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KICK AVAILABLE IN STORES AND ONLINE VIA RISE RECORDS PRE-ORDER ONLINE NOW! Acclaimed Philadelphia-raised singer-songwriter DAVE HAUSE is proud to announce his brand new studio album titled Kick . Out on Friday, April 12 via Rise Records, Kick is Hause’s fourth solo outing that finds him carrying on in the voice and tradition of classic American songwriters, tackling topics of hope, depression, global warming, a crumbling democracy, and growing old. These complex notions weave together with a joyous sing-along cadence that creates a soundtrack for the broken American dream. Stream “The Ditch,” the lead single from Kick that finds Hause, along with his brother and “musical soulmate” Tim Hause, facing mental health issues head-on, marking the first time in their respective careers that they’ve openly discussed their own struggles with depression, via Rolling Stone:  In addition to the album announcement, Hause has announced a run of shows this spring in support of Kick.

28.04.2019 - Hannover - Bei Chez Heinz 29.04.2019 - Heidelberg - Karlstorbahnof 30.04.2019 - Münster - Uncle M Fest 02.05.2019 - Hamburg - Übel & Gefährlich 03.05.2019 - Berlin - Bi Nuu 04.05.2019 - Dresden - Beatpol 05.05.2019 - A-Wien - Porgy & Bess 07.05.2019 - München - Backstage Halle 08.05.2019 - Stuttgart - Universum 09.05.2019 - Köln - Bürgerhaus Stollwerck




Neues Album "Only Things We Love“ am 15.03.19

BLAQK AUDIO sind DAVEY HAVOK + JADE PUGET von AFI, am 15.03. veröffentlicht das Duo auf ihrem Bandeigenen Label (Blaqk Noise) mit "Only Things We Love“ ihr 4. Studioalbum Album.

Anders als bei AFI,  gibt es hier eingängigen Wave / Elektro / Industrial / Synth-Pop Sound zu hören, der Freunde von u.a. Depeche Mode, Ministry, Daft Punk, Front 242 and Squarepusher erfreuen wird.

Einen ersten Eindruck gibt es anhand des Songs: “The Viles”

Jade Puget kommentiert: “I’ve always loved that great 80s industrial sound – Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, Babyland, etc., so I began this song with that era in mind. I even did something which we never do, which is to put ‘guitars’ on a Blaqk Audio song, although they’re heavily tweaked and sampled.”

Zu den Lyrics sagt Davey Havok: “directly by the escapist culture of dark art, the nightlife that surrounds it, and the feelings of alienation that draw a certain kind to meet on the fringe to enjoy extreme behavior in contrarious attempt to both momentarily disappear and find connection.”




Am 22.02. erscheint eine Compilation, die neue Tracks von THE BANGLES, THE THREE O’CLOCK, RAIN PARADE und THE DREAM SYNDICATE enthält (Yep Roc / H'Art).

Wobei neu hier nicht ganz korrekt ist, denn das Projekt featured gegenseitige neu - aufgenommene Coverversionen,. Sprich hier wird munter gegenseitig gecovert und der PAISLEY UNDERGROUND der 80er Jahre und mit ihm die wohl wichtigsten Protagonisten feiern sich selber


The four critically acclaimed bands cover one another’s songs on 3 x 4: The Bangles, The Three O'Clock, The Dream Syndicate, Rain Parade,

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – At the dawn of the ’80s, The Bangles (then just known as The Bangs), The Dream Syndicate, The Three O’Clock (originally called the Salvation Army), and Rain Parade were all new bands in Los Angeles who formed the core of the small yet influential Paisley Underground scene. In 2013, the four ensembles got back together to share the bill at L.A.’s Fonda Theatre for a charity concert that benefited the non-profit Education Through Music organization. The show went so well and everybody had so much fun that Danny Benair (The Three O’Clock), Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate), and Vicki Peterson (The Bangles) started talking about doing some type of album to celebrate their Paisley Underground beginnings. 

The idea quickly formed that each band would cover one song of the three’s. Plans were discussed but lingered. The project didn’t take off until Benair mentioned it to Yep Roc Records co-owner Glenn Dicker, who loved the idea. The four groups then got to work, resulting in the terrific twelve-song collection succinctly entitled 3 x 4: The Bangles, The Three O'Clock, The Dream Syndicate, Rain Parade,.

The album’s dozen tracks represent a wonderful melding of the original rendition with the personality of the new interpretation. Rain Parade retained the wild sonic assault of the Dream Syndicate’s “When You Smile” but added a twist by going acoustic on the chorus. The Bangles enlisted an Indian percussionist to enhance the dreamy quality of Rain Parade’s “Talking in My Sleep,” while swapping in guitars for keyboards that were on the Three O’Clock’s original “Jet Fighter.” 

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COMING OUT MAY 3 VIA ANTI- WATCH THE MIND-ALTERING NEW VIDEO FOR “BLACK LIGHT” "This band shows it can look back without being beholden to the past" - All Music  "There's a muscle and rigor to the songwriting that you don't often hear from psych-rock bands today." – Stereogum "Atmospheric rock music veering between noise and subtlety -- so compelling ... a hopeful new chapter." - Pitchfork

Los Angeles’s The Dream Syndicate is thrilled to announce These Times, their second album of new music since their 2012 reunion nearly thirty years after they first influenced California’s Paisely Underground scene.

“When I was writing the songs for the new album I was pretty obsessed with Donuts by J-Dilla,” lead singer and songwriter Steve Wynn explained. “I loved the way that he approached record making as a DJ, a crate-digger, a music fan wanting to lay out all of his favorite music, twist and turn the results until he made them into his own. I was messing around with step sequencers, drum machines, loops—anything to take me out of my usual way of writing and try to feel as though I was working on a compilation rather than ‘more of the same’. You might not automatically put The Dream Syndicate and J-Dilla in the same sentence, but I hear that album when I hear our new one.” If 2017’s How Did I Find Myself Here was a 10 pm record, all swagger and cathartic explosion, then These Times is the 2 am sibling, moodier and more mercurial with the band acting as DJs of their own overnight radio station as the listener drifts off into dreams and wonders the next morning if any of it was real. The Dream Syndicate recorded These Times once again at Montrose Studios in Richmond, Virginia. Co-produced by John Agnello (Phosphorescent, Waxahatchee, Hold Steady, Dinosaur Jr.), Wynn wrote all of the song’s lyrics in the studio after the band finished tracking, so that the words would be dictated by the sound rather than the other way around. This process contributed to the urgency of the album’s title. “These Times. That’s it. It is all we’re talking about, all we’re thinking about. There is no avoiding the existential panic of a world that’s hurtling somewhere quickly, evolving, and shifting course by the hour.  It seems like a lie to not address or reflect the things that we can’t stop thinking about—the whole world’s watching indeed. The lyrics are just a mirror of the dread, panic, mania, speculation, melancholy and ultimately shrugging abandonment that just might follow. It’s just all about where we are.” The Dream Syndicate has a long and storied history. But where are they right now? They’re here. Right here. In These Times.


+++++++++AKTUELLE ALBEN++++++++++++++

Band : Glen Hansard

Album : This Wild Willing

VÖ : 12.04.2019

Label : ANTI- / Indigo

Website :

“This collection of songs is mainly made up of those that came through while improvising and following the melodic lines and threads,” Hansard explained. “Sometimes when you take a small musical fragment and you care for it, follow it and build it up slowly, it can become a thing of wonder.” – Glen Hansard

Those who have followed Glen Hansard’s career since his Academy Award winning turn in the film Once will have witnessed one artistic arc: the journey of a Dublin busker who cut his teeth on the greats - Dylan, Van Morrison, Leonard Cohen – and followed the path of the troubadour to great effect. But there is another thread running through Hansard’s musicianship; in his decades as lead singer of Irish stalwarts The Frames, rock and folk ambitions coexisted with moments of strangeness, intimacy, and stillness.  Hansard now announces This Wild Willing, his fourth full-length album and a collection of songs that follows this second path, where he marries the sonic inventiveness of the best of his work in The Frames with the discipline he’s found as a songwriter and lyricist in his solo career.  This Wild Willing was conceived in Paris and recorded at the French Black Box studios with producer David Odlum and a core group of musicians that includes classically-trained Iranian musicians the Khoshravesh brothers, long-time Hansard associates Joe Doyle (bass) and ROMY (piano, vocals, string arrangements), and Dublin electronic musicians Deasy and Dunk Murphy (Sunken Foal). The album is grounded in a spirit of openness to invention and experimentation.


