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Mai, 2017

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Liebe Musikfreunde,

folgend findet ihr wie gewohnt unseren wöchentlichen Rundbrief, natürlich mit der Bitte um Verbreitung.

Wir wünschen ein schönes Wochenende.
Dennis & die Starkult Crew

THE ACACIA STRAIN - Neuer Song / "Gravebloom" am 30.06. auf Rise Records
CHRISTOPHER PAUL STELLING - Live Video/Album am 05.05. / Tourdaten
DIE HEART - Neues Video "Between The Day"
THE DRUMS - Neuer Song "Heart Basel" / Album im Juni / 2 Shows in Deutschland
THE FLATLINERS - Headline-Tour im Herbst / Neues Video
MY BABY - Neues Video zu "Cosmic Radio"
PACESHIFTERS - Neu auf Hassle Records / Neuer Song
PVRIS - Neues Video "Heaven" / Album am 04.08.17 / Exklusive-Show in Berlin
RANCID - Neues Album "Trouble Maker" am 09.06.17 / Video / Southside/Hurricane Auftritte
SPOIL ENGINE - Album-VÖ / Track-Video zu "Silence Will Fall"
STEVE WAITT - Tourbeginn heute am 05.05., neuer Song als Stream verfügbar


THE ACACIA STRAIN - Neuer Song / "Gravebloom" am 30.06. auf Rise Records

Erst kürzlich kündigte die US-Deathcore-Band THE ACACIA STRAIN ihr neues Album "Gravebloom" für den 30.06. via Rise Records an, nun folgt mit "Big Sleep" bereits der zweite Song von der kommenden Platte: .

Matt Honeycutt, Frontmann der Band "Kublai Khan", trägt mit seinen Guest-Vocals ebenfalls seinen Teil zum neuen Track bei.

"I didn't even understand what the hell was going on when I first heard this song. Luckily, Matt did guest vocals and saved me the embarrassment", äußert sich der Sänger Vincent Bennett.

"GRAVEBLOOM" - Tracklist:
1. "Worthless"
2. "Plague Doctor"
3. "Bitter Pill"
4. "Big Sleep"
5. "Gravebloom"
6. "Abyssal Depths"
7. "Model Citizen"
8. "Calloused Mouth"
9. "Dark Harvest"
10. "Walled City"
11. "Cold Gloom"

"Bitter Pill"-Stream.



Heute erscheint nach 17 Jahren endlich das neue AT THE DRIVE IN Studioalbum "in·ter a·li·a" (Rise Rcords/BMG/ADA Warner).

Bereits Ende des vergangenen Jahres überraschten uns AT THE DRIVE IN quasi aus dem Nichts mit einem neuen Song. "Governed By Contagions" schlug hohe Wellen, darauf folgten die Songs "INCURABLY INNOCENT" und das Video zu "Hostage Stamps" .

Die Band aus El Paso, Texas wird im August für diverse Festivals nach Europa kommen, u.a. steht eine Headline Show in München an:

8/15-17/17 -- St. Pölten, Austria -- FM4 Frequency Festival 2017
8/16-19/17 -- Kiewit, Belgium -- Pukkelpop Festival 2017
8/18-20/17 -- Biddinghuizen, Netherlands -- Lowlands Festival 2017
8/23/17 -- Munich, Germany -- Zenith
8/25-27/17 -- Weatherby, UK -- Leeds Festival 2017
8/25-27/17 -- Reading, UK -- Reading Festival 2017
8/25-27/17 -- Saint Cloud, France -- Rock En Seine 2017

in·ter a·li·a resumes precisely where At the Drive In paused after its 2000 album, Relationship of Command. It's fast, complicated and tuneful over a turbulent foundation, forceful but also familiar... A sense of catastrophe collides with a blast of resistance. It's the sound of a band very deliberately reclaiming a style its fans had missed."--THE NEW YORK TIMES

This Cinco de Mayo will celebrate the closing of a 17 year void between At The Drive In albums: The long awaited follow up to 2000's Relationship Of Command has finally and fully materialized in the form of in · ter a · li · a, out today, May 5th, on Rise Records.

