Moor Mother

Moor Mother - Photo Credit Bob Sweeney

MOOR MOTHER  - JAZZ CODES - 01.07 an (ANTI- Records)


Moor Mother, die von Pitchfork als "Poetin der Apokalypse" bezeichnet wird, kündigt heute "Jazz Codes" an, ihr zweites Album für ANTI, das am 1. Juli erscheint und ein Pendant zu ihrem gefeierten Album "Black Encyclopedia of the Air" aus dem Jahr 2021 darstellt.

Jazz Codes" verwendet Poesie als Ausgangspunkt, aber die Sammlung bewegt sich hin zu mehr Melodie, mehr Gesangsstimmen, mehr Refrains und mehr Komplexität. In seinem warmen, dicht geschichteten Parcours durch Jazz, Blues, Soul und Hip-Hop lässt "Jazz Codes" das Ohr glückselig schweben und befreit den Geist von der Gewohnheit.  Durch ihre Arbeit beleuchtet Ayewa die Prinzipien ihrer interdisziplinären kollaborativen Praxis Black Quantum Futurism, einem theoretischen Rahmen für die Schaffung von Gegenchronologien und die Vision einer schwarzen Quantenfrauen-Zukunft, die ausgrenzende Versionen von Geschichte und Zukunft durch Kunst, Schreiben, Musik und Performance aufbricht.

Moor Mother - auch bekannt als die Songwriterin, Komponistin, Sängerin, Dichterin und bildende Künstlerin Camae Ayewa - ist auch Professorin an der Thornton School of Music der University of Southern California. Sie veröffentlichte 2016 ihr Debütalbum Fetish Bones und hat seitdem eine Fülle an gefeierter Musik herausgebracht, sowohl als Solokünstlerin als auch in Zusammenarbeit mit anderen Musikern, die ihren Drang teilen, das Unerzählte auszugraben. Sie ist Mitglied vieler anderer Gruppen, darunter die Free-Jazz-Gruppe Irreversible Entanglements, 700 bliss und moor jewelry. Außerdem war sie auf Tournee und hat Aufnahmen mit The Art Ensemble of Chicago und Nicole Mitchell gemacht.

In diesem Sommer wird Moor Mother auf der Documenta 15, dem Montreal Jazz Festival und verschiedenen anderen europäischen Festivals auftreten; außerdem wird sie am 8. Juli als Headliner einer Album-Release-Show im Resident in Los Angeles auftreten. Alle anstehenden Termine sind unten aufgeführt.






Band: Moor Mother

Album: Black Encyclopedia Of The Air

VÖ: 17.09.2021

Label / Vertrieb: Anti- Records/ Indigo


Get yo ass in the house, robot-- you cyber-spectre, you outhouse prime minister, you hard-headed mirror ninja, snapping selfies, living in the pixelated seams between bursts the of flashing images, birthed in a pool of TV static and Tik Tok dust. BLACK ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE AIR is here, not to save but to drown you. Heads better learn how to swim cause listen, this record is beat soup, hearty yet still minimal, a sonic mirage of prophetic soul that drop kicks your “chill beats to study to” Youtube playlist and hyper-intellectual rap podcasts into a hadron collider; it’s only black matter on the other side-- 13 mesmerizing tracks about memory and imprinting and the future, all of them wafting through untouched space like the ghostly cinders of a world on fire, unbound and uncharted, vast and stretching across the universe.

Recorded at home in March 2020 at the start of the pandemic, BLACK ENCYCLOPEDIA is the work of Moor Mother and soundscape artist and producer Olof Melander. Extra beats and ideas from their collaboration on the project jazzcodes turned into a document more beautiful and exploratory than the initial compilation of cast-off songs they’d intended. As with any Moor Mother release, a multitude of instruments and voices flocked to the ether to create something strange and unknown, a time-travellers guide to the modern world.