Band : John Southworth

Album : Miracle In The Night

VÖ : 26.04.2019

Label/Vertrieb : Tin Angel / Indigo

Bandwebsite :

We awake to find Southworth opening up a new song bag. Falling into the ellipse amidst torn fabric, conspicuous birds, shadows in a looking glass; not only is everything here a sign - everything is a miracle. With miracles comes transformation, and consequently destruction, followed by release wherein tears distill the greatest miracle of all: a song.

Southworth is an archaeologist of love, sifting through relics and artifacts, the compost of this world’s memory, revealing stories that feel caught in slow motion, in mid-air, no beginnings or endings. Everything has always existed in this chaotic present; once distant stars now the altars of Tin Pan-Schubert Alley.

The songs of Miracle in the Night read like a stoic’s recital of an untraceable lieder. Carefully, each is a gradual, unfurling cadence. You may recognize his longtime band ‘The South Seas’ - gentle and steady, calm and restrained, playing just before dawn, a solstice cabaret in a megalithic tower. The endless red curtains from the Lynch dimension rise and fall around you.

In this world, John Southworth lives in Toronto with his family, teaches the art of song, appears in films and wanders the parks looking for clues. This is his 12th fulllength release, arriving on the hooves of 2016’s Small Town Water Tower, which crosshatched a glam-pop ooze into the rigorous comparative mythology of 2014’s epic Niagara. Similarly rich with symbol and folklore and pristine melodies, Miracle in the Night offers us a delicacy of fantasy, focusing our attention into a state of constant revelation, alive in song.


Band : Ferris MC

Album : Wahrscheinlich Nie Wieder Vielleicht

VÖ : 08.03.2019

Label : Arising Empire / Warner

Website :

Über 20 Jahre ist es her, dass Sascha Reimann alias FERRIS MC nach Hamburg zog und mit der Mongo Clikke deutsche Hip-Hop-Geschichte schrieb. Nun kündigt der Musiker ein neues Soloalbum an und das hat es in sich – denn Reimann macht jetzt Rock. Der facettenreiche Allround-Künstler blickt auf eine vielseitige Karriere zurück. Stilbrüche und Genrewechsel gehörten für ihn schon immer dazu. So überraschte FERRIS MC bereits auf seinen ersten Soloalben »Asimetrie« (1999) und »Fertich!« (2001) mit ungewöhnlich harten Beats und Gitarrenriffs anstelle des gängigen Gangster-Rap-Klischees. 

"Punkrock und Rap haben meine Jugend gleichermaßen geprägt, weshalb auch fast auf all meinen Platten mindestens ein Crossover-Track zu hören ist“, erklärt Reimann. 

"Rap-technisch bin ich mittlerweile an einem Punkt angelangt, an dem ich mich nur noch wiederholen kann, um den Erwartungen gerecht zu werden. Doch so funktioniert Musik für mich nicht, denn ich muss mir selbst gerecht werden, um die nötige Energie freisetzen und ein gutes Album abzuliefern zu können.“

Typisch Ferris, denn obwohl viele Musiker dazu neigen, es sich früher oder später in einer Nische bequem zu machen, lässt er sich bis heute in keine Schublade pressen. Weder als Musiker noch als Schauspieler – seiner zweiten Leidenschaft. Während die ersten Jahre seiner Karriere voll und ganz im Zeichen des Hip Hops standen, war die zweite Dekade vor allem von der Electro-Formation DEICHKIND geprägt, deren festes Mitglied er von 2008 bis 2018 war. Mit »Wahrscheinlich Nie Wieder Vielleicht« läutet FERRIS MC nun die Rock-Ära ein. 


Band : Daniel Norgren


VÖ : 19.04.2019

Label/Vertrieb : Superpuma Records / H’art

Bandwebsite :

There is a power present in the places where we’re invited to adopt the pace of nature. The same forces that patiently connect the cells of a sprig in the soil can uproot a redwood with a single winter storm. If you’ve listened to Daniel Norgren, you understand.The experience of Norgren’s music is marked by connection: the artist to the band, the audience to the music, and the body to the soul. His latest album, Wooh Dang, out April 19, 2019 on Superpuma Records, will be Norgren’s first worldwide release. 

Produced by Norgren and engineered by longtime collaborator and Superpuma Records originator Pelle Nyhage, Wooh Dangwas made during the Fall of 2018 in a single room of a 19th-century textile farmhouse in the woods near Norgren’s home in Southwest Sweden. “The interior looked it hadn’t been touched for the past 80 years,” says Norgren. “I moved a lamp and it left a dark red ring on the pink tablecloth underneath...goldmine! The house was huge, full of good, inspiring mustiness, creaking wooden floors, scary old portrait paintings on the walls, and an old, black German piano which I used in all the songs.” Recorded live and entirely on a 16 track analogue rig, without guitar tuners, the album captures the close chemistry between Norgren and his band, comprised of old friends Anders Grahn (bass), Erik Berntsson (drums), and Andreas Filipsson (guitar and banjo). 

An intertwining of analog instrumentation, live performance, and rural field recordings, Wooh Dang is rife with a deeply hopeful creative intention. It's red blooded, alive, and coursing with equal parts adrenaline and seratonin. "Wooh Dang was a real fun album to make and to me it’s been the world for the last few years,” says Norgren. “Thanks for taking the time. I hope you enjoy it.”


Band : Charlotte Cornfield

Album : The Shape Of Your Name

VÖ : 05.04.2019

Label : Next Door Records / Outside Music / H'Art

Website :

“You free yourself when you take away the script,” says Toronto songwriter Charlotte Cornfield. “That’s where this record came from, dismantling patterns and embracing the process.” Cornfield’s third full length, The Shape Of Your Name, is set to arrive April 5 via Outside Music’s new imprint Next Door Records. “I’ve long been an admirer of Charlotte’s music and knew she had this record in her,” says Outside Music Managing Director Evan Newman. “It’s an absolute honour to have The Shape of Your Name be the first release on Next Door Records. We’re really looking forward to building a roster of diverse and compelling artists to share with the world. With the industry evolving and thriving, it became a focus for us to expand our label and thus adding a new imprint is a very exciting opportunity.” Today, Charlotte shares the first single from the new LP “Andrew” which received its national radio premiere this past weekend via The Strombo Show and will be available everywhere on January 18. Cornfield says “Andrew” could be “a song to a friend or a romantic partner but at its core it’s note to self, a reminder to step back and look at the bigger picture instead of dwelling on the minutia. We all have friends who we want to shake sometimes because their priorities feel out of whack, but on the flip side of that sometimes we’re that friend who needs shaking. When things get messy and absurd it helps be able to laugh at yourself, to laugh with someone, to shake it off and move forward.”

The Shape Of Your Name has a more honed studio sound than her scrappier 2016 release Future Snowbird, and for good reason: it was recorded in 5 different sessions over the course of 3 years. The songs are her strongest and most striking to date - contemplative and contemporary, funny and heart-wrenching - and they’ve got that stuck-in-your-head-for-days quality that Cornfield is known for. The Shape Of Your Name features a star-studded cast of collaborators including (but not limited to) Grammy-winning engineer Shawn Everett, Broken Social Scene members Brendan Canning, Kevin Drew, and Charles Spearin, and Montreal songwriter Leif Vollebekk.