Ending a nearly equally lengthy hiatus from late night television, At The Drive In has confirmed a May 11th performance on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live outdoor stage--the band's debut appearance on Kimmel and first time playing on U.S. network television since its classic and chaotic Late Show with David Letterman melee of 2000. Tune in at 11:35 ET/10:35 CT.

For more information, stay tuned to


CHRISTOPHER PAUL STELLING - Live Video/Album am 05.05. / Tourdaten

"Cost of Doing Business" Live Performance Video

Album "Itinerant Arias"erscheint HEUTE 05.05. auf ANTI- Records / Tour im Mai

CHRISTOPHER PAUL STELLING präsentiert mit Itinerant Arias bereits sein zweites Album für ANTI Rec. und legt die Meßlatte für weitere Veröffentlichungen sehr hoch. Itinerant Arias (05.05) ist sowas von rund und wer ein Herz für (zu)packenden Americana hat, garniert mit Variationen aus Folk, Rock, Singer / Songwriter Elementen ist hier extrem richtig. THE COST OF DOING BUSINESS Stream

Daraus auch der Song "Destitute" als Stream. (link is external).

Sehenswert auch das TRACK BY TRACK NPR Feature.

Und bereits nächste Woche können sich interessierte Musikliebhaber ein Bild von ihm als Live Künstler machen.

CPS live:
10.05.2017 — Hamburg, Deutschland — Nochtwache
11.05.2017 — Berlin, Deutschland — Lidolino
12.05.2017 — Aachen, Deutschland — Langer Turm
13.05.2017 — Witten, Deutschland — Stellwerk (knuts)


DIE HEART - Neues Video "Between The Day"

Die Hamburger HC-Durchstarter DIE HEART haben zu dem Song "Between The Day" ein Video abgedreht.

Fans von Sick Of It All, Terror etc kommen beim frisch erschienenen Debüt "" Stay Heart" (NoCut / SPV ) definitiv auf ihre Kosten!


THE DRUMS - Neuer Song "Heart Basel" / Album im Juni / 2 Shows in Deutschland

THE DRUMS präsentieren mit "Heart Basel" einen weiteren neuen Song, aus den am 16.06. erscheinenden neuen Album "Abysmal Thoughts" (ANTI-Records).

Im September stehen zwei exklusive Shows in Deutschland an:
20.-23.09.17: Hamburg - Reeperbahnfestival
28.09.17: Berlin - "Lido"

Early praise for "Abysmal Thoughts":

"This is the Drums you know, and indeed, you'll feel compelled to answer back that you love them too." - Pitchfork

"'Blood Under My Belt' swings back to the band's halcyon-sounding days, recalling the likes of the Beach Fossils and Wild Nothing via its rippling bounce and rotational hooks." -Stereogum

"Absolutely irresistible" - Billboard

"'Blood Under My Belt' is a return to form for The Drums...Clearly, Pierce is still very capable of creating the bouncy, romantic indie pop that made people fall in love with the band in the first place." - Buzzfeed

"bouncy, lovestruck" - Consequence of Sound

"Indie pop gems" - SPIN
The Drums' frontman Jonny Pierce on the new song:
"I went through the most significant breakup of my life during the making of "Abysmal Thoughts." During that vulnerable period, I attached myself to this guy who did not care at all for my feelings, but was good at pretending that he did. In retrospect, I think I knew deep down that he didn't give a shit about me. But I continued to let him treat me like garbage because I thought if I had this handsome guy with me that somehow I wasn't doing too bad. Of course now - with some professional help - I see that I was just lacking self-love and while it's unhealthy to stay in that headspace for very long, it does make for good songwriting. 'Heart Basel' is a song about him treating me 'kindly' at Art Basel in Miami and then treating me like garbage after he got what he needed. You live and you sometimes learn."

"Abysmal Thoughts" will be released on Anti- on July 16th. Watch the music video for the first single "Blood Under My Belt" HERE and pre-order/stream "Abysmal Thoughts"HERE.

