Pressemitteilung: THE LAWRENCE ARMS Erstes Album nach 6 Jahren - "Skeleton Coast" am 17.07. auf Epitaph, Neuer Song "PTA"

THE LAWRENCE ARMS - "Skeleton Coast" am 17.07. auf Epitaph + Neuer Song "PTA" - Video

Nach 6 Jahren kündigen THE LAWRENCE ARMS mit "Skeleton Coast“ für den 17.07.,  endlich ein neues Studio-Album auf Epitaph an !

Die 14 melodischen Punk Rock Songs hat die Band in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Langzeitproduzenten Matt Allison innerhalb von 2 Wochen aufgenommen, allerdings erstmals in den Sonic Ranch Studios in Texas:
 "It was kind of like album camp in the sense that we were in this very remote setting for two weeks and really focusing on making the record. That was a very different experience for us because we’ve always made our records in Chicago which is home and all the things about home are in the way,” kommentiert Sänger und Gitarrist Chris McCaughan.

Das animierte Video zu dem neuen Song "PTA“ gibt es hier zu sehen

Weitere Infos:

The album contains the elements of the band’s sound that fans have come to love for the past two decades but recontextualizes them in a way that somehow sounds perfectly aligned with this strange time in our collective history. Although it was written and recorded before the Coronavirus upended the world, the band’s seventh studio album sounds eerily prescient as it imagines an apocalyptic future where coyotes croon and wolf packs roam free. “For a band who has been around as long as us, this is about as urgent of a record as we could make,” vocalist and bassist Brendan Kelly explains. “It may be kind of dark but it’s really about searching for light in the darkness and finding it, as small as those moments may seem. That’s sort of where we’re at: Collecting the scraps of things that could make for a bearable existence in dark times.”


1. Quiet Storm
2. PTA
3. Belly Of The Whale
4. Dead Man's Coat
5. Pigeons and Spies
6. Last Last Words
7. Demon
8. Ghostwriter
9. How To Rot
10. Under Paris
11. Goblin Fox Hunt
12. Lose Control
13. Don't Look At Me
14. Coyote Crown

The Lawrence Arms have never had any agenda apart from just having fun and making good music. Since forming in Chicago in 1999—the trio of bassist/vocalist Brendan Kelly, guitarist/vocalist Chris McCaughan and drummer Neil Hennessy—have made albums that continually challenge the boundaries of their sound. In the process they’ve carved out a distinctive identity in the punk community that’s simultaneously gritty, beautiful, melodic and mutinous
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