Band : Shayna Steele

Album : Watch Me Fly

VÖ : 26.04.2019

Label/Vertrieb : Membran / Membran

Bandwebsite :

Diese emotionale Stimmgewalt – mehr Dynamit als Dynamik und 100% Soul. Vielen vertraut durch ihre Zusammenarbeit mit Snarky Puppy, Marcus Miller oder Moby, verleiht Shayna Steele sich und uns mit ihrem dritten Album Flügel. Auf "Watch Me Fly" fasziniert die in Kalifornien geborene und in New York lebende Sängerin, die als selbsternannte "Air Force Brat“ auch sieben Jahre lang in Ramstein in Rheinland-Pfalz aufwuchs, mit sechs neuen Songs, einen davon co-komponiert von Snarky Puppy-Maestro Michael League, und vier ausgewählten Klassikern. Von Soul über Blues und Gospel bis hin zu rauem R&B und Jazz präsentiert Shayna Steele hier auch ihre Vokal-Akrobatik und ihr Können als Songwriterin.

"I am outrageous, larger than life", sind die ersten Worte auf Shayna Steeles neuem Album – "Ich bin unerhört, überlebensgroß.“ Die wenigen Töne, die sie dazu in dem passend betitelten Song "Be“ singt, machen deutlich, dass dies keine bloße Angabe ist, sondern eine Tatsache. Man kann es nicht oft genug sagen: Shayna Steele hat nicht nur eine charismatische, charmante und wirklich einzigartige Stimme, sondern verfügt auch über eine enorme Technik und die Stimmstärke eines Vulkans. Eines aktiven, mitten im Ausbruch. Als Background-Sängerin trat sie deshalb schon mit Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Bette Midler, Steely Dan und etlichen mehr in Erscheinung. Sie tourte mit dem Trompeter Chris Botti, war eine der großen Stimmen bei Snarky Puppys "Family Dinner“ und erreichte Platz 1 der Billboard-Dance-Charts als Sängerin von Mobys "Disco Lies“. Es ist an der Zeit, dass Shayna selbst ins Rampenlicht tritt, keine Frage.


Band: Allman Brown

Album: Darling, It’ll Be Alright

VÖ: 10.05.2019

Label: Allman Brown Production / The Orchard / Membran


Der engl Songwriter legte 2017 sein Debüt 1000 Years vor und erreichte unglaublich gute Streaming Zahlen. Sein ruhiger, melodiöser von der Akustik Gitarre und seiner wunderbaren Stimme geprägter Sound Stil lässt sich durchaus mit seinen Vorbildern Bob Dylan, Tracy Chapman oder aber auch modernen Vertretern wie Ryan Adams, Sufjan Stevens, Iron and Wine oder City & Clour vergleichen

2017 proved to be a breakthrough year for Allman Brown: the momentum set in motion by 2013’s Sons And Daughters EP culminated in a debut album release (the acclaimed 1000 Years), which featured a number of old fan favourites alongside a batch of new songs.

Influenced by Bob Dylan, Tracy Chapman and Bruce Springsteen whilst growing up in Hong Kong, Brown latterly discovered and embraced musical visionaries such as Ryan Adams, Justin Vernon and Sufjan Stevens. All these musicians - alongside a wide range of literary writers and filmmakers - have indirectly shaped 1000 Years, a record that brims with emotions, varying styles and heart-on-sleeve lyrical honesty. Of the LP, R2 Magazine stated “This level of accomplishment would be rare in a more seasoned artist, but in a debutant it is quite breathtaking”, with Acoustic Magazine calling it “an album brimming with aching melodies”.

2018 saw Brown follow up with new music in the form of the Bury My Heart EP (including the singles Bury My Heart and Moonlight) and embark on headline tours of Ireland, North America, the UK and Continental Europe after a series of well-received showcases at the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas.

In October, Brown surpassed the milestone of 80 million cumulative streams on Spotify and Apple Music, and issued a Justin Timberlake cover (‘Say Something’) for Mahogany.


Band : Brutus

Album : Nest

VÖ : 03.02.2019

Label : Hassle Records / Soulfood

Website :

"From feeling invincible and grooving together through life to eventually losing all that you’ve built. The album NEST is a reflection of everything that came with making choices about ourselves and the ones in your nest."

Epic Belgian 3 piece BRUTUS can today announce details of their hugely anticipated forthcoming 2nd album 'Nest', set for release on March 29th  through Hassle Records in Europe and through Sargent House in the ROTW. The record release is preceded by the first single/video 'War' which was shot on the last day of the recordings at Nest in Rain City Recorders, Vancouver Canada.

To describe the last two years as a whirlwind for BRUTUS is something of an understatement. Having signed to Hassle Records, 2017 saw the release of their debut album, Burst, which set them on a path of award nominations and ‘album of the year’ accolades, as well as picking up huge fans from Lars Ulrich of Metallica to Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro. In the last 12 or so months, they have toured with Sargent House label mates Chelsea Wolfe and Russian Circles, BRUTUS also hit the road as main support to Thrice through Europe. Taking time out from the live circuit, the trio headed to Vancouver to record their second album, once again returning to Jesse Gander (Japandroids, White Lung, Baptists) at his Rain City Recorders studio in September 2018. The resulting 11 tracks form BRUTUS’s new album, 'Nest'.


Band : HUGO RACE Fatalists

Album : Taken By The Dream

Vö : 26.04. 2019

Label / Vertrieb: Glitterhouse / Indigo

Nach seinen letzten künstlerischen Exkursionen in die Welt des 21st Century Blues (‘John Lee Hooker’s World Today’) und der World Electronica (Dirtmusic’s ‘Bu Bir Ruya’ und ‘Gemini 4’), kehrt   der Weltenbummler aus Melbourne endlich mit einem neuen Fatalists Album zurück.   Hugo Race, ehemals The Wreckery und Gründungsmitglied der Bad Seeds, ist bekannt für seine Soundgemälde, die Folk, Blues, Experimentalmusik, Electro und Rock miteinander verbinden.?Bluesrock hat er gemacht, Punk hat er gemacht, Weltmusik und jetzt Folk: Doch egal, in welchem musikalischen Umfeld Hugo Race sich gerade bewegt, als Typ ist er sich immer treu geblieben. Er liebt die dunklen Klänge“ schreibt Carsten Beyer von Deutschlandfunk Kultur über den Australischen Musiker.   Aufgenommen und produziert wurde 'Taken By The Dream' in Sizilien zusammen mit Diego Sapignoli und Francesco Giampaoli von Sacri Cuori. Als Gastmusiker sind Chris Brokaw (Lemonheads, Come, Codeine), Bryan Colechin (The True Spirit), Violinist Vicki Brown (Calexico), Singer-Songwriterin Lisa Crawley, Giovanni Ferrario (Scisma, Micevice) und Michelangelo Russo auf dem Album zu hören.   “(This is) a profound and intimate journey, accompanied by an experienced guide who investigates every dark corner of the human soul, an author who should not be missing in any respectable discography” sagt Paolo Dordi vom Italienischen Rockerilla Magazin vorab über das neue Album!  


Band : Teenage Bottlerocket

Album : Stay Rad!

VÖ : 15.03.2019

Label : Fat Wreck Chords / Edel

Website :

Let’s be honest. Teenage Bottlerocket has always been rad. Formed in Wyoming in 2000, they were rad when they released their debut album, Another Way, in 2003 and almost two decades – as the title of this eighth studio album suggests – they remain just as rad. Following on from 2017’s Stealing The Covers – which, funnily enough, was a record of cover versions – these 14 short, snappy and stylish punk songs are centered around the songwriting chops of guitarists/vocalists Ray Carlisle and Kody Templeman and overflow with Teenage Bottlerocket’s typical mix of humor and poignancy, silliness and melancholy. But it’s also the first album of original material that the band – completed by bassist Miguel Chen and drummer Darren Chewka – made following the death of former drummer and Ray’s twin brother Brandon in 2015.