Across a year and three months of home recording between Los Angeles and his cabin in upstate New York--with the same guitar, synthesizer, drum machine and reverb unit he's played since the beginning of The Drums--Pierce put together "Abysmal Thoughts." With help from engineer Jonathan Schenke (Parquet Courts, Mannequin Pussy and more), the result is an unflinching autobiography with Pierce back in full control of the band. He's back to not just writing all the songs by himself but playing every instrument, too, this time realizing exactly his own personal vision for the band. Not coincidentally, it's some of the most revelatory work he's ever done. It is a vivid self-portrait, alive with the hyperdramatic emotional potency of the Smiths, the arch literary pop moves of New Zealanders like the Verlaines and the Clean, and the riotous clatter-punk power of the UK DIY bands of 1979.

As the last album cycle for The Drums finished and his long-term relationship with his former partner dissolved, Pierce took some time away from music altogether in hopes to reconnect with himself and find future inspiration. Determined to make a change, he ended up leaving his longtime home in New York and found himself isolated in a large empty apartment in Los Angeles, all his plans for life and love suddenly in shambles. That hardship and confusion--and the clarity of personality and purpose it inspired--became "Abysmal Thoughts."

With The Drums' new record, band founder Jonny Pierce is making the exact album he's always held in his heart. Of course, this is The Drums, so that heart is broken--but there's beauty and even bliss in this kind of heartbreak. "I said I wanted to let life happen?" he says. "Well, the universe listened and life began to fuck me real good! But honestly, I make the worst art when I'm comfortable. The stuff that resonates with me the longest--and that resonates with others--is always the stuff that comes out of my misery."

Now the highs are higher than ever, and the lows absolutely bottomless. The Drums are back, and while there's a heavy sadness here, Pierce is stronger for fighting through it. "Happiness can be confusing to me," says Pierce. "It shows up out of nowhere, and before you can even get used to it, it's vanished. But "Abysmal Thoughts?" I can rely on them--and with the political chaos that is raining down, who knows when these dark feelings will subside?"

Tourdaten ( nur Deutschland)
September 28th: Lido - Berlin, Germany

For more information on The Drums:


THE FLATLINERS - Headline-Tour im Herbst / Neues Video

Nach der erfolgreichen Tour mit den MENZINGERS vergangene Woche, kündigt die US-Punk/Rock Band THE FLATLINERS nun eine ausgedehnte Europa-Tour im Herbst an. Die deutschen Daten lesen sich wie folgt:

24.09.2017: Hamburg - Hafenklang
25.09.2017: Berlin - Cassiopeia
26.09.2017: Dresden - Scheune
28.09.2017: Hannover - Chez Heinz
29.09.2017: Nürnberg - Desi
01.10.2017: Wien - Arena
07.10.2017: Punk for Help Festival - St Wendel
08.10.2017: München - Kranhalle
09.10.2017: Stuttgart - Keller Klub
10.10.2017: Köln - MTC

Passend dazu steht das Video zu "Hang My Head" online, der Song stammt aus dem auf Rise Records frisch erschienenen Studioalbum "Inviting Light".

Weitere Informationen befinden sich unter und in der folgenden Pressemitteilung:

About The Flatliners:

The Flatliners' career is a testament to perseverance and dedication. With a lineup that has never strayed from the original members who met as teenagers, the band has since logged countless miles on the road and amassed a dedicated legion of fans along the way. Now approaching 15 years of hammering out bombastic tunes everywhere from dive bars to festival stages to European concert halls, The Flatliners hold fast to the DIY punk-rock ethos that has been at the group's core since the beginning. The band came out swinging with youthful exuberance on their debut record, Destroy To Create, in 2005, and they've honed their anthemic style with each subsequent release: The Great Awake in 2007, Cavalcade in 2010, Dead Language in 2013 and Division of Spoils in 2015.

