Tea Pad are seven years into a remarkable story that began with four friends studying at Newcastle University and now sees them playing venues and festivals across the UK and mainland Europe. Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne but with members hailing from Orkney to Warwickshire, the Tea Pad sound draws on myriad influences - from Bob Wills to Django Reinhardt, George Jones to Tom Waits - yet ultimately sounds like nobody else, that North Eastern Swing style that's utterly their own and changing all the time.
Across their four albums - 2012's "Money Isn't Everything", 2014's "Talk About The Weather", 2016's "Something Blue" and the brand new "Soul Of My City" - the band have constantly added new flavours to their sound: Heron in particular is a vinyl obsessive, always fired up about some new passion - calypso or boogaloo or whatever this week brings - and that eclecticism feeds into their songs, with the new album adding twangy 60s guitar tones and modernist R&B styles.


Band : Rogers
Album : Mittelfinger für Immer
VÖ : 08.03.2019
Label/Vertrieb: Century Media / Sony

Hinter den ROGERS liegt ein turbulentes Jahr, das u.a. von unzähligen Shows und den Aufnahmen ihres vierten Studioalbums "Mittelfinger für immer" geprägt war. Zeit zum Durchatmen blieb dabei kaum, denn ihr bisher stärkstes Live-Jahr startete im Frühjahr mit einer überaus erfolgreichen Headliner-Tour, die direkt in einen unvergesslichen Festival-Sommer überging mit Auftritten auf z.B. dem Deichbrand Festival, Wacken Open Air oder Ruhrpott Rodeo. Band und Fans wird auch ihre bislang größte Show in Erinnerung bleiben, die sie im Vorprogramm von Die Toten Hosen in der ausverkauften Arena ihrer gemeinsamen Heimatstadt Düsseldorf spielen durften. "Ganz schön krass", blickt Sänger/Gitarrist Chri auf die vergangenen Monate zurück. "Im Grunde bestand 2018 ausschließlich aus Höhepunkten."

"Wir machen sehr viel selbst und sind beispielsweise auch bei der Albumproduktion im Studio voll eingespannt gewesen", erklärt Gitarrist Nico.

Inhaltlich bietet das mittlerweile vierte Studioalbum der Düsseldorfer ein buntes Potpourri an Themen, mit denen sich die Musiker in den vergangenen Jahren auseinandergesetzt haben. So behandeln sie in ihrer ersten Single "Zu spät (feat. Ingo Donot)" beispielsweise die Folgen unseres exzessiven Kapitalismus, thematisieren den Krieg im Nahen Osten, der erst zu einer Flüchtlingskrise und später zu einem globalen Rechtsruck führte. "Auf unserem neuen Album erwarten euch politische, sozialkritische sowie ruhige Songs zu zwischenmenschlichen Themen - allesamt garniert mit einer gehörigen Portion rotzigem Punkrock", bringt Nico es auf den Punkt.


Band : Cane Hill
Album : Kill The Sun
VÖ : 18.01.2019
Label / Vertrieb: Rise Records / Ada Warner

"We spent the summer working on new Cane Hill music," the band said. "We've embraced the weirder and mellower side of what we do, as it's something we think is important to our band. With that in mind, we've been in the studio with the incredibly talented Kris Crummett, working on music that embellishes those elements. It's six songs of dark, twisted, and semi-acoustic beauty. We're incredibly proud of it and can't wait for you to hear it."

The band continued, "We wanted to embrace some leftover emotions we've been dealing with since getting our shit together while exploring our own musical limitations. We made this semi-acoustic record because we needed to for ourselves -- and because honestly, why the fuck not?"

Cane Hill singer Elijah Witt offered some deeper insight to the title track, saying, "We wanted our first single from this album to be as big of a curveball as possible. 'Kill the Sun' is as far of a departure from our usual 'heavy metal anthem' leadoff as we could get. Like, who knew Devin [Clark] could play the saxophone?! This track is about my constant self-sabotage; my tendency to find happiness and just as quickly finding a way to ruin it. There's a very loud voice in my head that feeds me to the wolves I created, effectively killing any light in my life. And deep down, there's a part of me that relishes in the misery."