“I'm definitely proud of it,” says Ray. “It's cool how we all came together through something so tragic and made one of our best records. I think Brandon would really love it. Stealing The Coversreally helped us get back on our feet and it was a cool in-between, but this record was something we wanted to make as excellent as possible.” 

“I think we all had him in the back of our minds while writing and recording it,” adds Kody. “I’d like to think that he would be happy with how it turned out.”

Recorded at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Stay Rad! – which will be released on March 15 – was produced and mixed by longtime collaborator Andrew Berlin and mixed by Jason Livermore. And in keeping with its title, it finds the band channeling the same riotous energy it had at the start. Its members might be older now, some married and with kids, but when it comes to writing songs together as Teenage Bottlerocket, absolutely nothing has changed. “We’re doing what we’ve always done,” says Kody, “which is writing fun songs and having a good time. It doesn’t feel any different than it did when we started.” 


Band : Bad Suns

Album : Mystic Truth

VÖ : 15.03.2019

Label : Epitaph / Indigo 

Website :

The third full-length from L.A. band Bad Suns, Mystic Truth gets its title from a piece of art that vocalist Christo Bowman stumbled upon while visiting London’s Tate Modern on tour. Created by Bruce Nauman in 1967, the neon-and-glass piece spells out a possibly paradoxical statement in blue spiraled cursive: “The True Artist Helps the World by Revealing Mystic Truths.”

“I thought that connected back to the message of the record, which is about finding the extraordinary in very simple things, even though we’re living in a very dark time right now,” says Bowman, whose bandmates include guitarist Ray Libby, bassist Gavin Bennett, and drummer Miles Morris. “Instead of succumbing to that darkness, I think you’ve got to try to hold onto some optimism, and try to uncover those simple miracles so you don’t lose the plot of what’s really important.”

Produced by Dave Sardy (The Head and the Heart, The Black Angels, Oasis), Mystic Truth channels that searching quality into songs with a powerful sense of purpose. In creating the album, Bad Suns recorded at the legendary Sunset Sound and at Sardy’s home studio, building on the melodic brilliance first glimpsed on their debut album Language & Perspective—a 2014 release that hit #24 on the Billboard 200 and led to massive tours supporting Halsey and The Neighbourhood. At the same time, the band amps up the intensity of their 2016 sophomore effort Disappear Here (praised as their “most dynamic and introspective work yet” by Alternative Press), giving way to a more emotionally urgent merging of rock & roll, post-punk, and pop.


Band : Eli Paperboy Reed

Album : 99 Cent Dreams

VÖ : 12.04.2019

Label : Yep Roc / H'Art

Website :

With the release of his new record, ‘99 Cent Dreams,’ Eli “Paperboy” Reed begins his second decade as an artist much in the same way he began his first: completely and utterly in love with soul music. Reed is ten years older and ten years wiser this time around, though, writing with the kind of freewheeling confidence that can only come from experience, and the result is the finest and most emotionally sophisticated music of his career. Cut at the legendary Sam Phillips Recording in Memphis, TN, and produced by Matt Ross-Spang (Jason Isbell, Margo Price), ‘99 Cent Dreams’ is an exuberant and uplifting collection, a celebration of life and love delivered by an ecstatic messenger who’s still in profound awe of the power of both. Reed’s arrangements on the album are lean and muscular, filtering vintage R&B, soul, and gospel through the heart of a modern songwriter. His stunning voice remains front and center, of course, but his performances here have grown in their assurance and matured in their delivery, a sign perhaps of the newfound perspective he’s gained with fatherhood.

The new album follows the Boston-via-Mississippi singer’s universally lauded 2016 release, ‘My Way Home,’ a comeback record of sorts that rose from the ashes of a doomed major label deal. Hailed as “inspired, raw and powerful” by NPR and praised for its “urgent, electric energy” by Uncut, the album marked the beginning of Reed’s fruitful relationship with Yep Roc Records (who will also reissue his 2008 debut album, ‘Roll With You’) and showcased his resilient spirit and rafter-raising voice. The songs harkened back to the timeless music he fell in love with as a young man playing organ and guitar in the Chicago church established by gospel legend Mitty Collier, and they helped him process the wild journey he’d been through.



Album : Apple Of Discord

VÖ : 22.02.2019

Label : Long Branch Records / SPV

Website :

Nicht nur sind Ghost Iris eine der führenden progressiven Metalcore bands aus Dänemark, sie sind ebenso ein perfektes Beispiel für die moderne Musikwelt. Gestartet in 2015 als ein DIY-Internet-Phänomen, baute sich die Band in rasanter Zeit ein starkes Team im Hintergrund auf und hinterließ sehr schnell ihre ersten Spuren in der Metal-Gemeinde. Im Jahre 2016 war ihr Debütalbum "Anecdotes Of Science & Soul" bereits das meist-gestreamte Album einer dänischen Metalband auf Spotify mit 1,6 Millionen Streams. Inzwischen stiegen ihre gesamten Streams auf über 5 Millionen an. Ihre ersten beiden Alben, "Anecdotes Of Science & Soul" und "Blind World", erhielten beide herausragende Kritiken von Kerrang!, Metal Hammer und ItDjents für ihren spielerischen und trotzdem eingängigen progressiven Metal. Technische und dennoch melodische Gitarren; schnelles und dennoch grooviges Schlagzeug und die außergewöhnlich große Bandbreite der Stimme, von fiesen Growls bis hin zu engelsklarem Gesang, sind die Markenzeichen der Band. Mit dem Ziel den Hörer eine Erfahrung zwischen Ohrwurm und Abriss machen zu lassen, erzeugen Ghost Iris diverse Gefühle, Stimmungen und Atmosphären.


Band : XIXA

EP : The Code EP

VÖ : 01.03.2019

Label : Glitterhouse Rec / Indigo

Website :

Can you crack The Code? XIXA, Tucson’s dark, dusty gothic overlords, aren’t even sure they can. For their new, four-track EP, they reached further into the desert, into their instruments, and into their words, carving a deeper, more grandiose space for their cumbia-tinged psychedelic rock to swell. “At times this record feels like us trying to decipher the language of our music,” says Gabriel Sullivan who shares lead vocals and lead guitar alongside Brian Lopez. “At others it’s like we’re intentionally hiding a code in the language of the songs. Everything has a mystic quality.”

XIXA are a guitar-slinging six-piece formed in the heart of the deep Southwest, uniquely attuned to the desert and their Latin roots. Combining gritty guitars, the bumping grind of chicha, and windswept desert blues into a mesmerizing stew, they are by turns trippy and devilish, like jam band getting high on Diá de Los Muertos. 2016’s Bloodline saw them inject heavy fuzz guitars and Latin pulses into sandy rock’n’roll, a potent mix that took them all over the world for nigh on two whole years.

With a visual language and artwork provided by world-renowned artist and Tucson native Daniel Martin Diaz – a long time collaborator of the band – that effort has birthed a swirling, raw collection of songs, intense and sun bleached yet shot through with an inky gothic horror. They scan like the long lost soundtrack to a panoramic Tarantino Western; poised, stylish, and menacing. On ‘Mantra’, Sullivan sings like Leonard Cohen re-imagined as a desert outlaw; ‘Osiris’ is Ennio Morricone stumbling through the Mexican badlands in a dream.