But frenetic touring schedules and prolific recording output takes its toll, and The Flatliners decided to spend the majority of 2015 off the road to recharge and reconnect with friends and family. Striking a balance between home and road life is a difficult task, but frontman and guitarist Chris Cresswell concedes that it's necessary. "That's what we've been in search of for probably the last seven years. We noticed it in ourselves, and that's what we're really striving for now," he says. "We have a lot of people in our lives that are super supportive of what we do, and we're supportive of each other." The band may have opted for more downtime, but there was still plenty going on behind the scenes. Early in 2015, the guys found themselves without the familiarity of the jam space they had inhabited for nearly a decade--four walls that had been the incubator for hundreds of songs and uninhibited creativity. Several months were spent renting rooms wherever they were available before the band was able to settle into a new space, but the group did their best not to let the upheaval hinder their burgeoning roster of new material. Borne out of that chaos was Nerves, a two- song EP released in October 2016 that also marked the band's first recording on Dine Alone Records.

The recording serves as a taste of what eager fans can expect to hear on The Flatliners' new album, Inviting Light, set to be released on April 7, 2017. The band has been working hard to refine its unmistakable style, ensuring they don't lose sight of their roots while continuing to move forward."Inviting Light is about trying to keep up with life around you but also wading through the potential bullshit of people thinking that a digital landscape is more important than their friends," Cresswell explains. "It's inevitable that you're fighting for people's attention now, whether you're a band or an individual, and there's not as much value placed on face-to-face human interaction as there is in elevating the profile."

Meaningful interaction may be more difficult to achieve these days, but the group's steadfast members continue to build on the enduring connection that brought them together all those years ago, celebrating one another's personal milestones and weathering each new experience as a unit."It feels like we're onto something," Cresswell adds. "It's exciting for a band to be 15 years into their existence and have this. It's a refreshing thing."


MY BABY - Neues Video zu "Cosmic Radio"

MY BABY präsentieren mit Cosmic Radio das Video zur zweiten Single aus dem neuen Album 'Prehistoric Rhythm'.

Das neue Video ist ein One-Shot Dance Video: "Everybody in this atmosphere lives in the same cosmos, but at their own pace and with their own interpretation. Once a living creature is aware of this, only then can he or she feel totally free in life" sagt Sängerin Cato über den 3 Minuten langen Clip.

Das niederländisch-neuseeländische Trio wurde 2012 in Amsterdam gegründet. Cato van Dyck, ihr Bruder Sheik und Daniel Johnston veröffentlichten 2013 ihr Debütalbum "Loves Voodoo!", gefolgt von unzähligen Auftritten, u. a. auf dem Glastonbury, dem Lowlands und dem Sziget Festival. 2015 erschien der Nachfolger "Shamanaid" und MY BABY spielten alleine in diesem Jahr über 200 Shows und Festivals u. a. in Südafrika, Neuseeland, USA, UK und Deutschland. Am 17. März veröffentlichten sie ihr neues Album "Prehistoric Rhythm" auf Glitterhouse Records gefolgt von vielen Shows und Festivals in Europa.


Orange Blossom Special Festival -2.Trailer Online

Das OBS 2017 findet vom 02.-04. Juni im Glitterhouse Records Garten in Beverungen statt. Auftreten werden in diesem Jahr Blaudzun, AnnenMayKantereit, Christine Owman, The DeSoto Caucus, Steve Waitt, The Builders And The Butchers, Odd Couple, Louis Berry, Wayne Graham, Messer, OVE, Moddi, Bernd Wisser, Gurr, Giant Rooks, Schreng Schreng & La La, Yes We Mystic, Heim, Julia Jacklin, Faber, Teksti-TV 666, John Blek & the Rats, Siegfried & Joy und Immanu El, deren Song "Voices" den Trailer begleitet.

Der zweite Trailer zum Festival ist hier zu sehen.

Alle Infos findet Ihr unter <<>>


PACESHIFTERS - Neu auf Hassle Records / Neuer Song

HASSLE RECORS verkünden mit PACESHIFTERS ihr neustes Signing !

Das Grunge / Indie-Rock Trio aus den Niederlanden wird Ende später im Jahr das neue Album "Waiting To Derall" veröffentlichen.

Mit "Stranger" gibt es bereits eine erste Hörprobe.

Für Fans von Smashing Pumpkins nur zu empfehlen!