Band     : Press Club
Album     : Late Teens
VÖ     : 25.01.2019
Label     : Hassle Records / Rough Trade
Website    :

With Press Club having already risen way out of Australia's underground punk scene, to become one of the country's buzziest new bands, today they announce that they have signed to Hassle Records for the UK / EU release of their debut album Late Teens on Jan 25. Support from the influential Triple J radio station has come thick and fast for the band, with a number of singles gaining heavy rotation, and a coveted "Like A Version" session slot generating over 150,000 views. Rolling Stone Australia and Beat Magazine have also touted the band as Ones To Watch, as the first pockets of UK media support have begun to emerge from Kerrang! magazine and the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show's Dan P Carter.

Press Club are also sharing lead single and accompanying video for Headwreck; two and half minutes of frenetic, raw, self-assured and commanding punk, stacked with buzz-saw guitars and brimming with honesty. The track is about a place we've all been; in a relationship with someone that doesn't treat you right, doesn't respect you. It's a call to arms to respect yourself, to demand more. The video was shot in a Collingwood warehouse, with the help of two friends, Nick Manuell and Will Maconachie, who have created a video that captures the band's brash energy, and embodies how the song was recorded: live and in one take. It's a glimpse at the kind of performances that have won them so many fans in support of the likes of Japandroids, Joyce Manor, Cloud Nothings, The Smith Street Band and Dream Wife on the road in their native Australia.


Band     : Wille & The Bandits
Album     : Paths
VÖ     : 01.02.2019
Label     : Farm Hand Records / Rough Trade
Website    :

Wille & The Bandits werden am Freitag, den 1. Februar 2019, ihr neues Album "Paths" veröffentlichen. Das Album ist ein Hauch von frischer Luft, der den Zuhörer herausfordert und gleichzeitig technische Fortschritte und instrumentale Fähigkeiten vereint und die ursprüngliche Spannung und den Schwung des Rock'n'Roll verkörpert.

"Ich denke, dass es uns endlich gelungen ist, die verschiedenen Klanglandschaften und ungewöhnlichen Instrumentierungen unseres Sounds auf einem Album festzuhalten, ohne die rohe, lebendige Energie von WATB zu verlieren", sagt Wille Edwards (Lead Vocals, Guitars).

In 'PATHS' übernehmen Wille & The Bandits die musikalische Essenz, Nostalgie und Energie der späten 60er & 70er Jahre und mischen Rock and Roll mit einem modernen Ansatz, der Elemente der Weltmusik und Hip-Hop kombiniert und etwas wirklich Einzigartiges schafft.

Wille & The Bandits gelten als eine der fleißigsten Live-Bands Europas und tourten bereits mit Deep Purple, Status Quo, Joe Bonamassa, dem Jon Butler Trio, Warren Haynes u.v.a. .
Sie rockten bereits auf dem Isle of Wight Festival und Glastonbury Festival und hatten die Ehre im Rahmenprogramm der Olympischen Spiele 2012 in London aufzutreten.

Wille & The Bandits werden ab April 2019 durch Deutschland, Österreich und die Schweiz touren.

"Wille is a superb slide player, I love what these guys are doing." - Joe Bonamassa


Band     : Thunder
Album     : Please Remain Seated
VÖ     : 18.01.2019
Label     : BMG / Warner
Website    :

Die engl Rock Institution THUNDER wird am 18.01.2019 ihr neues Album PLEASE REMAIN SEATED veröffentlichen (BMG). Kein normales Studioalbum, sondern eine Werkschau der besonderen Art. 12 bandeigene Klassiker wurden in komplett neuen und umarrangierten Versionen eingespielt und zeugen ein weiteres Mal von der Wandlungsfähigkeit der Band und der Güteklasse der Songs, die auch in gänzlich neuem Gewand eine gute Figur abgeben.

Thunder will release their brand new studio album 'Please Remain Seated' on 18 January 2019 through BMG. The album, released as the band enter their third decade, is a collection of radically reworked versions of songs from throughout their extensive catalogue. This album will raise eyebrows, hackles and heartbeats in equal measure. 'Please Remain Seated' is the sound of a band taking a strange journey into their own music, but also distilling thirty years of playing together in order to create something truly compelling, taking in flavours of rock, blues, jazz and soul along the way. The band will tour 'Please Remain Seated' across the UK in February 2019.