Band : Rogers

Album : Mittelfinger für Immer

VÖ : 08.03.2019

Label : Century Media / Sony

Website :

Hinter den ROGERS liegt ein turbulentes Jahr, das von unzähligen Shows, diversen Verletzungen und den Aufnahmen ihres vierten Studioalbums "Mittelfinger für immer“ geprägt war. Zeit zum Durchatmen blieb dabei kaum, denn ihr bisher stärkstes Live-Jahr startete im Frühjahr mit einer überaus erfolgreichen Headliner-Tour, die direkt in einen unvergesslichen Festival-Sommer überging. Selbst die Fußverletzungen von Chri und Dom konnten die Düsseldorfer nicht bremsen. Egal, ob Deichbrand Festival, Wacken Open Air oder Ruhrpott Rodeo – ihre Auftritte übertrafen alle Erwartungen und werden der Band und ihren Fans noch lange in Erinnerung bleiben. Genau wie ihre bislang größte Show, die sie im Vorprogramm von Die Toten Hosen in der ausverkauften Arena ihrer gemeinsamen Heimatstadt Düsseldorf spielen durften. "Ganz schön krass“, blickt Sänger Chri auf die vergangenen Monate zurück. "Im Grunde bestand 2018 ausschließlich aus Höhepunkten.“ 

Wen wundert es da, dass die rastlosen Punkrocker zwischendurch auch noch den einen oder anderen Videodreh in den Berliner YouTube-Studios eingelegt haben? "Wir machen sehr viel selbst und sind beispielsweise auch bei der Albumproduktion im Studio voll eingespannt gewesen“, erklärt Gitarrist Nico. "Die kurzen Momente zuhause sind daher rar gesät, doch das Ergebnis kann sich am Ende immer sehen und hören lassen.“ Bereits bei der Produktion des letzten Albums "Augen auf“ hat sich herauskristallisiert, dass die Musiker – neben ihren eigentlichen Aufgaben innerhalb der Band – über viele weitere Stärken verfügen. Dieses Herzblut, das sich bei den ROGERS durch die komplette Bandgeschichte zieht, ist auch ihrem neuen Album anzuhören und dessen sind sie sich bewusst: "Trotzdem oder vielleicht auch gerade deswegen können wir voller Stolz sagen, dass wir ultrazufrieden mit dem Ergebnis sind, denn die Platte setzt ein Statement dafür, was wir nun schon jahrelang durchziehen und auch weiter durchziehen werden. Komme was wolle, Mittelfinger für immer!" 


Band : Yves Jarvis

Album : The Same But By Different Means

VÖ : 01.03.2019

Label/Vertrieb: Anti / Indigo


Idiosyncrasies are both blessing and curse. In a certain light, they’re the purest expression of our existences: chaotic, marred by imperfections, irrational, beautiful and resilient all the same. Yves Jarvis knows this. His music is idiosyncratic neither by design or by chance; it just is. It mutates and shifts, as he does, through cycles and phases. Yves Jarvis’ new record, The Same But By Different Means, is a new cycle. 

Yves Jarvis is itself a clean slate, a recasting of Montreal-based musician Jean-Sebastian Audet. Audet previously created under the name Un Blonde, a name which he says was, at one point, all he wanted. “I felt like I had found, finally, phonetically, the perfect project name with Un Blonde,” he says. “I thought it evoked the proper imagery for all the shit I wanted to do.” 

But of course, things change. “Now I’m at a place where I feel like when I hear it, I don’t like it because I don’t identify with it at all,” he continues. “I knew I needed something that I could identify with.” Each aspect of Audet’s work is immensely personal, and Yves Jarvis reflects this literally. Yves is Audet’s middle name, while Jarvis is his mother’s last name. 

With The Same But By Different Means, Audet continues to create music that is at once warm, haunting, and unfamiliar while remaining singularly inviting and kind—a mélange that reflects both comfort and its counterpart. Un Blonde’s 2017 LP Good Will Come To You was celebrated universally for those things that make Audet’s work compelling: careful folk noir, tender R&B flourishes, pillowy vocal beds that somehow seem to neither begin nor end, and a punkish ambivalence towards saccharine melodics that traditionally dominate the previous three structures. 


Band : The Royal

Album : Deathwatch

VÖ : 08.03.2019

Label : Long Branch Records / SPV

Website :

Die niederländische Metalband THE ROYAL wandert weiter zwischen den vielen verschiedenen Welten des modernen Metal. Nach dem Release ihres ersten Label-Albums “Seven”, welches für seine eingängigen Riffs und aufbauenden Songs gefeiert wurde, spielten THE ROYAL unzählige Clubshows und Festivals in 25 europäischen Ländern auf einer 2-monatigen Tour. Im Anschluss an diese folgte direkt eine 4-wöchige Tour durch Japan und China.

Durch das Songwriting auf Tour und durch die tiefgründigen Diskussionen zwischen 5 jungen Männern, entschloss sich die Band auf dem neuen Album “Deathwatch” die dunklere Seite des Metalcore zu erkunden. Der neue Output ist ein Mix aus eingängigen Riffs, heftigen Breakdowns und ambienten Sounds. Ungezügelte Emotionen tropfen aus jeder Rille, was zeigt, welch emotionales Jahr THE ROYAL als Band hinter sich haben.

Neben dem Songwriting, nahm die Band auf “Deathwatch” vom Produzieren, Mixen bis zum Design hin alles selber in die Hand, um möglichst nah an ihrem Wunschalbum zu sein. Seien es Sem Pisarahu’s Texte über die täglichen Schwierigkeiten des Lebens oder die außergewöhnliche Gitarrenarbeit von JD und Pim; jeder, der auf dunklen, epischen und emotionalen Metal steht, kann sich sicher sein, dass “Deathwatch” sein Album ist.


Band : Delicate Steve

Album : Till I Burn Up

VÖ : 01.03.2019

Label : ANTI-/ Indigo

Website :

“In a time where nothing makes sense, or when everyone is trying to make sense of everything, even the right idea might not make perfect sense to everybody at that moment.”

Steve Marion, the songwriter, guitarist, and producer who has made four studio records of primarily word-less, guitar-first music as Delicate Steve, is talking about the bifurcated and reactionary culture of the moment. But by no coincidence he’s also describing musical moments that helped to inspire Till I Burn Up (Anti-, 2019) his forthcoming LP.

The album name comes from a line in Dr. John's “Walk on Guilded Splinters” where Steve misheard John’s actual phrase "Tit Alberta" as "Till I Burn Up." But more than fodder for an album title, John’s Gris Gris, and records like it, informed a new frame-of-mind for an artist who has historically set out to make a predetermined statement with every recording. 

“The idea of this young freak making Gris Gris in LA, and nobody knowing what to do with it in 1968... He gave me confidence to be a little more freaky and abstract instead of quirky and nicely-packaged like my last album was.” Steve goes on to cite early records by Iggy Pop and Dylan and The Band’s electric tour that were panned at the time and lauded in hindsight. “There is a confidence that comes with abandoning the idea of wanting to create something that everyone might like to check out.”

But all is not bifurcated, and we know two things can be true at once. The confidence necessary for Steve to make Till I Burn Up could also be self-inspired. Now nearly ten years into his career, Steve is a cult artist of his time who has been called to record with his heroes (Paul Simon, Kanye West) and contribute significantly to his contemporaries’ modern masterworks (Amen Dunes, Freedom), all the while recording and releasing his own critically hailed work and sharing the stage with Tame Impala, Mac DeMarco, Growlers and others.


Band : The Drums

Album : Brutalism

VÖ : 05.04.2019

Label : ANTI-/ Indigo

Website :

On Brutalism, the fifth LP from The Drums, a lot is different. It is quite possibly the best collection of songs in the band's ten-year career. The album is defined by growth, transformation and questions, but It doesn't provide all the answers. Brutalism is a form of simplistic architecture defined by blocks of raw concrete. Brutalism is rooted in an emotional rawness but its layers are soft, intricate and warm, full of frivolous and exquisitely crafted pop songs that blast sunlight and high energy in the face of anxiety, solitude and crippling self-doubt.