Gitarrist/Sänger Seb Dokman kommentiert den Song wie folgt:

"Stranger is a song about my ex-girlfriend. I was struggling with that situation for quite a while. After I sang the first take Chris came up to me and we talked for a while, that really helped, because all the emotions that I felt while writing the song came back to me. Listening back to how I did the first take and the second was a huge difference. Needless to say that second take was way better. Recording an album or song is all about creating the right atmosphere to offer the best take you can."

Inspired by the grunge movement decades ago that shook the foundations of alternative music, PACESHIFTERS bring an innovative twist on the genre whilst also boasting the complete unadulterated attitude that it was renowned for.

Possessing a no-nonsense mentality since their inception, PACESHIFTERS have evolved into a very devoutly passionate new grunge-rock band with a sound that is sure to enthrall any listener who enjoys the heavier side of Nirvana with doses of powerful Incubus-esque melodies and riffs along with the grit and energy of Chevelle. However, drawing comparisons doesn't do PACESHIFTERS justice, where the band exhibit their gifted uniqueness in spades throughout new album Waiting To Derail, due for release this autumn via Hassle - their first on the label and first dedicated release outside of their native Netherlands.

Having previously rocked festivals such as Groezrock, Woodstock and SXSW, and toured Europe extensively, PACESHIFTERS have honed their sound to perfection in the live arena. Make sure to catch them at their London showcase at The Black Heart on Tuesday 27th June.

More details on Waiting to Derail will be revealed very soon.

Seb Dokman - Guitar / Vocals
Paul Dokman - Bass / Vocals
Jesper Albers - Drums / Vocals

PVRIS - Neues Video "Heaven" / Album am 04.08.17 / Exklusive-Show in Berlin

PVRIS präsentieren das Video zu ihrer brandneuen Single "Heaven":

Der Song stammt aus dem am 04.08.17 erscheinenden neuen Album "All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell" (Rise Records/BMG/Warner).

Bevor die US-Wave-Pop-Rock Durchstarter um die 23 Jahre junge Sängerin Lynn Gunn in ihrem Heimatland mit Muse und 30 Seconds To Mars touren werden,
steht Mitte Mai eine exklusive Deutschland-Show in Berlin an: 11.05.17 - Berlin - Columbia Theater

Mit ihrem letzten Album "White Noise" und der Single "You And I", schlug das Trio aus Boston vor allem in USA/UK erste große Wellen,
u.a. erreichen die Songs bis dato über 113 Millionen Spotify plays und 32 Millionen You Tube Aufrufe.

Daraufhin bekamen sie Einladungen von renommierten US-Late-Night-Shows wie "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" und "Last Call with Carson Daly"

Offizieller "Heaven" Pressetext:

PVRIS have released "Heaven," the stunning first single from their much anticipated album, ALL WE KNOW OF HEAVEN, ALL WE NEED OF HELL.Set for an August 4th release, ALL WE KNOW OF HEAVEN, ALL WE NEED OF HELL was recorded with Blake Harnage (who produced PVRIS' 2014 debut, White Noise) and is available for pre-order.

The Boston-based PVRIS just tore through SXSW, performing at the MTV Woodies and the TUMBLR "Planned Parenthood" event, which USA Today called "the hottest ticket at SXSW."

With ALL WE KNOW OF HEAVEN, ALL WE NEED OF HELL, the Boston-based PVRIS (vocalist Lynn Gunn, guitarist Alex Babinski and bassist Brian MacDonald) will look to build upon the success of White Noise and a collection of songs that've amassed over 113 million Spotify streams and close to 32 million YouTube views to date (including 17 million Spotify streams and 3.8 million YouTube views for their "You And I" single).

In support of White Noise, the band performed on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!," were spotlighted on "Last Call with Carson Daly," toured arenas with Fall Out Boy, hit No. 1 on Billboard's "Emerging Artists" and "Trending 140" charts and launched a headline tour that saw them play to packed-house crowds around the world. NME called them "a rock sensation," Spin dubbed them a "breakout band," MTV described them as "the best thing since sliced bread" and the Huffington Post called Gunn "a force that cannot be denied."