'Please Remain Seated' will be available in various formats: Standard 1CD, Deluxe 2CD (bonus tracks), 180g standard black, gatefold double vinyl, Limited edition transparent orange double vinyl (HMV/Indie store exclusive, limited to 1000), Limited edition transparent white, orange & black splatter double vinyl (limited to 1000), Digital - HD, MFiT and standard. The album has been mastered at half speed for dynamic range. 'She's So Fine' will be the first single from the album and is available from 19 October 2018.


Band     : AFI
EP     : The Missing Man
VÖ     : 07.12.18
Label     : Ex Noctem Nacimur
Website    :

Los Angeles, CA (October 26, 2018) - It's a morning of surprises for AFI fans, beginning with today's release of new track "Get Dark.

The second surprise is that "Get Dark" is the first track from a special EP titled The Missing Man (Ex Noctem Nacimur), which was produced and mixed by AFI guitarist Jade Puget and is slated for a December 7threlease.

"Thanks to the unexpected continuation of The Blood Tour, we found ourselves inspired to begin writing," says AFI lead vocalist Davey Havok. "It was during this process that The Missing Man was found."

About "Get Dark," Havok says, "From the initial performance and recording, it had a driving sense of forward movement and penetrating connection. The song's themes of deification and deference, self-loathing and vanity, captivation and release, damage and healing, are posed in a subtle invitation to those inherently compelled to accept."

About the production, Puget says, "I was aiming for something a little raw for 'Get Dark.' In fact, I used most of the vocal takes from the very first time Davey sang it, as well as some of my guitar parts from when we were writing it. The song is built on the sparseness and simplicity of the verse drum groove and guitar riff that opens up into this big anthemic chorus. For the EP, the same idea of a certain rawness was really important to the overall vibe. I feel like it's easy to turn out a slick, polished set of songs, but to walk that fine line between studio creation and live sound can be difficult. It's been an intense labor of love and we can't wait for everyone to hear it."


Band : Ghost Iris
Album : Apple of Discord
VÖ : 22.02.2019
Label / Vertrieb: Long Branch Records / Spv
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Nicht nur sind Ghost Iris eine der führenden progressiven Metalcore bands aus Dänemark, sie sind ebenso ein perfektes Beispiel für die moderne Musikwelt. Gestartet in 2015 als ein DIY-Internet-Phänomen, baute sich die Band in rasanter Zeit ein starkes Team im Hintergrund auf und hinterließ sehr schnell ihre ersten Spuren in der Metal-Gemeinde. Im Jahre 2016 war ihr Debütalbum "Anecdotes Of Science & Soul" bereits das meist-gestreamte Album einer dänischen Metalband auf Spotify mit 1,6 Millionen Streams. Inzwischen stiegen ihre gesamten Streams auf über 5 Millionen an.

Ihre ersten beiden Alben, "Anecdotes Of Science & Soul" und "Blind World", erhielten beide herausragende Kritiken von Kerrang!, Metal Hammer und ItDjents für ihren spielerischen und trotzdem eingängigen progressiven Metal. Technische und dennoch melodische Gitarren; schnelles und dennoch grooviges Schlagzeug und die außergewöhnlich große Bandbreite der Stimme, von fiesen Growls bis hin zu engelsklarem Gesang, sind die Markenzeichen der Band. Mit dem Ziel den Hörer eine Erfahrung zwischen Ohrwurm und Abriss machen zu lassen, erzeugen Ghost Iris diverse Gefühle, Stimmungen und Atmosphären.

Ghost Iris stehen nun bereit mit ihrem dritten Album namens "Apple Of Discord". Das Album spiegelt die Transformation der Band seit der Gründung wider. Eine Transformation entstehend aus unbeugsamer Motivation und ewigem Optimismus, persönlichem und musikalischem Fortschritt und zahlreichen Erfahrungen auf Tour. "Apple Of Discord" besteht aus 10 intensiven Songs, aus Zorn und dem dazugehörigen Gegenmittel. Mit der neuen Platte werden Ghost Iris wieder die Bühnen in Europa und der Welt bereisen, entweder auf Tour oder bei Festivals.