In 2017, The Drums put out its first record as a solo project. Abysmal Thoughts belonged to Jonny Pierce alone. It discussed his painful divorce. Since, he has returned to New York and now lives between there and LA. “I felt my work in LA was done. I was exhausted, depleted and sabotaging myself, partying so much but in reality running away from pain. It was a downward spiral.” He wanted to deal with unresolved facets of his relationship with himself so he did therapy. “It was do or die,” he says. “Figuring out what it is that makes me happy, and acknowledging that I deal with depression.” He looks at Brutalism as an extension of self-care. “In order to take care of yourself you have to ask questions. Those are the things I needed to confront. It's interesting talking about the past, dealing with things that are long overdue. I'm delivering something unsure and unclear.”




VÖ : 22.02.2019

Label/Vertrieb : Arising Empire / Warner

Bandwebsite :

"»Cheap Love« ist zu 100% TTRAW“, lässt die Band aus Essen verlauten, die in den vergangenen sechs Jahren einen beachtlichen Aufstieg aus dem deutschen Underground vermelden kann. Ihr energetischer Mix aus elektronischen Elementen und moderner, zeitgenössischer Heaviness ist einzigartiger in der heutigen Musiklandschaft und ihr neues Album profitiert von ihrer absoluten DIY-Attitüde - die Jungs haben sich dieses Mal um jeden Aspekt selbst gekümmert und keinerlei Einflüsse von aussen zugelassen. 

"Spannend war für uns, dass wir dieses Mal keine Einflüsse von Außerhalb hatten und die platte zu 100% so gemacht haben, wie wir es wollten. In der Vergangenheit wurden wir immer wieder enttäuscht weil wir Kompromisse eingegangen sind, die unserer Intuition widersprachen, das haben wir bei »Cheap Love« nicht zugelassen.“

Es brauchte nur 1,5 Jahre, um »Cheap Love« zu schreiben, aufzunehmen und zu produzieren - eine Zeit, in der die Band sich erneut weiterentwickelte, sich ihrer Masken-Outfits entledigte und den nächsten logischen Schritt nach dem vielgelobten »Dethroned« (2016) vollzogen. Heute zeigen sie sich bodenständiger und erwachsener und haben ein Quäntchen der genannten Heaviness abgelegt, im gleichen Atemzug jedoch eine Menge mehr Gefühl und Emotion zugelassen. 


Band : Lydia Persaud

Album : Let Me Show You

VÖ : 10.05.2019

Label/Vertrieb : Next Door Rec / H’art

Bandwebsite :

A fixture of Toronto’s music community and a sought-after collaborator, Soul -Singer Songwriter Lydia Persaud stands alone with her debut album Let Me Show You.

Exposed to music from a very young age, Lydia’s early influences sprang from the gospel styles of her religious upbringing. “Unpacking the last 24 years of my life as I grew up in church is an ongoing journey. I was sheltered in many ways, through homeschooling (grade 2-5) and extreme involvement in my church. At the same time I was introduced to the concept of singing for a greater purpose than that of fame and glory. Music was for God and for giving thanks, a foundation that I am grateful for to this day. Removing the ego and vanity in music and giving back, connecting, and sharing relatable stories is how I have grown from these early experiences.”

It wasn’t until Lydia stumbled across a cassette that she was exposed to soul music. “My first introduction to soul music was through one of my early tapes, VH1 Divas Live. It was a live performance taping with Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Carole King and Gloria Estefan. I so wish that Whitney had performed as that would have covered all of my favourite vocal queens.” The vocal skill of these icons drew Lydia in to explore the soul genre. This influence ultimately reached into the recording studio where Lydia created Let Me Show You. “Soul music has always affected me the most, a soulful conviction on matters of the heart. Voicing struggle or sharing joy and celebration has always been my favourite method of expression.”


Band : Daddy Long Legs

Album : Lowdown Ways

VÖ : 10.05.2019

Label/Vertrieb : Yep Roc Rec / H’art

Bandwebsite :

DADDY LONG LEGS return with savagery and sophistication on their upcoming Yep Roc debut, Lowdown Ways. The 12 original tracks punch a necessary hole in the 21st Century landscape, both sonically and spiritually.

The expansive, new territory that the New York City-based trio cover on Lowdown Ways is thanks to producer Jimmy Sutton (JD McPherson, Pokey Lafarge, Jake La Botz) who applies his technical know-how to broaden the sound of such instantly memorable tunes as "Pink Lemonade" (co-written by McPherson), "Ding Dong Dang" and "Bad Neighborhood," which resonate with the down-and-dirty roots that have always been DADDY LONG LEGS' inspiration. Meanwhile, the band ventures successfully into unfamiliar territory with the pub-rock-style "Winners Circle," the bittersweet acoustic ballad "Back Door Fool" and the dramatic album-closer "Wrong Side of the River."

Written in the great cities of Brooklyn and Nashville and recorded on the Southside of Chicago at Hi-Style Studio, the beloved trio have created a record cinematic in scope that rides the crest of the new century with a beggar’s banquet of ancient spells, hollers and fuzz, steel guitars rapturous preaching, and of course, a DADDY LONG LEGS stompin’ beat.



Album : Sharing The Covers

VÖ : 08.03.2019

Label/Vertrieb : Yep Roc / H’art

Bandwebsite :


Chatham County Line has never been shy about crossing borders. Birthed from country rockers Stillhouse in 1999, the Raleigh, NC-based quartet initially referred to its sound as new traditional, “We were in love with bluegrass, so we wanted to play bluegrass without really being trained in it,” Chatham County Line’s vocalist/guitarist Dave Wilson says. The group used the term “guerrilla bluegrass” to describe themselves in those early years, mainly because they had such a mobile form of playing.

“We don't need electricity to do anything, so we would play on street corners everywhere. We just thought we were kind of a traditional band as far as instrumentation.” But Wilson says they only got away with that for a short while after their eponymous 2003 debut, on a quest to find their own voice. ”We're rock and roll kids, and we came to it for the love of the genre and the style of performing.” He insists that nobody who knew bluegrass ever thought they were a 'grass band. “We're kind of an Americana band without drums, or a rock and roll band who doesn't plug anything in.”

The band's name comes from one of their very first practices when the then—unnamed group—Wilson on guitar, vocals, and harp; John Teer on mandolin and fiddle; Chandler Holt on banjo; and Greg Readling covering bass, pedal steel, and piano duties, were trying to find Holt's place in Chapel Hill and got lost. “We crossed the Chatham County line, and we never looked back,” Wilson says. “Just saw the sign, and said that’d be a good idea for a name, and the next thing you know....”



07.03.2019 — Wuppertal, Deutschland — Kontakthof
08.03.2019 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Astra Stube
09.03.2019 — Doberan, Deutschland — Kornhaus
11.03.2019 — Lübeck, Deutschland — Tonfink
12.03.2019 — Dresden, Deutschland — Blue Note
14.03.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — Bar Bobu
15.03.2019 — Chemnitz, Deutschland — Aaltra
16.03.2019 — Mannheim, Deutschland — Geschichtswerkstatt Altes Volksbad
17.03.2019 — Passau, Deutschland — Zauberberg
18.03.2019 — Graz, Österreich — Platoo//Scherbe
19.03.2019 — Esslingen, Deutschland — CentralTheatre
20.03.2019 — Köln, Deutschland — Die Wohngemeinschaft 


28.04.2019 — Münster, Deutschland — Sputnik Café
13.05.2019 — Köln, Deutschland — MTC
14.05.2019 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Hafenklang
16.05.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — Maze
18.05.2019 — Dresden, Deutschland — Scheune
20.05.2019 — München, Deutschland — Strom
22.05.2019 — Frankfurt, Deutschland — Nachtleben 


21.04.2019 — Hannover, Deutschland — Musikzentrum
22.04.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — Bi Nuu
25.04.2019 — Wiesbaden, Deutschland — Schlachthof
29.04.2019 — München, Deutschland — Backstage
30.04.2019 — Karlsruhe, Deutschland — Stadtmitte
01.05.2019 — Nürnberg, Deutschland — Z-Bau
02.05.2019 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Hafenklang
03.05.2019 — Leipzig, Deutschland — Conne Island
04.05.2019 — Köln, Deutschland — Essigfabrik 