Moor Mother is a holographic figment of an Afrotopian dream, all at once goddess and warrior, mystic and cyborg, griot and future time traveller, etching noisy pieces of reverie into our consciousness for decades now. But check it: on BLACK ENCYCLOPEDIA she’s joined by a wide-range of friends, collaborators and co-conspirators on a trip through the murky cosmos, navigating the black universe with stardust as currency. In these times, they’ll say, as they click and mash their way through the same inter-webs that seek to strangle them, BLACK ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE AIR is just what we need: a post-everything, 12:01 on the doomsday clock, anti-trip hop type of situation. “We ain’t gotta fight no more,” they’ll say; the rest of us, we’ll put this record on and imagine again that it’s real.

Camae Ayewa 2021 BIO

Camae Ayewa (Moor Mother) is a national and international touring musician, poet, visual artist, and workshop facilitator. She is a vocalist in three collaborative performance groups: Irreversible Entanglements, MoorJewelry and 700bliss.

As Moor Mother, she released her debut album Fetish Bones on Don Giovanni records to critical acclaim in 2016. Fetish Bones was named the third best album of the year by The Wire, called “one of the most innovative and important records of 2016” by Jazz Right Now, and appeared on numerous end-of-the-year lists from Pitchfork, Noisy, Rolling Stone, and Spin. She was named one of Rolling Stone’s “10 New Artists You Need To Know” in October 2016, as well as one of Bandcamp’s 2016 artists of the year. (Camae’s debut book of poetry, also called Fetish Bones, was released by The AfroFuturist Affair.)

She has released multiple albums every year since Fetish Bones. In 2017, CTM X Vinyl Factory commissioned her album The Motionless Present; this was followed by Crime Waves, a collaboration with fellow Philly producer Mental Jewelry, and Clepsydra, “a collection of sounds for writers.”

In 2020, she launched a series of releases with Swedish musician Olof Melander. Titled Anthologia, the projects are designed to raise funds for disability justice. She worked again  with Melander and Mental Jewelry on Forever Industries, a 2020 release which features two jazz-tinged experimental hip-hop singles that speak of making space, outer space, and industry. Most recently, Ayewa put out BRASS, a collaboration with the rapper billy woods. She has previously worked with woods on his critically acclaimed 2020 album Shrines and on the song “Furies,” which was featured on the Adult Swim single series.

As Moor Mother, she has performed at Berhaign, Borealis, CTM Festival, Le Guess Who, Unsound, Flow and Donau Festival, Rewire, Boiler Room and MOMA PS1. She has been highlighted in magazines including Quietus, Interview Magazine, The Guardian, Crack, and Pitchfork.

In fall 2020, Ayewa presented Circuit City, a futuristic theatrical exploration of public/private ownership. As a soundscape and visual artist, Camae’s work has been featured at Baltic Biennale, Samek Art Museum, Vox Populi, Pearlman Gallery, Metropolitan Museum of Art Chicago, ICA Philadelphia, Bergan Kunstall, Hirshorn Gallery, and The Kitchen NYC. Camae has been commissioned as a durational performance artist by Moog Festival, Vox Populi Gallery, and the Icebox Gallery. Her collective, Black Quantum Futurism (BQF), has been featured in exhibitions at the Schomburg Center, Rebuild Foundation, Temple Contemporary at Tyler School of Art, and the Serpentine Gallery.

Ayewa is a Pew Fellow (2017), a The Kitchen Inaugural Emerging Artist Awardee (2017), a Leeway Transformation Awardee, a Blade of Grass Fellow as part of Black Quantum Futurism (2016), and Rad Girls Philly Artist of the Year (2017). She has been an Artist-in-Residence at West Philadelphia Neighborhood Time Exchange and WORM! Rotterdam residency, and featured with Black Quantum Futurism at Transmediale Festival in Berlin 2017. In 2021, Black Quantum Futurism was awarded the Knight Foundation’s new art and technology fellowship.

She has facilitated workshops at Cornell University, MOFO Festival, Moogfest, Black Dot Gallery and others. She has worked as a mentor at NYU and Arts Institute of Chicago. She is co-founder and curator of Rockers! Philly, an event series and festival focused on marginalized musicians and artists spanning multiple genres.