Band     : Mavis Staples
Album     : Live In London
VÖ     : 08.02.2019
Label     : Anti- / Indigo
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"It just ain't no stopping me, is it?"
With those defiant, triumphant words, Mavis Staples launches into "Reach Out Touch a Hand," the joyous final track on her new album, Live in London. The recording caps a remarkable chapter in Staples' legendary career--a decade that has seen her reach new creative heights and win ever-greater acclaim, even as she is now counting down the months to her 80th birthday.
"It's kind of unbelievable to me that I'm still recording," says the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and Kennedy Center Honoree. "I never thought I would still be singing at my age, and people seem to really want to hear me, they know me, they give me love--I'm just overwhelmed, really. I thank God every night before I go to bed and then again every morning for waking up."
Recorded at London's Union Chapel (which she calls "the best place in the world to sing") and produced by Staples herself, the live album reveals that the singer retains astonishing power after seventy years as a performer, and that while her repertoire continues to expand, her philosophy is unchanged since her days in the groundbreaking family group, the Staple Singers.
"It's still the same message," she says. "I'm still trying to bring us together and make the world a better place through songs. We need one another more than ever now--things ain't no better now that when I started seventy years ago." Her sense of compassion and justice shoots through these performances, offering a voice of resistance that is more necessary than ever during these troubled times. "No Time for Cryin' " not only connects the timeless gospel image of "motherless children" to the modern-day refugee crisis, it also calls for action, just as Pops Staples and his children did during the Civil Rights movement.
For this project, Staples--who is still on the road almost 200 nights a year-- welcomed the spontaneity and vulnerability of recording live. The album captures the spirit and energy, the commitment and intensity, that she brings to the stage every night. "I don't think about it being recorded, I'm just singing for the people and expressing my feeling through the songs," she says. "I don't try to do anything perfect for the record, I just sing from my heart. Pops taught me that years ago--what comes from the heart reaches the heart."


Album : Everyone I've ever Loved
VÖ : 14.12.2018
Label / Vertrieb : Rise Records / Ada Warner

The band has partnered with Alternative Press to premiere their new single "Crave."

About the song, singer and guitarist Kevin Klein told AP, "'Crave' is a song about dealing with the tension of 'doing' and of just 'being' -- the pressures of a society that is always pushing an agenda of this need of acquiring 'more and more.' How there is a daunting reality that the more we become obsessed with this chase, the less human we end up feeling."

He continued, "The song goes into how beneath the seemingly shallow facade of consumerism and boredom, there is a deeply-rooted essential crisis of identity. 'Crave' is about our personal journey with it all, but the more we talk to friends and those around us, we see it's a common thread of this motif in our modern lives. Social media is only fuel to the flame. It's like the more we have, the more we want, and the more often we are overwhelmed by the options and comparing ourselves to what others have. 'Crave' is desperate reach to a simpler time: an attempt to sort through all the noise and find peace again."

The New England quartet worked with producer Kevin Billingslea at Halo Studios to co-produce the electrifying follow-up to the their critically acclaimed EP Nowadays. Everyone I Ever Loved is both an expansion of the sounds the band had previously explored, as well as a new creative departure.


AKTUELLE TOURDATEN, alphabetisch geordnet


A Perfect Circle
10.12.2018 -- Köln, Deutschland -- Palladium
13.12.2018 -- Hamburg, Deutschland -- Sporthalle

10.01.2019 -- Düsseldorf, Deutschland -- Mitsubishi Electric Halle
02.02.2019 -- Leipzig, Deutschland -- Haus Auensee
03.02.2019 -- Offenbach, Deutschland -- Stadthalle
05.02.2019 -- Berlin, Deutschland -- Verti Music Halle
06.02.2019 -- München, Deutschland -- Zenith
08.02.2019 -- Hamburg, Deutschland -- Sporthalle

07.03.2019 -- Wuppertal, Deutschland -- Kontakthof
08.03.2019 -- Hamburg, Deutschland -- Astra Stube
09.03.2019 -- Doberan, Deutschland -- Kornhaus
10.03.2019 -- Bremen, Deutschland -- Hauskonzert
11.03.2019 -- Lübeck, Deutschland -- Tonfink
12.03.2019 -- Dresden, Deutschland -- Blue Note
15.03.2019 -- Chemnitz, Deutschland -- Aaltra
17.03.2019 -- Passau, Deutschland -- Zauberberg
19.03.2019 -- Esslingen, Deutschland -- Kulturpalast
20.03.2019 -- Köln, Deutschland -- Die Wohngemeinschaft