19.04.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — Musik & Frieden (w/ DEAD SWAN ; SWAIN)
20.04.2019 — Leipzig, Deutschland — Impericon Festival
23.04.2019 — Wien, Österreich — Arena (w/ DEAD SWANS ; SWAIN)
24.04.2019 — München, Deutschland — Feierwerk (w/ DEAD SWANS ; SWAIN)
25.04.2019 — Oberhausen, Deutschland — Kulttempel (w/ DEAD SWANS ; SWAIN) 


Denver Broncos UK
20.02.2019 — Oberhausen, Deutschland — Druckluft
01.03.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — Privatclub
02.03.2019 — Bielefeld, Deutschland — Forum 


Die Nerven
19.02.2019 — Mainz, Deutschland — Schon Schön
20.02.2019 — Essen, Deutschland — Zeche Karl
21.02.2019 — Bielefeld, Deutschland — Forum
22.02.2019 — Kiel, Deutschland — Schaubühne
24.02.2019 — Rostock, Deutschland — Mau Club
27.02.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — SO 36 (AUSVERKAUFT)
28.02.2019 — Nürnberg, Deutschland — Z Bau
02.03.2019 — Passau, Deutschland — Zauberberg
03.03.2019 — Regensburg, Deutschland — Alte Mälzerei
04.03.2019 — München, Deutschland — Kammerspiele
25.05.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — Berghain Kantine (Zusatzshow) 


Escovedo, Alejandro
24.04.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — Quasimodo
25.04.2019 — Frankfurt, Deutschland — Brotfabrik
27.04.2019 — Zürich, Schweiz — El Lokal
03.05.2019 — Geislingen, Deutschland — Rätsche 


Ferris MC
22.02.2019 — Karlsruhe, Deutschland — Substage
23.02.2019 — Ulm, Deutschland — Roxy
01.03.2019 — Magdeburg, Deutschland — Altes Theater
02.03.2019 — Erfurt, Deutschland — HsD
08.03.2019 — Erlangen, Deutschland — E-Werk
09.03.2019 — Dresden, Deutschland — Alter Schlachthof
13.03.2019 — Bremen, Deutschland — Tower (Releaseshow)
14.03.2019 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Molotow (Releaseshow) (AUSVERKAUFT)
15.03.2019 — Frankfurt, Deutschland — Batschkapp
16.03.2019 — Düsseldorf, Deutschland — Zakk 


Ghost Iris
14.03.2019 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Logo
15.03.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — Roadrunner
16.03.2019 — Aschaffenburg, Deutschland — Colos Saal
17.03.2019 — Stuttgart, Deutschland — ClubCANN
18.03.2019 — München, Deutschland — Backstage Werk
20.03.2019 — Hagen, Deutschland — Kultopia
21.03.2019 — Köln, Deutschland — Helios
03.04.2019 — Pratteln, Schweiz — Z7 


Hansard, Glen
08.03.2019 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Elbphilharmonie
08.05.2019 — Köln, Deutschland — Philarmonie
09.05.2019 — Frankfurt, Deutschland — Alte Oper
16.05.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — Admiralpalast
17.05.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — Admiralpalast
19.05.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — Admiralpalast

28.04.2019 — Hannover, Deutschland — Bei Chez Heinz
29.04.2019 — Heidelberg, Deutschland — Karlstorbahnhof
30.04.2019 — Münster, Deutschland — Uncle M Festival
02.05.2019 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Übel & Gefährlich
03.05.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — Bi Nuu
04.05.2019 — Dresden, Deutschland — Beatpol
05.05.2019 — Wien, Österreich — Porgy & Bess
07.05.2019 — München, Deutschland — Backstage Halle
08.05.2019 — Stuttgart, Deutschland — Universum
09.05.2019 — Köln, Deutschland — Bürgerhaus Stollwerck 


Interrupters, the
26.06.2019 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Markthalle (AUSVERKAUFT!)

Joy Formidable, the
24.02.2019 — Frankfurt/Main, Deutschland — Nachtleben
25.02.2019 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Kukuun
26.02.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — Musik & Frieden
27.02.2019 — Münster, Deutschland — Gleis 22 


Joyce Manor
23.04.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — Musik & Frieden
25.04.2019 — Köln, Deutschland — Artheater 


La Dispute
22.06.2019 — Scheeßel, Deutschland — Hurricane Festival
23.06.2019 — Neuhausen, Deutschland — Southside Festival 


Le Butcherettes
27.03.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — Frannz Club
28.03.2019 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Hafenklang
05.04.2019 — Köln, Deutschland — Artheater 


Jeangu Macrooy
04.06.2019 — Köln, Deutschland — YUCA
05.06.2019 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Nochtwache
06.06.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — Privatclub
07.06.2019 — München, Deutschland — Ampere 


Mad Caddies
26.02.2019 — Köln, Deutschland — Live Music Hall
27.02.2019 — Hannover, Deutschland — Kulturzentrum Faust
28.02.2019 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Markthalle
01.03.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — S036
02.03.2019 — Schweinfurt, Deutschland — Stadtbahnhof
03.03.2019 — Freiburg, Deutschland — Jazzhaus
05.03.2019 — Lindau, Deutschland — Club Vaudeville
07.03.2019 — Obertraubling, Deutschland — Eventhall Airport
10.03.2019 — Wien, Österreich — Arena 


Mandolin Orange
01.05.2019 — München, Deutschland — Ampere
02.05.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — Lido
03.05.2019 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Nochtspeicher 


22.02.2019 — Osnabrück, Deutschland — Rosenhof (mit Kopfecho)
15.03.2019 — Aschaffenburg, Deutschland — Colos-Saal (mit Kopfecho)
16.03.2019 — Trier, Deutschland — Mergener Hof (mit Kopfecho)
28.03.2019 — Zürich, Schweiz — Dynamo (Special Guest: Gute Freunde)
29.03.2019 — Aarburg, Schweiz — Musigburg (Special Guest: Gute Freunde)
30.03.2019 — Wien, Österreich — Flex (Special Guest: Gute Freunde) 


Mayday Parade
25.02.2019 — Köln, Deutschland — Luxor
27.02.2019 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Knust
28.02.2019 — München, Deutschland — Hansa 39 


29.05.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — Frannz Club
31.05.2019 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Nochtspeicher 


Midas Fall
26.02.2019 — Köln, Deutschland — MTC
03.03.2019 — Frankfurt, Deutschland — Nachtleben
05.03.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — Musik & Frieden 
07.03.2019 — Karlsruhe, Deutschland — ITL 


Milk Carton Kids, the
23.05.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — Passionskirche
24.05.2019 — Mainz, Deutschland — Frankfurter Hof
25.05.2019 — Lüdenscheid, Deutschland — Kulturhaus 


23.04.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — SO 36
24.04.2019 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Markthalle
25.04.2019 — Wiesbaden, Deutschland — Schlachthof
26.04.2019 — Köln, Deutschland — Carlswerk Victoria
05.05.2019 — München, Deutschland — Muffatthalle 


Moir, Rob
21.03.2019 — Herdecke, Deutschland — Shakespeare Pub
22.03.2019 — Köln, Deutschland — Die Wohngemeinschaft
24.03.2019 — Langenberg, Deutschland — KGB (w/ Komparse)
26.03.2019 — Zeitz, Deutschland — Green Turtle
29.03.2019 — Dachau, Deutschland — Café Gramsci
31.03.2019 — Offenbach, Deutschland — Hafen 2 (16 Uhr) 


Neilson, Tami
27.04.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — Frannz Club
28.04.2019 — München, Deutschland — Kranhalle
30.04.2019 — Worpswede, Deutschland — Music Hall
01.05.2019 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Nochtspeicher
02.05.2019 — Dortmund, Deutschland — Piano
03.05.2019 — Erfurt, Deutschland — Museumskeller 