Fans can catch the band performing "Heaven" live on their upcoming arena tour with Muse and Thirty Seconds To Mars. The tour, which kicks off May 20th, will be preceded by a string of European shows, a May 13th date in Richmond, VA, with Weezer and a May 20th Hangout Festival set, which will see PVRIS sharing the stage alongside Twenty One Pilots, Major Lazer, Sigur Rós and more.
The band's extensive road plans also include shows in Germany, Australia and festivals both here and overseas, including Reading and Leeds, Bumbershoot and more (itinerary below).


RANCID - Neues Album "Trouble Maker" am 09.06.17 / Video / Southside/Hurricane Auftritte

Die kalifornische Punk-Ikonen RANCID kündigen überraschend für den 09.06. ihr neues Album "Trouble Maker" auf Hellcat Records an.

Zu dem Song "Ghost Of A Chance" steht bereits ein Live-Performance Video online.

Live wird die Band um Tim Armstrong und Lars Frederiksen im Sommer die Bühnen des Hurricane/Southside Festivals rocken:

23.06.17: Hurricane Festival
24.06.17: Southside Festival

Weitere Infos:


Rancid have announced their brand new album Trouble Maker, to be released on June 9th via Hellcat/Epitaph Records. This is the ninth studio album for the punk legends and the follow-up to 2014's critically acclaimed ...Honor Is All We Know. Trouble Maker was produced by Rancid's longtime producer and founder of Epitaph Records, Brett Gurewitz.

Trouble Maker will be available on CD, digital, and vinyl formats. The deluxe digital version will include two bonus tracks "We Arrived Right On Time" and "Go on Rise Up". A vinyl deluxe version of Trouble Maker comes with those tracks on a bonus 7". Pre-orders are available at

Emerging from the blue-collar swamps of Berkley, California, Rancid has now been a living, breathing punk rock band for over a quarter century. Back in 1991, after the demise of their much beloved first band, Operation Ivy, founding members Tim Armstrong (vocals, guitar) and Matt Freeman (bass, vocals) decided to do the impossible -- start an even better band. Thus, Rancid. Signing with Epitaph Records, the band released their first album Rancid in 1993. Shortly thereafter, Lars Frederiksen (vocals, guitar) joined the band, because... well, are you going to tell him he can't? The result, in 1994, was Let's Go.

In 1995, Rancid released the classic platinum selling ...And Out Come The Wolves. You still remember when you first heard it. They followed with the even more ambitious Life Won't Wait in 1998, and in 2000, Rancid released another album entitled Rancid, just to see if anyone was paying attention. After Indestructible in 2003, Branden Steineckert (drums) joined to solidify Rancid's current line-up. They subsequently released the albums Let The Dominos Fall (2009) and Honor Is All We Know (2014).

Through it all, Rancid has remained fiercely independent, never losing their loyalty to community or each other. Their music confronts political and social issues, while balancing personal tales of love, loss, and heartbreak with attitude. Rancid gives their listeners a community where everyone can belong. By carrying on the traditions and spirit of the original punk rock bands that came before, Rancid has become a legend an inspiration to punk bands that have come after.
Rancid will tour this summer with Green Day and perform at select European summer festivals. See for the list of dates below.

Rancid Trouble Maker Track List:

01. Track Fast
02. Ghost of a Chance
03. Telegraph Avenue
04. An Intimate Close Up Of A Street Punk Trouble Maker
05. Where I'm Going
06. Buddy
07. Farewell Lola Blue
08. All American Neighborhood
09. Bovver Rock and Roll
10.Make it Out Alive
11. Molly Make Up Your Mind
12. I Got Them Blues Again
13. Beauty of the Pool Hall
14. Say Goodbye to Our Heroes
15. I Kept a Promise
16. Cold Cold Blood
17. This is Not the End
18. We Arrived On Time (bonus)
19. Go On Rise Up (bonus)


SPOIL ENGINE - Album-VÖ / Track-Video zu "Silence Will Fall"

Die heiße Modern Metal-Formation aus Belgien/Holland SPOIL ENGINE haben heute ihr neues Album »Stormsleeper« veröffentlicht, das ab jetzt überall erhältlich ist! Außerdem haben sie ihr Track-Video zu 'Silence Will Fall' veröffentlicht.