28.04.2019 -- Münster, Deutschland -- Sputnik Café
13.05.2019 -- Köln, Deutschland -- MTC
14.05.2019 -- Hamburg, Deutschland -- Hafenklang
16.05.2019 -- Berlin, Deutschland -- Maze
18.05.2019 -- Dresden, Deutschland -- Scheune
20.05.2019 -- München, Deutschland -- Strom
22.05.2019 -- Frankfurt, Deutschland -- Nachtleben

Cane Hill
06.12.2018 -- Zürich, Schweiz -- Dynamo (+ Bury Tomorrow, 36 Crazyfists)
07.12.2018 -- Wiesbaden, Deutschland -- Schlachthof (+ Bury Tomorrow, 36 Crazyfists)
08.12.2018 -- Köln, Deutschland -- Essigfabrik (+ Bury Tomorrow, 36 Crazyfists)

Culture Abuse
15.01.2019 -- Köln, Deutschland -- Kantine (Support von Basement)
16.01.2019 -- Hamburg, Deutschland -- Logo (Support von Basement)
22.01.2019 -- Berlin, Deutschland -- Bi Nuu (Support von Basement)
23.01.2019 -- München, Deutschland -- Hansa 39 (Support von Basement)
24.01.2019 -- Wien, Österreich -- Flex (Support von Basement)

Die Nerven
17.02.2019 -- Freiburg, Deutschland -- Waldsee
18.02.2019 -- Karlsruhe, Deutschland -- Kohl
19.02.2019 -- Mainz, Deutschland -- Schön Sein
20.02.2019 -- Essen, Deutschland -- Zeche Karl
21.02.2019 -- Bielefeld, Deutschland -- Forum
22.02.2019 -- Kiel, Deutschland -- Schaubühne
24.02.2019 -- Rostock, Deutschland -- Mau Club
28.02.2019 -- Nürnberg, Deutschland -- Z Bau
01.03.2019 -- München, Deutschland -- Kammerspiele
02.03.2019 -- Passau, Deutschland -- Zauberberg
03.03.2019 -- Regensburg, Deutschland -- Alte Mälzerei

Escovedo, Alejandro
24.04.2019 -- Berlin, Deutschland -- Quasimodo
25.04.2019 -- Frankfurt, Deutschland -- Brotfabrik
27.04.2019 -- Zürich, Schweiz -- El Lokal
03.05.2019 -- Geislingen, Deutschland -- Rätsche

Faim, The
09.02.2019 -- Köln, Deutschland -- Luxor
11.02.2019 -- Berlin, Deutschland -- Musik&Frieden
12.02.2019 -- Hamburg, Deutschland -- HeadCRASH
13.02.2019 -- München, Deutschland -- Feierwerk
14.02.2019 -- Frankfurt, Deutschland -- Zoom
17.02.2019 -- Leipzig, Deutschland -- Naumanns

Ghost Iris
14.03.2019 -- Hamburg, Deutschland -- Logo
15.03.2019 -- Berlin, Deutschland -- Roadrunner
16.03.2019 -- Aschaffenburg, Deutschland -- Colos Saal
17.03.2019 -- Stuttgart, Deutschland -- ClubCANN
18.03.2019 -- München, Deutschland -- Backstage Werk
20.03.2019 -- Hagen, Deutschland -- Kultopia
21.03.2019 -- Köln, Deutschland -- Helios
03.04.2019 -- Pratteln, Schweiz -- Z7

Good Charlotte
31.01.2019 -- Wien, Österreich -- Bank Austria Halle Gasometer
01.02.2019 -- Zürich, Schweiz -- Komplex 457
04.02.2019 -- München, Deutschland -- Zenith
05.02.2019 -- Köln, Deutschland -- Palladium
09.02.2019 -- Offenbach am Main, Deutschland -- Stadthalle
13.02.2019 -- Berlin, Deutschland -- Columbiahalle
16.02.2019 -- Hamburg, Deutschland -- Sporthalle