19.05.2019 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Übel & Gefährlich
23.05.2019 — Köln, Deutschland — Stadtgarten
24.05.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — Festsaal 


Press Club
23.04.2019 — Zürich, Deutschland — Hafenkneipe
24.04.2019 — München, Deutschland — Strom
25.04.2019 — Neunkirchen / Saar, Deutschland — Stummsche Reithalle
27.04.2019 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Molotow
29.04.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — SO36
30.04.2019 — Münster, Deutschland — Uncle M Festival 


26.07.2019 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Markthalle (w/ PEARS + ANTILLECTUAL)
27.07.2019 — Bausendorf, Deutschland — Riez Open Air
07.08.2019 — Karlsruhe, Deutschland — Die Stadtmitte (w/ Pears)
08.08.2019 — Feldkirch, Österreich — Poolbar Festival 


Punk In Drublic
03.05.2019 — Köln, Deutschland — Tanzbrunnen (Open Air)
04.05.2019 — Hannover, Deutschland — Faust Wiese (Open Air) (THE REAL MCKANZIES, GET DEAD)
10.05.2019 — Saarbrücken, Deutschland — Saarlandhalle (THE REAL MCKENZIES, THE LILLINGTONS)
11.05.2019 — Würzburg, Deutschland — S'Oliver Halle (THE REAL MCKENZIES, THE LILLINGTONS)
12.05.2019 — Dornbirn, Österreich — Messehalle (THE REAL MCKENZIES, THE LILLINGTONS) 


Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra
09.03.2019 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Nochtwache
12.03.2019 — Krefeld, Deutschland — Kulturrampe
15.03.2019 — Crailsheim, Deutschland — 7180-Bar
16.03.2019 — Stuttgart, Deutschland — Rakete
18.03.2019 — Zürich, Schweiz — El Lokal 


04.04.2019 — Hannover, Deutschland — Musikzentrum (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
05.04.2019 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Grünspan (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
06.04.2019 — Dortmund, Deutschland — FZW (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
07.04.2019 — Weinheim, Deutschland — Cafe Central (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
09.04.2019 — Zürich, Schweiz — Dynamo (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
10.04.2019 — Lyss, Schweiz — KUFA (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
11.04.2019 — Nürnberg, Deutschland — Z Bau (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
12.04.2019 — Stuttgart, Deutschland — Im Winzemann (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
13.04.2019 — Müchen, Deutschland — Backstage (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
14.04.2019 — Graz, Österreich — Dom im Berg (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
17.04.2019 — Koblenz, Deutschland — Circus Maximus (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
18.04.2019 — Münster, Deutschland — Sputnikhalle (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
19.04.2019 — Bremen, Deutschland — Tower (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
20.04.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — Lido (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
21.04.2019 — Leipzig, Deutschland — Conne Island (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
23.04.2019 — Ulm, Deutschland — Cabaret Eden (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
24.04.2019 — Saarbrücken, Deutschland — Garage (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
25.04.2019 — Kassel, Deutschland — Club Arm (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
26.04.2019 — Frankfurt, Deutschland — Das Bett (Support: Marathonmann & Engst)
27.04.2019 — Köln, Deutschland — Live Music Hall (Support: Marathonmann & Engst) 


15.03.2019 — Wesel, Deutschland — Krachgarten
17.03.2019 — München, Deutschland — Backstage
18.03.2019 — Wien, Österreich — Escape
22.03.2019 — Dresden, Deutschland — Club Novitatis 


Slow Leaves
07.03.2019 — Grevenbroich, Deutschland — Café Kultus
09.03.2019 — Wernigerode, Deutschland — Fürstlicher Marstall
10.03.2019 — Köln, Deutschland — Die Wohngemeinschaft
11.03.2019 — Bamberg, Deutschland — Live-Club Bamberg
12.03.2019 — Dillenburg, Deutschland — Erbse
13.03.2019 — Göttingen, Deutschland — Apex
15.03.2019 — Laufach, Deutschland — Spessarttor
16.03.2019 — Lörrach, Deutschland — Nellie Nashorn
17.03.2019 — Freiburg, Deutschland — Swamp
18.03.2019 — Winterthur, Schweiz — Monomontag
20.03.2019 — Kufstein, Österreich — Vitus & Urban
21.03.2019 — Viechtach, Deutschland — Altes Spital
22.03.2019 — Bad Frankenhausen, Deutschland — Panorama Museum
23.03.2019 — Eisenhüttenstadt, Deutschland — Kunsthof Fürstenberg
24.03.2019 — Radeburg, Deutschland — Kulturbahnhof Radeburg 


Teenage Bottlerocket
22.04.2019 — Nürnberg, Deutschland — Desi
23.04.2019 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Molotow SkyBar
24.04.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — Cassiopeia
25.04.2019 — Dortmund, Deutschland — Bierschinken eats FZW w/ Bad Cop / Bad Cop
26.04.2019 — Hannover, Deutschland — Faust Mephisto
28.04.2019 — Karlsruhe, Deutschland — Alte Hackerei 


25.03.2019 — München, Deutschland — Backstage
26.03.2019 — Aschaffenburg, Deutschland — Colos Saal
27.03.2019 — Ludwigsburg, Deutschland — Rockfabrik
29.03.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — Frannz Club
30.03.2019 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Knust
31.03.2019 — Bochum, Deutschland — Zeche 02.04.2019 — Nürnberg, Deutschland — Hirsch
03.04.2019 — Köln, Deutschland — Kantine 


To The Rats And Wolves
15.03.2019 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Knust
16.03.2019 — Berlin, Deutschland — Bi Nuu
27.03.2019 — Stuttgart, Deutschland — Universum
28.03.2019 — München, Deutschland — Backstage Halle
29.03.2019 — Wien, Österreich — Chelsea
03.04.2019 — Zürich, Schweiz — Dynamo
04.04.2019 — Frankfurt, Deutschland — Das Bett
05.04.2019 — Köln, Deutschland — Essigfabrik

28.02.2019 — Hannover, Deutschland — Pavillon
01.03.2019 — Görlitz, Deutschland — Gerhardt-Hauptmann-Theater
02.03.2019 — Jena, Deutschland — Volkshaus
10.04.2019 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Kakuun (Solo)

05.04.2019 — Frankfurt, Deutschland — Das Bett
06.04.2019 — Stemwede, Deutschland — Lifehouse
07.04.2019 — Aachen, Deutschland — Musikbunker
08.04.2019 — Ansbach, Deutschland — Kammerspiel
09.04.2019 — Fürth, Deutschland — Kofferfabrik
10.04.2019 — München, Deutschland — Rattlesnake Saloon
11.04.2019 — Passau, Deutschland — Museums Café
12.04.2019 — Wien, Österreich — Reigen
24.04.2019 — Bonn, Deutschland — Harmonie
26.04.2019 — Bad Salzungen, Deutschland — Pressenwerk
27.04.2019 — Husum, Deutschland — Speicher
04.05.2019 — Wredenhagen, Deutschland — Scheune
07.05.2019 — Göttingen, Deutschland — Nörgelpuff
09.05.2019 — Höxter-Albaxen, Deutschland — Tonenburg
10.05.2019 — Schwerin, Deutschland — Speicher
11.05.2019 — Worpswede, Deutschland — Music Hall
15.05.2019 — Dresden, Deutschland — Tante Ju
16.05.2019 — Reichenbach (Vogtland), Deutschland — Bergkeller
17.05.2019 — Isernhagen, Deutschland — Blues Garage
18.05.2019 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Downtown Bluesclub
21.05.2019 — Düsseldorf, Deutschland — Pitcher
22.05.2019 — Offenburg, Deutschland — Spitalkeller
23.05.2019 — Reutlingen, Deutschland — Frank K.