Much The Same

Band: Much The Same

Album: Everything Is Fine

VÖ: 26.07.2019

Label/Vertrieb: Lockjaw Rec / Believe


Much the Same are back! 13 years after their critically acclaimed (and aptly titled) sophomore album Survive, the band reflect on the rollercoaster ride that has delivered them right back to the fans on their new album Everything Is Fine.

This four-piece from Chicago are celebrated in the international skate-punk scene for their classic uptempo 90’s sound, infectious riffs and hooky vocals. Everything Is Fine features 9 belting new tracks, combining more melodic hooks and darker lyrical subjects then the band have explored previously.

The new album comes in the wake of guitarist Dan O’Gorman’s personal struggles with cancer and divorce; a trauma which inspired the band to rekindle their love of punk rock, against all odds.

Getting Together & Breaking Up

Much The Same were a staple in Chicago skate- and pop-punk from 1999, coming up with contemporaries Fall Out Boy and Plain White T’s. They chose their name through joking that they were a clone of the popular Fat Wreck bands.

Their first album Quitters Never Win was released in 2003 by Anti-Flag’s label, AF Records. That album launched Much The Same into tours with Rise Against, Against Me! and A Wilhelm Scream, shows with Bad Religion and Thrice, and even a revered slot on Warped Tour.

In 2006, Much The Same released Survive, which became their seminal release. It launched them into international fandom however, after feeling the strain of character clashes, Much The Same took a break in 2007.

The band reunited to perform a reunion show in 2011, with no intention to continue to write. Three years passed before they were ready to fully come back and begin on a new album. Punk rock welcomed them back with open arms and, after booking one show, it wasn’t long before they had been invited to Groezrock in Belgium and Off Limits in Mexico.

Cancer, Chemotherapy & Support

‘’Although we all continued to collaborate, Dan really came out of nowhere with a streak of great songs he wrote largely on his own, much of it fueled by the collapse of his marriage... and then he got cancer,” explains vocalist / guitarist Chris McGrath.

“Every time it seemed that things were improving, it would suddenly get worse. The day after Christmas 2017, he had a seizure when the cancer reached his brain. The physical and mental recovery and increased cancer treatments really took a toll on him.

“Despite that, he continued writing music, so our new album includes a song written about coming to terms with his impending death. It's from this song that we pulled the album's title, Everything is Fine. It sums up so much about what he went through.”

Against all odds, Dan powered through and survived his ordeal. He credits the incredible outpouring of support from their fans during is cancer battle as the primary drive for his recovery.

Recording & Releasing Everything Is Fine

The next challenge was to record the album, made harder by the band now being split across different states. They quickly assembled the best team around them and with Nick Diener (The Swellers) at the helm. Scott Hallquist (Ten Foot Pole) recorded the drums in California, in Ryan Greene’s studio, while in Michigan Nick got the band tracking instruments and vocals at Oneder Studios. Gillian McGhee (Hi Ho, Turnspit) featured on a song and old friend, Mark Michalik (The Swellers), also recorded parts.

Everything Is Fine is being released in partnership with Lockjaw Records in the UK & Europe, Thousand Islands Records in Canada and Pee Records in Australia.

The illustrative artwork which perfectly represents the album's themes, has been created by friend and long-time fan, Sebas Thériault of SterioDesign. “There was no grand plan in writing this album, and no expectations of what might come of it,” says Chris McGrath. “Just a chronicling of a very difficult time in our lives and a celebration of the opportunity to play music together again.”

Pressing Classic Album ‘Survive’ On Vinyl

In addition to the new album, Much The Same’s seminal 2006 album Survive soon to be made available on vinyl for the first time. Survive is a bold album that defined Much The Same for a generation, gaining them a loyal drove of international fans and great acclaim from the press. The album is being pressed on vinyl by Nitro Records, with limited stock available from Lockjaw Records (UK/EU) and Thousand Island Records (Ca).

“There are so many good tracks here I really don’t know where to start.” Punktastic

“'The album sounds poignant, impassioned and frankly, important.'' Interpunk

““A vitality that energizes ears and incites both impassioned singalongs and spirited steering wheel drumming sessions.” All Music

Much The Same are: Chris ‘Gunner’ McGrath: Vocals, Guitar // Dan O’Gorman: Guitar // Franky Tsoukalas: Bass // Jevin Kaye: Drums

Everything Is Fine Tracklist:

1. Burner
2. Snake in the Grass
3. You Used to Have a Garden
4. Haunted
5. Man of Science, Man of Faith
6. Homecoming
7. Strangers in Fiction
8. In the Event of…
9. Passengers