Hansard, Glen
08.05.2019 -- Köln, Deutschland -- Philarmonie
09.05.2019 -- Frankfurt, Deutschland -- Alte Oper
16.05.2019 -- Berlin, Deutschland -- Admiralpalast
17.05.2019 -- Berlin, Deutschland -- Admiralpalast
19.05.2019 -- Berlin, Deutschland -- Admiralpalast

Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra
09.03.2019 -- Hamburg, Deutschland -- Nochtwache
12.03.2019 -- Krefeld, Deutschland -- Kulturrampe
15.03.2019 -- Crailsheim, Deutschland -- 7180-Bar
16.03.2019 -- Stuttgart, Deutschland -- Rakete
18.03.2019 -- Zürich, Schweiz -- El Lokal

05.12.2018 -- Münster, Deutschland -- Sputnik-Café
06.12.2018 -- Erfurt, Deutschland -- Museumskeller
07.12.2018 -- Leipzig, Deutschland -- Bandhaus
08.12.2018 -- Berlin, Deutschland -- Musik & Frieden
10.12.2018 -- Wien, Österreich -- Chealsea
12.12.2018 -- Zürich, Schweiz -- Werk 21
13.12.2018 -- München, Deutschland -- Backstage
14.12.2018 -- Frankfurt, Deutschland -- Nachtleben
15.12.2018 -- Dortmund, Deutschland -- FZW
19.12.2018 -- Stuttgart, Deutschland -- clubCANN
20.12.2018 -- Hannover, Deutschland -- Lux
21.12.2018 -- Hamburg, Deutschland -- Indra Club 64
22.12.2018 -- Kiel, Deutschland -- Pumpe

Joy Formidable, the
24.02.2019 -- Frankfurt/Main, Deutschland -- Nachtleben
25.02.2019 -- Hamburg, Deutschland -- Kukuun
26.02.2019 -- Berlin, Deutschland -- Musik & Frieden
27.02.2019 -- Münster, Deutschland -- Gleis 22

Joyce Manor
23.04.2019 -- Berlin, Deutschland -- Musik & Frieden
25.04.2019 -- Köln, Deutschland -- Artheater

Le Butcherettes
27.03.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — Frannz Club
28.03.2019 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Hafenklang
05.04.2019 — Köln, Deutschland — Artheater

Mad Caddies
26.02.2019 -- Köln, Deutschland -- Live Music Hall
27.02.2019 -- Hannover, Deutschland -- Kulturzentrum Faust
28.02.2019 -- Hamburg, Deutschland -- Markthalle
01.03.2019 -- Berlin, Deutschland -- S036
02.03.2019 -- Schweinfurt, Deutschland -- Stadtbahnhof
03.03.2019 -- Freiburg, Deutschland -- Jazzhaus
05.03.2019 -- Lindau, Deutschland -- Club Vaudeville
07.03.2019 -- Obertraubling, Deutschland -- Eventhall Airport
10.03.2019 -- Wien, Österreich -- Arena

Mandolin Orange
01.05.2019 -- München, Deutschland -- Ampere
02.05.2019 -- Berlin, Deutschland -- Lido
03.05.2019 -- Hamburg, Deutschland -- Nochtspeicher

22.12.2018 -- Düsseldorf, Deutschland -- Mitsubishi Electric Halle
15.02.2019 -- Hameln, Deutschland -- Sumpfblume (mit Kopfecho)
16.02.2019 -- Rostock, Deutschland -- Mau Club (mit Kopfecho)
22.02.2019 -- Osnabrück, Deutschland -- Rosenhof (mit Kopfecho)
15.03.2019 -- Aschaffenburg, Deutschland -- Colos-Saal (mit Kopfecho)
16.03.2019 -- Trier, Deutschland -- Mergener Hof (mit Kopfecho)
28.03.2019 -- Zürich, Schweiz -- Dynamo (Special Guest: Gute Freunde)
29.03.2019 -- Aarburg, Schweiz -- Musigburg (Special Guest: Gute Freunde)
30.03.2019 -- Wien, Österreich -- Flex (Special Guest: Gute Freunde)

Mayday Parade
25.02.2019 -- Köln, Deutschland -- Live Music Hall
27.02.2019 -- Hamburg, Deutschland -- Knust
28.02.2019 -- München, Deutschland -- Backstage