Schaut es euch jetzt hier an:

Mehr zu »Stormsleeper«:
'Doomed To Die':


13.07. DE Hamburg - Hafenklang
14.07. DE Münster - Sputnikhalle
15.07. DE Neukirchen-Vluyn - Dong Open Air*
18.07. GB Glasgow - Audio
19.07. GB Belfast - Voodoo
20.07. IE Dublin - Voodoo Lounge
21.07. GB Manchester - Rebellion
22.07. GB London - Underworld
26.07. DE München - Free & Easy Festival
27.07. DE Stuttgart - Keller Klub
28.07. DE Weinheim - Café Central

16. - 19.08. DE Dinkelsbühl - Summer Breeze

Das neue Album »Stormsleeper« besteht aus 10 Songs (gemixt und gemastert in den Fredman Studios) und wird offiziell weltweit am 5. Mai 2017 über Arising Empire/Nuclear Blast veröffentlicht.

Das Cover-Artwork stammt von Heilemania (Nightwish, Kreator, Legion of the Damned).

Iris Goessens - Vocals
Steven 'Gaze' Sanders - Guitar
Dave de Loco - Bass
Matthijs Quaars - Drums
Bart Vandeportaele - Guitar


STEVE WAITT - Tourbeginn heute am 05.05., neuer Song als Stream verfügbar

Bereits am 05.02. 2016 erschien STRANGER IN A STRANGER LAND, das aktuelle Album des NY Songwriters STEVE WAITT, im Verbund mit einigen neuen Stücken die er bereits vorstellen wird, tourt er nun noch einmal mit ebendiesem Album durch Deutschland.

Mit COMPASS ROSE haben wir einen aktuellen Albumsong als Stream anzubieten.

Der NY Pianist, Songwriter und Sänger Steve Waitt besetzt ein so klassisches Feld der Rockhistorie, dass man sich nach dem ersten Durchlauf von STRANGER IN A STRANGER LAND verwundert die Augen (Ohren) reibt. Ohne im geringsten rückwärtsgerichtet zu klingen versprüht das Album einen Vibe, der unweigerlich an die großen Alben und Songwriter der 70er denken lässt. Warm fließende Sounds, kleine - abgeschlossene Geschichten, großartige Musikanten, variantenreiche Instrumentierung und abwechslungsreiches Songmaterial. Über allem ist immer der Song im Fokus: zugänglich aber niemals einfach, anspruchsvoll aber nicht verkopft.

Seine warme Stimme und seine hervorragenden Fähigkeiten am Piano/Klavier kommen ihm dabei zugute. Die enorme Bandbreite von klassischer Rockmusik bis Jazz, Blues, Folk oder Country Einflüssen findet sich auf allen 12 Stücken des Albums, dicht verwoben und letztlich zu einem kompakten Ganzen zusammengefügt.

04.05.    Magdeburg    Blue Note
05.05.    Parchim    Irish Pub
06.05.    Wredenhagen    Scheune
07.05.    Hamburg    Spielbudenplatz
07.05.    Hamburg    Astrastube
08.05.    Hannover    TaK (Sing Sing)
09.05.    Rupelmonde    Westhinder (B)
10.05.    Sint-Niklaas    Thalassa
11.05.    Weimar    OMA
12.05.    Halle    Peißnitzhaus
13.05.    Dachau    Cafe Gramsci
15.05.    Munich    Cord Club
17.05.    Zürich    Amboss Rampe (CH)
18.05.    Luzern    Gewerbehalle (CH)
20.05.    Quedlinburg    KuZ
24.05.    HH-Bergedorf Chrysander
25.05.    Bielefeld    City Fest
26.05.    Leipzig    Tonellis
28.05.    Berlin    Hangar 49
31.05.    Witten    Roxy
01.06.    Bad Bentheim    Altes Museum
02.06.    Beverungen    Orange Blossom Festival

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