THE WEATHER STATION meldete sich jüngst mit der Single "Robber" und dem Signing mit Fat Possum eindrucksvoll zurück. Nun gibt die kanadische Sängerin Tamara Lindeman bekannt, am 5. Februar das Album "Ignorance" zu veröffentlichen. Passend dazu liegt mit "Tried To Tell You" ein weiterer Vorbote des Albums samt sehenswertem Videoclip vor, der eigens von der Künstlerin hinter ihrem Elternhaus gedreht wurde:

Musikvideo - "Tried To Tell You"

Zu dem Video sagt Lindeman folgendes:

"The video portrays a person who is beset by miracles and visions of beauty, which emanate from inside of and all around him, but rather than reacting with awe or joy, he reacts with annoyance, indifference, and mistrust. We are taught not to see the natural world that we still live in, preferring instead to dwell on the artificial, which is so often a poor substitute for the vibrant real. Flowers really do rise up from mud, and many of us are full of treasures and beauty, but we often discount these things or throw them away."

"Ignorance" folgt auf das selbstbetitelte Studioalbum aus dem Jahr 2017 und markiert einen Wandel im Schaffensprozess der Musikerin. Auf "Ignorance" hat Lindeman den Klang von The Weather Station neu gestaltet und damit eine Klanglandschaft geschaffen, die maßgeschneidert ist, um all ihren Emotionen Ausdruck zu verleihen. Unterstützung bei der Produktion und beim Mixing erhielt sie dabei von Marcus Paquin, der u.a. mit ARCADE FIRE zusammenarbeite.

Das Release des neuen Albums wird am 11. Februar zudem mit einem exklusiven Streaming-Event gefeiert. Tickets sind HIER erhältlich. 

Ignorance Tracklist

2. Atlantic
3. Tried To Tell You
4. Parking Lot
5. Loss
6. Separated
7. Wear
8. Trust
9. Heart
10. Subdivisions

Weitere Infos:

"['Robber' is] the most dynamic and captivating music from her project as the Weather Station yet . . . Fiona Apple called for bolt cutters in the spring; Tamara Lindeman has brought us a sledgehammer for the fall." - Pitchfork, Best New Track

"['Robber' is] a creeping, powerful meditation on all sorts of systemic social ills. . . she embraces a sound more akin to the spacious and vaguely uneasy compositions of Talk Talk, allowing her music to more effectively take up big, billowing questions." - New York Times

"A remarkable reinvention, evolution, self-reevaluation? Whatever it is, the spectral disco that underlines The Weather Station’s Robber’ breathes a new consciousness." - NPR Music

"['Robber'] marks a whole new sound for Lindeman, one based in tension-building jazz rhythms and disembodied saxophones and slow-then-all-encompassing melodies. . . it is, frankly, an incredible song." - Stereogum, #1 Best Song of the Week

The Weather Station - project of Tamara Lindeman - announces her new album, Ignorance, out February 5th, 2021 on Fat Possum, and unveils a new single/video, "Tried To Tell You," following the much-praised "Robber." Through Ignorance, Lindeman has remade what The Weather Station sounds like, using the occasion of a new record to create a novel sonic landscape, tailor-made to express an emotional idea. Ignorance is sensuous, ravishing, as hi-fi a record as Lindeman has ever made, breaking into pure pop at moments, at others a dense wilderness of notes; a deeply rhythmic and painful record that feels more urgent and clear than her work ever has. The natural world is everywhere on this record, intruding with force and poignancy.

Ignorance began when Lindeman became obsessed with rhythm; specifically straight rhythm, dance rhythm, those achingly simple beats that had never showed up on a Weather Station album before. Embracing straight time opened new musical territory for her; "I saw how the less emotion there was in the rhythm, the more room there was for emotion in the rest of the music, the more freedom I had vocally." She began to envision a band and music as a sort of bedrock, a structure firm enough to hold the vulnerability of the songs.

Ignorance marks Lindeman’s first experience writing on keyboard, not guitar, and her first time building out arrangements before bringing them to a band. Most of the songs are underlaid with pure rhythm, played by Kieran Adams (Diana). The bass, played by Ben Whiteley, similarly hews to the straight and narrow. But these straight musical elements are paired deliberately with elements of chance and freedom. Percussionist Philippe Melanson (Bernice) was given his own booth and free reign to improvise on each take. Lindeman brought in jazz musicians Brodie West (The Ex) on saxophone and Ryan Driver (Eric Chenaux) on flute, asking them to work against the music in their improvisations. The band was rounded out by Johnny Spence (Tegan and Sara) on keys and Christine Bougie (Bahamas) on guitar; Lindeman played piano, sang, and contributed distorted guitar solos. Montreal producer Marcus Paquin (Arcade Fire) co-produced, with Lindeman, and also mixed the record.

The lyrics across Ignorance roil with conflict. The narrator confronts characters who turn away from love. New single "Tried To Tell You" is about "reaching out to someone; a specific person, or maybe every person, who is tamping down their wildest and most passionate self in service of some self (and world?) destructive order," says Lindeman. Sonically, it’s clean and sturdy, with taut percussion and waning Wurlizter. As with the "Robber" video, the "Tried To Tell You" video was also directed by Lindeman and shot behind the house where she grew up. 

"I used to be an actor, now I’m a performer," Lindeman says. In those roles she often finds herself to be the subject of projection, reflecting back the ideas and emotions of others. In turn, the album cover shows Lindeman laying in the woods, wearing a hand made suit covered in mirrors. Throughout Ignorance, she sings of trying to wear the world as a kind of ill fitting, torn garment, dangerously cold; "it does not keep me warm / I cannot ever seem to fasten it" and of walking the streets in it, so disguised and exposed.

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