23.04.2019 -- Berlin, Deutschland -- SO 36
24.04.2019 -- Hamburg, Deutschland -- Markthalle
25.04.2019 -- Wiesbaden, Deutschland -- Schlachthof
26.04.2019 -- Köln, Deutschland -- Carlswerk Victoria
05.05.2019 -- München, Deutschland -- Muffatthalle

14.02.2019 -- Köln, Deutschland -- MTC
15.02.2019 -- Hamburg, Deutschland -- Molotow
16.02.2019 -- Berlin, Deutschland -- Badehaus Szimpla

Parkway Drive
25.01.2019 -- Hamburg, Deutschland -- Sporthalle
26.01.2019 -- Leipzig, Deutschland -- Arena
27.01.2019 -- Frankfurt, Deutschland -- Jahrhunderthalle
08.02.2019 -- Köln, Deutschland -- Palladium
09.02.2019 -- Köln, Deutschland -- Palladium
11.02.2019 -- Stuttgart, Deutschland -- Schleyerhalle
12.02.2019 -- Zürich, Schweiz -- Halle 622
15.02.2019 -- München, Deutschland -- Zenith
16.02.2019 -- München, Deutschland -- Zenith
17.02.2019 -- Wien, Österreich -- Gasometer

04.04.2019 -- Hannover, Deutschland -- Musikzentrum (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
05.04.2019 -- Hamburg, Deutschland -- Grünspan (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
06.04.2019 -- Dortmund, Deutschland -- FZW (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
07.04.2019 -- Weinheim, Deutschland -- Cafe Central (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
09.04.2019 -- Zürich, Schweiz -- Dynamo (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
10.04.2019 -- Lyss, Schweiz -- KUFA (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
11.04.2019 -- Nürnberg, Deutschland -- Z Bau (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
12.04.2019 -- Stuttgart, Deutschland -- Im Winzemann (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
13.04.2019 -- Müchen, Deutschland -- Backstage (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
14.04.2019 -- Graz, Österreich -- Dom im Berg (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
17.04.2019 -- Koblenz, Deutschland -- Circus Maximus (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
18.04.2019 -- Münster, Deutschland -- Sputnikhalle (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
19.04.2019 -- Bremen, Deutschland -- Tower (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
20.04.2019 -- Berlin, Deutschland -- Lido (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
21.04.2019 -- Leipzig, Deutschland -- Conne Island (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
23.04.2019 -- Ulm, Deutschland -- Cabaret Eden (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
24.04.2019 -- Saarbrücken, Deutschland -- Garage (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
25.04.2019 -- Kassel, Deutschland -- Club Arm (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
26.04.2019 -- Frankfurt, Deutschland -- Das Bett (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
27.04.2019 -- Köln, Deutschland -- Live Music Hall (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)

Rubarth, Amber
02.02.2019 -- Balje, Deutschland -- Naturkundemuseum
04.02.2019 -- Hamburg, Deutschland -- Monkeys
05.02.2019 -- Saalfeld, Deutschland -- Meiniger Hof
06.02.2019 -- Langenberg, Deutschland -- Kulturgüterbahnhof
07.02.2019 -- Coburg, Deutschland -- Leise Am Markt

22.12.2018 -- Hamburg, Deutschland -- Große Freiheit 36 (Slime & Gäste)
05.01.2019 -- Berlin, Deutschland -- Astra (Slime & Gäste)
12.01.2019 -- München, Deutschland -- Backstage (Doppelshow mit ZSK )
08.02.2019 -- Bremen, Deutschland -- Schlachthof (Doppelshow mit ZSK)
09.02.2019 -- Kiel, Deutschland -- Pumpe (Doppelshow mit ZSK)

Steiner & Madlaina
10.01.2019 -- Karlsruhe, Deutschland -- Substage Café
11.01.2019 -- Köln, Deutschland -- Tsunami
12.01.2019 -- Düsseldorf, Deutschland -- The Tube
13.01.2019 -- Langenberg, Deutschland -- KGB
15.01.2019 -- Hannover, Deutschland -- Lux
19.01.2019 -- Bremen, Deutschland -- Zollkantine
20.01.2019 -- Hamburg, Deutschland -- Nochtwache
22.01.2019 -- Mainz, Deutschland -- Schon Schön
23.01.2019 -- Berlin, Deutschland -- Musik & Frieden
24.01.2019 -- Lübeck, Deutschland -- Riders Café
25.01.2019 -- Magdeburg, Deutschland -- Moritzhof
26.01.2019 -- Osnabrück, Deutschland -- Kleine Freiheit
27.01.2019 -- Darmstadt, Deutschland -- Pädagog Theater
29.01.2019 -- Dresden, Deutschland -- Ostpol
31.01.2019 -- Wien, Österreich -- TBA
01.02.2019 -- Vorarlberg, Österreich -- TBA
02.02.2019 -- Nürnberg, Deutschland -- Club Stereo
03.02.2019 -- München, Deutschland -- Backstage
04.02.2019 -- Reutlingen, Deutschland -- Franz K.
05.02.2019 -- Ansbach, Deutschland -- Kammerspiele
06.02.2019 -- Leipzig, Deutschland -- Moritzbastei
07.02.2019 -- Erfurt, Deutschland -- Museumskeller

25.03.2019 -- München, Deutschland -- Backstage
26.03.2019 -- Aschaffenburg, Deutschland -- Colos Saal
27.03.2019 -- Ludwigsburg, Deutschland -- Rockfabrik
29.03.2019 -- Berlin, Deutschland -- Frannz Club
30.03.2019 -- Hamburg, Deutschland -- Knust
31.03.2019 -- Bochum, Deutschland -- Zeche
02.04.2019 -- Nürnberg, Deutschland -- Hirsch
03.04.2019 -- Köln, Deutschland -- Kantine

To The Rats And Wolves
15.03.2019 -- Hamburg, Deutschland -- Knust
16.03.2019 -- Berlin, Deutschland -- Bi Nuu
27.03.2019 -- Stuttgart, Deutschland -- Universum
28.03.2019 -- München, Deutschland -- Backstage Halle
29.03.2019 -- Wien, Österreich -- Chelsea
04.04.2019 -- Frankfurt, Deutschland -- Das Bett
05.04.2019 -- Köln, Deutschland -- Essigfabrik

20.12.2018 -- Lutherstadt Eisleben, Deutschland -- Theater Eisleben - große Bühne
21.12.2018 -- Leipzig, Deutschland -- Werk II
22.12.2018 -- Neustadt/Orla, Deutschland -- Wotufa
28.02.2019 -- Hannover, Deutschland -- Pavillon
01.03.2019 -- Görlitz, Deutschland -- Gerhardt-Hauptmann-Theater
02.03.2019 -- Jena, Deutschland -- Volkshaus
10.04.2019 -- Hamburg, Deutschland -- Kakuun (Solo)

05.04.2019 -- Frankfurt, Deutschland -- Das Bett
06.04.2019 -- Stemwede, Deutschland -- Lifehouse
07.04.2019 -- Aachen, Deutschland -- Musikbunker
08.04.2019 -- Ansbach, Deutschland -- Kammerspiel
09.04.2019 -- Fürth, Deutschland -- Kofferfabrik
10.04.2019 -- München, Deutschland -- Rattlesnake Saloon
11.04.2019 -- Passau, Deutschland -- Museums Café
12.04.2019 -- Wien, Österreich -- Reigen
24.04.2019 -- Bonn, Deutschland -- Harmonie
26.04.2019 -- Bad Salzungen, Deutschland -- Pressenwerk
27.04.2019 -- Husum, Deutschland -- Speicher
04.05.2019 -- Wredenhagen, Deutschland -- Scheune
07.05.2019 -- Göttingen, Deutschland -- Nörgelpuff
09.05.2019 -- Höxter-Albaxen, Deutschland -- Tonenburg
10.05.2019 -- Schwerin, Deutschland -- Speicher
11.05.2019 -- Worpswede, Deutschland -- Music Hall
15.05.2019 -- Dresden, Deutschland -- Tante Ju
16.05.2019 -- Reichenbach (Vogtland), Deutschland -- Bergkeller
17.05.2019 -- Isernhagen, Deutschland -- Blues Garage
18.05.2019 -- Hamburg, Deutschland -- Downtown Bluesclub
21.05.2019 -- Düsseldorf, Deutschland -- Pitcher
22.05.2019 -- Offenburg, Deutschland -- Spitalkeller
23.05.2019 -- Reutlingen, Deutschland -- Frank K.